The Summer House in Ayutthaya is an amazing restaurant located around one and a half kilometre from the Historical Park next to the river. In this article, I will explain why it so good and why you should definitely have to visit when you visit the historical city.

The Summer House in Ayutthaya is a spacious restaurant with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. The Summer House is surrounded by trees and has a large grass field with a riverside view. This gives a private and remote feeling, making it a great place to have a relaxed lunch or dinner. The grass field is often being used for events on the weekends. During these events, live music performance will be available for the ultimate backyard dinner experience. The Summer House in Ayutthaya is because of this a hugely popular restaurant that is often completely full with no outside tables available. It’s highly recommended to make a reservation.


The Summer House interior

The interior of the Summer House in Ayutthaya

The Summer House in Ayutthaya outdoor

The sunset outdoor at the Summer House in Ayutthaya

The Summer House in Ayutthaya is not only popular because of its atmosphere. The main reason is their fusion food. Yes, the food is expensive compared to other restaurants in Ayutthaya, but the quality of the food at the Summer House is impressive. During our visit, we came up with the following highly recommended dishes you should try.



The first dish highly recommended dish we recommend is the Charcoal Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice (220 THB). The pork is cooked to perfection, as the tenderloin still has a slightly red colour. The pork itself is covered in local herbs and has an impressive deep charcoal-grilled flavour. The pork is served with a spicy dipping sauce. The combination of the sauce, the charcoal-grilled pork and sticky rice is outstanding! Obviously, if you want your pork well-done, you can ask the friendly staff. 


The Summer House in Ayutthaya Pork

Charcoal-Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice (220 THB)

The second recommended dish is the Pomelo Salad with Roasted Salmon (225 THB). Two large skewers with diced roasted salmon are served with a pomelo salad and beetle leaves. The purpose of this dish is to wrap the roasted salmon with the sweet and sour pomelo salad in the beetle leaves and then eat it. This is an impressive flavour combination. Also, it's served with crispy salmon skin, which gives a lot of flavour. 

The Summer House in Ayutthaya Salmon

Pomelo Salad with Roasted Salmon (225 THB)

One of the most flavorful dishes I tried in a while is the third recommended dish, the Australian Tenderloin with Kaffir Leaves (280 THB). The Australian beef is of excellent quality and is covered in a tremendous amount of local herbs. Keep in mind that this dish is pretty spicy.

The Summer House in Ayutthaya Beef

Australian Tenderloin with Kaffir Leaves (280 THB)

The last dish I would recommend is the Tom Yum Kung Spaghetti (320 THB), the highlight of the menu. This dish is served with a large river prawn, one of Ayutthaya’s famous ingredients. For more of these famous ingredients, check out our article about what food to eat in Ayutthaya. The prawn is sliced open and grilled, while the spaghetti is covered in a creamy tom-yum flavoured sauce. 

The Summer House in Ayutthaya Spaghetti

Tom Yum Kung Spaghetti (320 THB)

Before I give my overall verdict, I would like to recommend one more thing from the menu: Ayutthaya Iced Coffee (95 THB). This is an iced latte topped with Ayutthaya’s famous cotton sugar, which gives it caramel flavour. Normally, this cotton sugar is put in a dessert called Roti Saimai. 

The Summer House in Ayutthaya Coffee

Ayutthaya Iced Coffee (95 THB)

Overall verdict: The Summer House in Ayutthaya is a great place for fusion food and enjoying the beautiful riverside view. Especially in the weekends when there is live music performance, the Summer House is an excellent place to go. Compared to other restaurants in Ayutthaya, the food is slightly expensive. But I strongly believe that it’s worth it when you look at the quality of the ingredients and the restaurant itself. 

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restaurant review page of the Summer House. Here you can find all the restaurant information you need, such as opening times, location, menu, atmosphere pictures and prices. 


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