Wondering where to stay in Medellin for nightlife? In this article, we cover the best areas to stay for the party-minded tourist. It’s no secret that Medellin and nightlife are two inseparable words as you can find all sorts of (salsa) bars and nightclubs in the city. Although Bogota has the largest clubs in South America and the party scene is much broader and of higher quality, Medellin’s nightlife is more intimate and as the temperature of the City of Eternal Spring is perfect, the atmosphere on the streets is always pleasant with plenty of friendly Colombian people. 


Where to stay in Medellin for nightlife?

Provenza is by far the most popular area in Medellin for nightlife and the majority of the tourists will find a hotel in either Provenza or El Poblado (Provenza is part of El Poblado). When you want to enjoy nightlife as locals do, you can stay in Laureles where you can find La 70 (la Setenta), a street full of local bars. Both areas are among the safest in Medellin. While Poblado is full of tourists, Laureles is a popular area where many foreigners live. In this article, we dive deeper into each area and recommend you a few other areas that are ideal for Medellin’s nightlife.
where to stay in medellin for nightlife - provenza
Provenza is the best place to stay in Medellin for nightlife

Best areas to stay in Medellin for nightlife:


1. Provenza

Provenza is the place to be for the majority of the tourists. Provenza is a small area of the larger El Poblado and in this specific neighbourhood, you can find some of the trendiest (cocktail) bars, rooftop bars and nightclubs. Choosing a hotel in El Poblado is what most tourists do like the quality of the hotels is excellent and you’re right in the epicentre of Medellin’s nightlife. But then again, El Poblado is a large area. Therefore, pick a hotel near Provenza or Parque Lleras. Another benefit of staying in this area is that it's surrounded by amazing restaurants. Check our article about the best restaurants in Provenza to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the tastiest food nearby. Although many tourists pick Provenza (and El Poblado) as the area to stay in Medellin, this nightlife area attracts plenty of Colombians too. 

Tip: For the real party-minded among us, head over to Las Palmas where you find (exclusive) nightclubs. We recommend you book a hotel in Provenza, though. 

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2. Laureles

For a more local approach, a good option to stay in Medellin for nightlife is Laureles. Laureles is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Medellin and is much quieter than El Poblado. Because of that, it’s a popular area for both foreigners and Colombians for living and it has a popular party street for locals. If you want to party in Medellin as locals do, stay near La 70, which is pronounced as la Setenta. La 70 is a street near the football stadium and during football games, this street can get crowded. As you can expect from a local Medellin nightlife experience, prices are much cheaper compared to El Poblado and you won't find (m)any tourists here. 

Tip: Later in the evening, head over to La 33, which is a street nearby where you can find all sorts of typical Colombian clubs. 

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