Wondering where to stay in Bangkok with family? In this article, we cover everything you should know on choosing the right area to stay in Bangkok with family, with factors kept in mind such as noise pollution, access to public transportation, family-friendly food areas and facilities to entertain the kids. We do believe that travelling with a toddler in Bangkok is challenging and finding specific activities for a toddler in Bangkok is nearly impossible. For that reason we solely focus on where to stay in Bangkok with family, meaning that you’re travelling as a group with family members of all sorts of ages who are able to participate in the majority of the activities Bangkok has to offer. 

The best places to stay in Bangkok with family are:


1. Riverside area (Sathorn, partly Silom) 

Ideally, you want to stay in Bangkok with family at a relative quiet accommodation (which is extremely difficult in a city like Bangkok) with access to public transport in order to move around as easy as possible in Thailand’s capital. A general rule of thumb is that the closer you are located to the river, the quieter the area can be. But the issue you get when staying right next to the river is the lack of access to public transport (ideally SkyTrain and metro). Therefore you should consider staying closer to Silom, where you can also have great access to Lumphini Park, Bangkok’s largest park and great to visit with family. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok With Family - Riverside
One of the best places to stay in Bangkok with family, Riverside (Sathorn, partly Silom)

With the new extensions of MRT Stations, Silom has turned into one of the best places to stay as you can easily visit Bangkok’s highlights by public transport. The only downside regarding transportation is that it’s a bit difficult to reach from both airports, although again it’s possible to reach this area by public transport. The downside of Silom, in general, is the lack of shopping malls similar to the ones in Sukhumvit with excellent dining facilities. There are many great restaurants to be found in Silom, but when you travel with a family, shopping malls can offer plenty of variety that suits the taste buds of every family member. In both Sathorn and Silom are many hotels and other accommodations to be found in several different price classes, simply because this is such a popular area to stay at. 


- Relatively quiet.
- Plenty of hotels and accommodations to be found for families.
- Good connection to public transport.


- No shopping malls like on Sukhumvit.
- Staying near the River eliminates direct access to public transport.
- A popular area to stay at, so prices are relatively more expensive than other areas.
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2. Lower Sukhumvit area

With so many new hotels built along with many other improvements, over the last years, Lower Sukhumvit has become an ideal place to stay in Bangkok with family. With direct access to the SkyTrain, you can easily move around the city while enjoying comfortable, spacious accommodation that often has a much better price than other areas in the city. Although Sukhumvit Road itself is insanely busy during day time, you can find relatively quiet hotels in alleys connected to this road, at places such as Phra Khanong and On Nut. Both Phra Khanong and On Nut are located near Sukhumvit Soi 77, which is the road to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Depending on the traffic on the road, you usually can be at Suvarnabhumi Airport within an hour.
Where To Stay In Bangkok With Family - lower sukhumvit
One of the best places to stay in Bangkok with family, Lower Sukhumvit

One of the disadvantages of Lower Sukhumvit is the fact that you’re located relatively far away from city highlights. But with the extension of the MRT Line, it’s possible to travel by public transport from Lower Sukhumvit to, for example, The Grand Palace within an hour. If you don’t want to travel that much during your stay in Bangkok, we recommend you find accommodation at the Riverside. But you can save a lot of money by finding a much cheaper, yet great hotel in Lower Sukhumvit, especially when you’re travelling with family. 


- More affordable, spacious accommodations
- Easy access to Suvarnabhumi Airport
- Direct access to SkyTrain


- Located far from city highlights
- No facilities or family-activities nearby
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3. Phaya Thai area

While some other forums or websites recommend Siam as a great area to stay with family, we believe that Siam is too busy and other closeby areas such as Phaya Thai are more suitable to stay with family simply because it’s much quieter than Siam. One of the benefits of Phaya Thai is the direct connection to the Airport Rail Link as well as the convenient location in the city centre with direct access to the SkyTrain. From here, you can easily travel to Bangkok’s city highlights as well as have a direct connection to one of the many shopping malls located on Sukhumvit Road that offers a good variety of food for all family members. Don’t get us wrong, there are many amazing local eateries to be found in Bangkok, as well as in Phaya Thai in particular, but not every family member does like to try out new flavours. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok With Family - Phaya Thai
One of the best places to stay in Bangkok with family, Phaya Thai

When it comes to hotels and facilities, you can find a decent amount of family-friendly accommodations in Phaya Thai, although areas such as the Riverside do offer a broader variety. Prices in Phaya Thai are cheaper, due to the lack of activities and the city’s highlights nearby (you must travel a bit to see those highlights, which is easily doable with public transport). Phaya Thai is also not the visually nicest area to stay at, although there are hotels to choose from that offer a great city view on their top floors. For more higher-end hotels, you might want to consider areas such as Chit Lom or Ploen Chit. 


- Direct connection to Airport Rail Link and SkyTrain
- Located close to many shopping malls on Sukhumvit Road
- Fair-priced hotels


- No facilities or family-activities nearby
- Not visually the nicest area to stay at. 
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Places you don't want to stay in Bangkok with family:

Now we’ve mentioned what we believe are the best places to stay in Bangkok with family, it’s time to briefly discuss which areas you absolutely should not stay in with family. There are three areas we highly recommend you not to stay at:

1. Nana

Nana is known for its notorious nightlife and therefore not the ideal area to stay in Bangkok with family. It’s not that you will notice that much, especially during the daytime, but some areas should be avoided by family. Even though you can find many good hotels here, it’s simply not the place to stay with family and the recommended areas in this article are a much better choice. 


2. Khao San Road

Known for its party atmosphere, this popular backpacker street is completely family-unfriendly. You won’t make your family happy by staying in an area where day drinking is the standard and when in the evening, the music is so loud, not even noise-cancelling headphones will keep you asleep. There is a reason why this area is popular among youngsters and not families.


3. Chinatown

Although you can find some of the most unique hotels and accommodations in this area, Chinatown is not family-friendly due to its noise and air pollution. We still recommend you visit this cool area, but to stay a few days here with family would be a horrible experience. 

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