Ayutthaya is a popular destination that is known for its beautiful temples. Many of its visitors wonder what food to eat in Ayutthaya. This article will help you find the local specialities of Ayutthaya and make sure that you not only have an amazing cultural experience, but also an amazing culinary experience in this beautiful city.


Ayutthaya Food

The best food in Ayutthaya is:


King River Prawns

Ayutthaya is as known for its gigantic river prawns as it is for its temples and ruins. In the outlying area of the city, you will find large river prawn farms feeding and growing these large creatures. But it’s still possible to catch wild river prawns as well. Most restaurants who serve the famous king river prawn are located close to the river on U-Thong Road. The prawns have a size of around thirty centimetres, are sliced in half, grilled and served with spicy seafood sauce. You will pay around 400 THB per prawn, which weigh around 330 grams per piece. 

Ayutthaya River Prawns

Famous King River Prawns in Ayutthaya

King River Prawns

Gigantic grilled river prawns


Where to find king river prawns in Ayutthaya?

Many restaurants who serve king river prawns are located near the river on U-Thong Road, for example, Ban U-Thong. There is a seafood market just outside the Historical Park named Talad Klang Pue Kaset Tagon Ayutthaya where many restaurants buy their seafood. This market is surrounded by local eateries who serve cheaper seafood than in the city centre. Other good restaurants to eat king river prawns are Grand Chaopraya and The Summer House

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Boat Noodles

Another speciality of Ayutthaya is boat noodles. Although it also has it’s origins in Bangkok, this famous soup is something Ayutthaya is known for. Before, the noodle soup with blood was served from small canoes from the river and canals. The fact that these canoes were unstable and operated by only one person who had to prepare the soup, clean the plates, row the canoe and take money from its customers, forced them to serve the soup in small bowls. Nowadays, at many restaurants, the deliciously aromatic soup is still served in these small bowls and you pay around 15 THB for one bowl of soup. Restaurants who serve boat noodles can be found throughout the city, although many can be found close to the river on U-Thong Road. 

Ayutthaya Food

A small bowl of aromatic boat noodles

Eat in Ayutthaya

Must-try in food Ayutthaya: Boat noodles

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Roti Sai Mai

Roti Sai Mai is a Thai candy, which consists of sweet roti and candy floss, which you have to wrap up together. It was adapted from India and Pakistan by the Muslim community and nowadays this sweet treat can be found throughout Thailand sold by mainly Muslim street vendors. But nowhere in the country, it can be found that easier than in Ayutthaya, as it has its origins in this ancient city. A bag of candy floss with pancakes costs you 30 THB. The most popular vendors are….

Roti Sai Mai Ayutthaya

Roti Sai Mai in Ayutthaya

Roti Saimai Ayutthaya

Roti Saimai is sold in large bags of candy cotton and sweet roti

If you are visiting The Summer House for a cup of coffee, you also have the chance to order Ayutthaya Iced Coffee. The coffee is topped with Ayutthaya Candy Floss, giving it a caramel flavour. Ayutthaya Retreat serves non-alcoholic cocktails with Ayutthaya Candy Floss. 

Ayutthaya Iced Coffee

Ayutthaya Iced Coffee

Ayutthaya Cocktail

Alcohol-free cocktail with Ayutthaya Candy Cotton

There you have it, the three local delicacies of Ayutthaya, making it sure that you don’t have to worry about what food to eat in Ayutthaya. Check out our article about the best restaurants in Ayutthaya for more amazing food in this city. 

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