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  • 183/7 Soi Kingphet, Phetchaburi Road, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand
  • +66 22 152 819
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Padthai Ar-Simp Song-Krueng
฿ 150
4.00 (2)
Seafood, Halal, Asian, Local
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1st Rank
12485 Points
18 Check-ins
1438 Rated Dishes
This restaurant is specialized in all sorts of Pad Thai. This was my favourite one. What is different than the others? Much more spicy and it is served with a lot of fresh seafood!
2 years ago
Like you, we also didn’t know ‘What to Order?’ when traveling to a different country. And ended up ordering the same foods in touristy restaurants. Why is there not an app that recommends us delicious foods is what we thought. We really want to ‘Eat Like - TopTravelFoods Team

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