Wondering where to stay in Bangkok for shopping? Look no further as in this article, we cover what we believe are the best areas to stay in Bangkok for shopping. The enormous city has plenty of shopping possibilities that attract many shopping tourists in the region, especially Chinese tourists. But Bangkok is suitable for any type of shopaholic. Let’s jump straight to our recommendations.

The best areas to stay in Bangkok for shopping are:


1. Siam

Without a doubt, the best area to stay in Bangkok for shopping is Siam. Home to many popular shopping malls, including Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, MBK Center, and many more, you won’t find a better shopping experience in Bangkok than here. There is even a direct connection to take you to the other amazing shopping experience on the other side of the river: ICONSIAM, which we recommend later in this article as well.

The downside of Siam is that the hotels are much more expensive than other parts of Bangkok. Many short-stay tourists who come to Bangkok for shopping stay around Phaya Thai BTS Station, which is two BTS stops further away but has a direct BTS connection to Suvarnabhumi Airport. You can find many good hotels in this area that are much cheaper than in Siam. Also, if you’re travelling on the weekends, you can visit Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is the largest weekend market in the world and is located five BTS stops north of Phaya Thai BTS Station.
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Siam Discovery
Siam Discovery
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One of the best shopping experiences in Bangkok can be found at ICONSIAM, one of the largest shopping malls in Southeast Asia. This iconic building is located right next to the Chao Praya River and offers a wide variety of shops, including every luxury brand you can think of, Thai crafts, fashion shops, beauty shops and home & living shops. It’s good to know that tourists can register for a tourist card that gives you up to a 30% discount in participating stores on the official website of ICONSIAM

The downside of staying nearby ICONSIAM is that there is not much happening in this part of Bangkok. We recommend you stay on the other side of the river and take the ferry to ICONSIAM whenever you want to go shopping. Also, ICONSIAM is located far away from Suvarnabhumi Airport, so it's not that convenient for those who only stay for a day in Bangkok solely to go shopping. You also might want to consider staying near Siam as we previously recommended and take advantage of the direct connection from Siam to ICONSIAM. But when it comes to shopping in Bangkok, ICONSIAM is one of your best options. Check out their website on how to get to ICONSIAM.
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - ICONSIAM
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - ICONSIAM interior
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - ICONSIAM basement
The basement at ICONSIAM is simply stunning!
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3. Asoke 

Staying near Asoke is a good alternative to Siam, due to the ideal connection with both the BTS and the MRT. From here, you can easily travel to shopping malls nearby as well as good shopping experiences that are located further. At Asoke, you can find Terminal 21, a popular shopping mall that offers a good variety of shops that won’t break the bank. There are so many other shopping malls nearby, for example, The Emperium (BTS Phrom Phong), EmQuartier (BTS Phrom Phong), Gateway Ekkemai (BTS Ekkemai), Central Embassy (BTS Phloen Chit) and CentralWorld (BTS Phloen Chit). In other words, there is a shopping mall to be found for every type of tourist in any budget range and they are all located relatively close to Asoke. 

Another advantage of staying near Asoke is that you can take the MRT to Ratchada Train Night Market, Bangkok’s most popular evening market full of food, drinks and vintage goods. Alternatively, you can stay near other BTS stations on the Sukhumvit Line, however, Asoke is by far the most practical station due to the connection with both the BTS and the MRT. One of the downsides of Asoke is that the traffic here is terrible, especially at the intersection. Also, both Asoke as Nana attracts a different type of traveller, namely the single man who wants to explore Bangkok’s notorious nightlife. Look for family-friendly hotels in this area to avoid disturbance. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Terminal 21
Terminal 21
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - EmQuartier
EmQuartier & Emporium
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Although we do not recommend actually staying in the following areas, they are well worth the visit for shopping in Bangkok:

Chinatown (Yaowarat)

Yaowarat is the largest Chinatown in the world and in this older part of Bangkok, you can find all sorts of shops that sell Chinese goods such as herbs, teas, oriental goods and so much more. Don’t expect to find any luxury brands here, but when you wander through the small streets you can find unique clothes and other goods. Chinatown is one of the top attractions in Bangkok as it’s just an amazing area to explore. Make sure to check out our article about the best (street) food in Chinatown if you want to taste something extraordinary too. Keep in mind that most shops in Chinatown are closed on Monday. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Chinatown
Chinatown is an amazing place for shopping in Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest weekend market in the world and one of the best places in Bangkok for shopping. You can find everything from art, food, clothes, antiques and jewellery at Chatuchak and it’s a great spot for souvenir shopping. Wander deep inside the market as shops around the main walkway, especially those with more premium items like leather or sculptures, are likely to be more expensive. The market is open on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. For shopping, we recommend you visit either on Saturday or Sunday. Check out our article about Chatuchak Market food you should not miss.
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Chatuchak
Chatuchak is the largest weekend market in the world.

Srinakarin Train Market

Although we recommended another train market (Ratchada) earlier in this article, there is another train market that offers better shopping options, namely Srinakarin Train Market. In the back of this much larger train market, you can find the so-called Warehouse Zone, which is full of antiques and vintages shops. The only downside of this market is that it’s located far outside the city. If you’re staying close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, it’s well worth the visit. Or you can take the BTS to On Nut BTS Station and from there, take a taxi to Srinakarin Train Market. More details can be found in our article about Rot Fai Market Srinakarin
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Srinakarin
Srinakarin Train Market, plenty of shopping to do!
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - Srinakarin Vintage
Srinakarin is known for its antiques and vintage goods.

Places to avoid when it comes to shopping in Bangkok


Patpong Night Market

Although many websites still recommend you to visit Patpong Night Market, we can no other than conclude this night market is completely dead. Yes, there are still a few stands available selling some electronics and other gadgets but it is nothing that it used to be. Avoid this market at all costs.

Pantip Plaza

Similar to Patpong Night Market, Pantip lost most of its charm. The mall used to be the go-to place for cheap electronics but many shops are closed nowadays and the quality of the goods is questionable. We don’t recommend you visit this mall. 

What are the best places in Bangkok for souvenir shopping?

We highly recommend you to visit either MBK Shopping Center or Chatuchak Weekend Market for souvenir shopping in Bangkok. There are many other places in Bangkok where you can find souvenirs, but these two places offer basically all the souvenirs you encounter during your travel in Thailand and it’s all under one roof.
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Shopping - MBK Centre
MBK Centre, you can find many souvenirs here!
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There you have it, our recommendations when it comes to where to stay in Bangkok for shopping. If you want to try out amazing Thai food during your time in Bangkok, check out our food app TopTravelFoods. This app will help you find the best food in Thailand, instead of only recommending good restaurants at popular destinations. This way, you won’t miss out on legendary restaurants and you can enjoy the local Thai cuisine to the fullest. The app is available for both iOS and Android and is completely free. If you're on a desktop, you can start searching for more food in Bangkok or many other cities such as PattayaChiang MaiKoh LarnAyutthayaKanchanaburi and Sukhothai.


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