Wondering where to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights? This is a question many travellers have as the majority of the travellers stay around three nights in Bangkok. In this article, we cover what we believe are the best places to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights, depending on what type of traveller you are. There are many good areas in Bangkok to stay, but it all depends on the purpose of your visit.

When you’re staying in Bangkok for 3 nights, you want to make sure you stay near a BTS Station. The BTS (Skytrain) is an elevated rapid transit system in Bangkok that lets you easily travel through the city. Combine this with the MRT (metro system) and you can easily travel through the city without suffering from the insanity on the roads. During rush hours, it’s common to be stuck in a traffic jam for at least two hours. Also, when you arrive from Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can take the Airport Rail Link, which is a BTS Line that connects you to the BTS Sukhumvit Line. You will save valuable time by using public transport. At the bottom of this article, we share a link to our Bangkok Public Transport Guide. With that being said, let’s jump to our recommendations.

The best areas to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights are:


1. Sukhumvit Area

Sukhumvit is arguably the best area to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights due to its convenient connection with public transport, its modern buildings, shopping malls and facilities, as well as it’s located in the middle of Bangkok itself. Although it’s not located near Bangkok’s highlights such as The Grand Palace and Wat Arun, you can still get easily to these highlights with public transport, especially that nowadays the MRT Line is extended. So what do we mean with Sukhumvit? We divide Sukhumvit into three different areas.

Chit Lom & Phloen Chit BTS Stations.

You can find some of the finest hotels in Bangkok which all come with a high price tag. If you’re looking for fancy hotels, convenience and maybe also want to go out shopping, Chit Lom & Phloen Chit are most definitely the areas to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights. Both areas are family-friendly too.

For who: travellers who seek luxury, shoppers 

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Nana & Asoke BTS Stations

Bangkok has a notorious nightlife and two of the most popular areas that attract single men are Nana & Asoke BTS Stations. Does that mean that every hotel is packed with single men? Absolutely not, but it’s good to know that areas near Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy can attract party-minded single men. There are plenty of family-friendly hotels to be found around Asoke, simply because it’s the best area in Bangkok due to its connectivity with public transport. Asoke is connected to both the BTS and the MRT and is located right in the middle of Bangkok. 

For who: party-minded bachelors (Nana BTS Station), sightseeing tourists (Asoke BTS Station)

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Where To Stay In Bangkok For 3 Nights - Asoke
Asoke, one of the best places to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights.  

2. Silom Area

One of the most popular areas to stay in Bangkok is Silom, due to its riverside view, connection to public transport and location, namely that Silom is located relatively close to some of Bangkok’s highlights. Before, it attracted also many single men as Patpong, an adult entertainment area, is located in Silom. But Patpong lost its charm over the years and many bars transformed into an LGTB-friendly bar complex. But Patpong is tucked away, so families, couples and other types of travellers don’t witness the wild nightlife scenery of Patpong. 

Silom offers a wide variety of hotels, from luxurious brands to small, eco-friendly hotels. Silom is also located near Lumphini Park, which is ideal for those who want to go for a morning run or just roaming around during sunset. With many amazing restaurants and the fact that you can easily travel to city highlights such as Chinatown, The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Mahanakhon Skywalk, Silom is an absolute great area to stay in Bangkok for 3 days. The only downside is that the connection to Suvarnabhumi Airport is bad, which is not ideal when you only stay in Bangkok for 3 days. 

Alternatively, if you seek a slightly quieter area, you can look for a hotel near Riverside. The downside is the lack of direct accessibility of public transport. Most hotels do have a free bus or tuk-tuk service that will drop you off at the nearest BTS Station though. 

For who: Sightseeing tourists, families, couples. 

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Where To Stay In Bangkok For 3 Nights - Silom
Silom is located near Lumphini Park.

