Wonder what are the best local Thai restaurants in Bangkok? Thailand’s vibrant capital city is home to thousands of restaurants and food stalls, so choosing where to eat can be an overwhelming task. TopTravelFoods is here to help, with a guide to the top 22 restaurants in Bangkok where you can taste authentic Thai cuisine that’ll get your taste buds tingling.


The best local Thai restaurants in Bangkok are:


1. Soei 

The location of this legendary Bangkok eatery may have changed, but the flavours certainly haven’t. Every dish is approved by chef and owner P’Soei, who’s known for his full-on spicy specialities. If you’re looking for an unusual Thai dish, phone ahead to reserve the Fried Mackerel Cheeks. Picture a plate of crispy, deep-fried fish heads slathered in garlic and salt, which you can dip into fiery chili sauce. The menu also boasts traditional curries and other seafood delights, such as Spicy Grilled Shrimp Salad and Thai Ceviche Prawns in a unique mix of fish sauce and wasabi. 

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Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok Soei

Soei, serving Thai Ceviche Prawns (200 THB)

Bangkok Thai Menu
Soei, serving Grilled Shrimp Salad (500 THB)


2. Pochana 55 

Come to Pochana 55 for some of the best Thai-Chinese food in Bangkok, featuring dishes cooked over tall flames that pack a real punch. This Sukhumvit street-side eatery has been running for two decades and stays open until the early hours of the morning. Don’t miss the Duck Pad Krapow, with succulent chunks of meat fried in garlic and chilli, topped with a generous mound of fried holy basil leaves. Other signature dishes include Cowslip Creeper Flowers with Egg and Noodles, as well as the Fried Beef with Black Pepper, served in a rich gravy. 

Best Pad Khra Pao in Bangkok

Duck Pad Krapow(150 THB)

Pochana 55 Beef

Fried Beef with Black Pepper (200 THB)


3. Pe Aor

If you love Tom Yum, then Pee Aor is the place for you, offering more than 20 different varieties of Tom Yum from 60 to 1,200THB. This is the best local Thai restaurant in Bangkok for seafood tom yum, boasting fresh seafood ingredients such as mussels, prawns, lobster and squid. The premium Lobster and the Gang is perfect for sharing and comes in a large bowl brimming with creamy soup laced with rice noodles, rock lobster, squid, mussels, prawns and egg. Cheaper meals include the 60THB Tom Yum Noodles with Fresh Water Prawns and 150THB Fried Noodles with Tom Yum Flavoured Seafood. 

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Best Tom Yum Goong Bangkok

Best Tom Yum Goong in Bangkok at Pe Aor: Lobster in Love (450 THB)

Pe Aor Tom Yum Noodles

Tom Yum Flavoured Noodles with Seafood (150 THB)



4. Somsak Pu Ob 

Somsak Pu Ob serves the best steamed crabs and prawns with glass noodles in Bangkok and deserves a high listing in this Best Thai Restaurants in Bangkok-article. This unassuming street stall has several rows of tables and is extremely popular, so come early to avoid the queues. Watch as seafood is pulled from buckets and cooked before your eyes, served up with a heap of glass noodles drenched in a secret soy-garlic sauce and garnished with spring onions. Our favourite dish is the Roasted Shrimp, but there’s also a tasty Roe Crab on the menu. For snacking, order a pile of Boiled Cockles or Mussels to dip into the complimentary seafood sauce.  They have a total of four different locations, from street food restaurant to air coned eateries. 
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Thai Restaurant Bangkok Somsak Pu Ob

Roasted Roe Crab with Glass Noodles (450 THB)

Roasted Prawns at Somsak Pu Ob

Roasted Prawns with Glass Noodle (290 THB)


5. Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu 

This family-run street stall near Khao San Road is renowned for its star dish, the Tom Yum Goong. This is cooked with a steaming broth seasoned with ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves, chillies and lemongrass, as well as freshwater prawns. Experience all the creamy, buttery flavours with a hint of sour lime alongside satisfying juicy prawns. Other star dishes on the menu include Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad and strong Garlic Prawns. 

Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu

Tom Yum Goong (150 THB)

Thai Restaurant Tom Yum Goong Banglamphu

Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad (200 THB)


6. Jae Oh 

Jae Oh is a Michelin-celebrated restaurant located near the National Stadium BTS. Queues of people line up outside the simple Chinese-Thai establishment to enjoy a plate of Mamma Tom Yum Seafood. This is the ultimate Thai comfort food, a colourful tom yum soup with Mamma instant noodles and tasty seafood, you can also try the pork ball version. Other highlights include the Spicy Salmon Salad and crispy Battered Shrimp with Tofu in a sweet sauce. 

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Jae Oh.

Jae Oh Shrimp with Tofu

Shrimp with Tofu (200 THB)

Jae Oh Spicy Salmon

Spicy Salmon (250 THB)


7. Kor Panich 

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then head to Kor Panich for Thailand’s most iconic desert: Mango Sticky Rice. Order a plate of ripe sweet mango with sticky rice drizzled in coconut milk with a crunchy sprinkling of mung beans. Kor Panich has been running for over 80 years and is reportedly popular with Thai royalty: apparently, the family recipe was handed down by a relative who worked in the palace kitchen. If you want to try something different, you can also order the sticky rice with either Thai Custard or even Dried Fish. 

Local Thai restaurant 
Kor Panich already got a dedicated article and is listed in our best mango sticky rice in Bangkok article.

