Wondering where to stay in Bangkok for nightlife? In this article, we cover everything you should know to make the right decision about where to stay in Bangkok for nightlife. Thailand’s capital is an overwhelming place with plenty of nightlife areas to enjoy from. But not every area is suitable for each type of traveller or partygoer. To avoid surprises and stay at some of the best places Bangkok has to offer, keep reading. 


Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife?

The best places to stay in Bangkok for nightlife are Nana or Asoke, Khao San Road, Thonglor or Ekkemai, and Silom. Keep in mind that some areas are more suitable for single men, others for real partygoers and Thai. In the next paragraph, we dive deeper into which areas attract which type of partygoer.

The best areas to stay in Bangkok for nightlife are:


1. Nana or Asoke

Bangkok’s notorious nightlife with adult entertainment takes mostly place at Nana, partly at Asoke and the later recommended nightlife area Silom. When it comes to adult entertainment, the two most famous nightlife areas here are Nana Plaza, which is located on Sukhumvit Soi 4, and Soi Cowboy, which is located close to Asoke BTS and MRT Stations. For many tourists, a visit to one of these famous areas is part of exploring Bangkok in general, and you’d be surprised how many couples and families walk through these areas. It’s similar to the touristy red-light district in Amsterdam. But there is also a majority of tourists who seek companionship at the so-called go-go-bars. For that reason, you will find many single men and not every partygoer appreciates these bars. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife - Nana Plaza
Famous nightlife area in Bangkok, Nana Plaza

Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife - Soy Cowboy
Famous nightlife area in Bangkok, Soi Cowboy

But aside from the adult entertainment areas, you will find several popular bars and clubs in this area too. Popular places are Levels, Sugar, Above Eleven rooftop bar, Insanity and Oskar Bistro. More information about Bangkok nightlife can be found in our Bangkok Nightlife Guide

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2. Khao San Road

For many young travellers, Khao San Road is the ideal place to stay in Bangkok for nightlife and meet fellow travellers and backpackers. It attracts young, like-minded, foreign tourists mostly, but young Thai will enjoy their weekends there too. Expect cheap drinks, drunk people and an amazing party atmosphere. In recent years, the street got renovated and lost a bit of its authenticity, but the bars are still there. Every night, right after sunset, the street completely transforms into a party street with loud music blasting from each bar. You can find all sorts of bars, from small reggae bars to larger, open bars with loud house music. For more information, check out our article about the best bars near Khao San Road
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife - Khao San road
Famous nightlife area in Bangkok, Khao San Road

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3. Thonglor or Ekkemai

Thonglor or Ekkemai are popular areas in Bangkok for nightlife among Thai. These two trendy areas attract a relatively young generation of Thai and bars and clubs really have to stand out in service and originally in order to get their venues filled with thirsty visitors. For that reason, you can find some of the most unique bars, including Rabbit Hole, Iron Fairies, Iron Balls Stillery and #FindTheLockerRoom. As you might expect, drinks don’t come cheap here but you sure have a unique Bangkok nightlife experience!

For nightclubs, check out places such as Club Beam and Club Demo, although the most popular clubs among Thai can be found at RCA (Royal City Avenue). This area is located northwest of Thonglor and can easily be visited by taxi. The two most popular clubs here are Onyx and Route66, which both are excellent clubs for foreigners too. Keep in mind that the clubs at RCA are closed at 02:00 and most partygoers eventually end up in clubs or bars around Nana and Asoke, as these venues are open until late. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife - RCA
Famous nightlife area in Bangkok, Royal City Avenue (RCA)

Tip: you can find one of the better rooftop bars in Bangkok in Thonglor, namely Octave Rooftop Bar. With a not-too-strict of a dress code, fair-priced drinks and an excellent 360 degrees view of the city, it’s one of our personal favourites. 

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4. Silom

With plenty of cool bars, clubs, rooftop bars and adult entertainment districts Patpong, Silom has a bit of everything to offer. Due to its ideal location to city highlights such as The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Chinatown, it’s been a favourite area to stay in Bangkok for many years. Like many areas in Bangkok, Silom changed rapidly over the last few years. Although this district is a business district, after sunset, the district becomes vibrant and citizens come to enjoy nightlife and excellent Thai food. One of the biggest changes in the past years is that Silom nowadays has many gay-friendly venues, which welcome large crowds of LGBTQ+ partygoers every night. Patpong, for example, is changing rapidly from offering adult entertainment venues to gay bars. Other nightlife highlights are rooftop bars such as Heaven Rooftop Bar, Yao Rooftop Bar, Hi-So Rooftop Bar and Vertigo and Moon Bar. One of Bangkok’s most popular bars, Club at Koi, can be found in Silom as well. More detailed information about this area can be found in our Bangkok Nightlife Guide
Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife - Silom
Known for its rooftop bars: Skybar in Silom.

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So, where is the best place to stay in Bangkok for nightlife

The best place to stay in Bangkok for nightlife depends on what type of partygoer you are. Would you like to party with foreigners? Head over to Khao San Road. Would you like to party with Thai at trendy bars? Head over to Thonglor, Ekkemai or RCA. Want to explore Bangkok’s notorious nightlife that attracts so many single men? Stay near Nana or Asoke. And if you want a little bit of all, we recommend you staying at Silom. 

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