3. Lower Sukhumvit Area

If you don’t mind travelling a bit further while getting most likely the best quality-price deal with hotels, head over to Lower Sukhumvit. This area transformed rapidly over the last years where old buildings made room for brand new condos, offices, malls and hotels. Some say this area lost its authenticity but it also attracted the younger generation to set up shops and businesses. If you choose to stay here, you should use public transport at all costs, meaning that we highly recommend you staying as close to a BTS Station as possible. This area is especially suitable for families as you can find many affordable, family-friendly hotels here. 
Where To Stay In Bangkok For 3 Nights - Lower Sukhumvit
Lower Sukhumvit means you must take the BTS!

Phrom Phong, Thonglor & Ekkamai BTS Stations

These three trendy areas offer a good variety of hotels for the younger generations and not necessarily families. Here, you can find Bangkok’s nightlife for Thai, plenty of impressive Thai restaurants, trendy shopping malls with the biggest fashion brands imaginable and many more.  When you want to explore Bangkok’s highlights during the day and enjoy trendy bars in the evening, this area is much better than staying at popular nightlife areas such as Khao San Road, which attracts a completely different crowd. 

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For who: younger travellers, sightseeing tourists. 


Phra Khanong & On Nut BTS Stations

We believe that the best value for money hotels can be found in this area, which is located five BTS stops from Asoke BTS Station (10 minutes longer in the BTS than usual). During the day, this area is extremely busy with non-stop traffic jams, but you probably visiting Bangkok’s highlights anyway. In the evening, there is not much to do, especially no nightlife, which is ideal for those who’re seeking quietness (for how much it’s possible in Bangkok). As mentioned in the introduction, use public transport (BTS and MRT) as much as possible as you don’t want to get stuck in a taxi for hours. 

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For who: younger travellers who are not into nightlife, families

4. Khao San Road

If you’re a young traveller or backpacker, you most likely end up near Khao San Road or Rambutri Road. If you don’t plan to party, there are better alternatives to be found in the city, but if you do want to meet fellow travelers and enjoy cheap drinks, Khao San Road is the place to be. But it’s not only the parties that attract so many young people. Khao San Road is located near the river and has good access to some of Bangkok’s best highlights. So during the day, you can easily visit The Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho, while in the evening you can go watch an official Muay Thai game or stroll through the streets of Chinatown. The two downsides of Khao San Road is, first of all, the lack of direct access to public transport and secondly, getting from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Khao San Road. After your stay in Bangkok, the best way to get to both airports or the new train station at Mo Chit is by taking a taxi from Khao San Road to Phaya Thai BTS Station or Ratchatewi BTS Station and take either the Sukhumvit Line or the Airport Rail Link, meaning that the trip to your next destination is much easier than the trip to Khao San Road. There is an MRT Station near The Grand Palace, but that’s still not near Khao San Road.

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For who: young party-minded travellers, backpackers.
Where To Stay In Bangkok For 3 Nights - Khao San Road
Khao San Road, the most popular place to stay in Bangkok among young travellers!

5. Phaya Thai

One of the most convenient areas to stay in Bangkok for 3 days is perhaps Phaya Thai. One of the biggest advantages is the connection with the Airport Rail Link, which means you can take the Skytrain directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai BTS Station. This saves you a huge amount of time. And as you are also connected to the Sukhumvit BTS Line, and located near Siam BTS Station where you can use the other BTS Line, you can travel incredibly fast through the city. Phaya Thai itself is not an exciting neighbourhood but there are plenty of good hotels and hostels to be found, including many fairly-priced options. Phaya Thai is ideal for those who want to go sightseeing and shopping, as it’s located near many great shopping areas. It’s not ideal for those who want to party, as Phaya Thai is located far from nightlife areas and the Skytrain does not operate after midnight. 

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For who: Young travellers who are not into nightlife, sightseeing tourists.
Where To Stay In Bangkok For 3 Nights - Phaya Thai
Worth to consider: staying at Phaya Thai

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