Kor Panich Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice (100 THB)

Kor Panich Custard Sticky Rice

Thai Custard Stick Rice(50 THB)


8. Sanguan Sri 

Sanguan Sri is another of Bangkok’s Michelin-endorsed delights, established in the 70s and set by Lumpini Park. Many claim this is the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok for Thai Green Curry which you can order with chicken, or on Thursdays, beef. Enjoy the tender meat cubes swimming in green curry sauce with hints of kaffir lime, basil and cumin. Other draws include the Blanched Pork with Peanut Sauce and Morning Glory and the Crunchy Fried Fish with Chili Paste.

Sanguan Sri Green Curry

Famous Green Curry with Beef (100 THB)

Bangkok Thai Food

Blanched Pork with Peanut Sauce (60 THB)


9. Wattana Panich 

You’ll smell the savoury broth from Wattana Panich, which is kept boiling 24-hours a day, from down the street. This Thai restaurant has been serving its noodle stews and soups in the Ekamai area of Bangkok for over 60 years. Order the speciality, the Beef Noodles, to experience supremely-marinated beef in a thick, fragrant broth. There’s also herby Goat Stew on the menu which is well-worth a try. 

Wattana Panich Boat Noodle

Beef Noodles (100 THB)

Wattana Panich Goat Soup

Goat Stew (300 THB)


10. Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream 

Natthaphon serves the best Coconut Ice Cream in Bangkok, which is more like sorbet in texture than ice cream. There are two homemade varieties produced with no extra ingredients, one is made from young coconut meat, the other from milk extract. To complete the dessert, choose from toppings such as roasted peanuts or sticky rice. You can also try the other flavours such as Thai Tea, Green Tea or Mango.

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coconut ice cream

Coconut Ice Cream with Peanuts (30 THB)

Natthapon Coconut Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (30 THB)


11. Nai Mong Hoi Thod

Visit this renowned Chinatown eatery for the best oyster omelettes in Thailand. The owner, Mr Mong, has been cooking up his oyster and mussel omelettes for 30 years and is highly rated. You can choose from soft or crunchy varieties, our favourite is the Crispy Oyster Omelette. Expect plenty of oil, premium seafood ingredients and a serving of sweet chilli sauce for dipping. 

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best hoi tod in bangkok

Crispy Oyster Omelette (100 THB)

Nai Mong Hoi Tod

Crispy Mussel topped with Oysters (150 THB)


12. Jay Fai 

Chef Jay Fai, or Auntie Fai as she’s known to locals, is a street food legend in Bangkok. The 70-plus-year-old cook has been awarded a Michelin star for her legendary crab omelette, which she cooks dressed in ski goggles to protect her eyes from hot oil. We also highly recommend the Yellow Crab Curry, which boasts chunky crab meat covered in thick curry powder. Jay Fai’s Drunken Noodles with prawns, crab and squid will also satisfy your seafood cravings. 

Jay Fai Crab Omelette

Most famous street food vendor and number 12 on our Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok list: Jay Fai's Crab Omelette (800 THB)

Best Thai Restaurant in Bangkok Jay Fai

Yellow Crab Curry (800 THB)


13. Aey Seafood 

This seafood restaurant is a local gem that hasn’t yet been discovered by tourists. Expect a top quality seafood menu and arrive early to get a head start on the queues. Our top pick from Aey Seafood is the delicious Stir-fried Crab in Curry Powder, closely followed by the Scallops Baked in a powerful Garlic Butter. The menu is packed with top-quality seafood including locust prawns and BBQ squid, all served with a punchy green chilli dipping sauce. 

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Aey Seafood.

Aey Seafood Crab Curry

Stir-fried Crab in Curry Powder (480 THB)

Aey Seafood Scallops

Scallops Baked in Butter & Garlic (120 THB)


14. Thip Samai

Thip Samai is Thailand’s oldest and most highly-regarded Pad Thai restaurant. The eatery celebrates this national dish, which was first introduced during WWII to encourage Thais to consume noodles. The menu features five Pad Thais, from traditional to vegetarian and our favourite, the Superb Pad Thai with Big Prawns. In this dish, long Chan noodles are cooked in flavoursome shrimp oil over a charcoal fire with deep-sea prawns and herbs, wrapped in egg. 

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Pad Thai Thip Samai

Superb Pad Thai with Big Prawns (200 THB)

Best Pad Thai in Bangkok

Superb Pad Thai with Small Prawns (90 THB)


15. Nhong Rim Klong 

Come to this canal-side food stall on Ekkamai Soi 21 for Thai crab classics. The stand-out dish is fresh cabbage leaves fried in oil and fish sauce mixed with gooey scrambled egg and crab. Other highlights are the Stir-fried Crab with Chilli and Vegetables or their famous Crab Omelette. Nhong Rim Klong has become extremely busy due to rave social media reviews, so arrive early and be prepared to wait. 

Nhong Rim Klong Crab

Stir-fried Crab with Cabbage and Egg (340 THB)

Nhong Rim Klong Restaurant

Fried Shrimp with Garlic (200 THB)


16. Kuayjup Mr. Jo

If you’re dreaming of Crispy Pork, then head straight to KuayjupMr. Jo. Set in the Sathon area, this eatery offers the crunchiest, most satisfying roast pork in the city. The salted meat oozes flavour and is cut into bite-sized pieces topped with a layer of golden crackling, ideal for dipping into complementary dark soy sauce. Diners also flock to Kuay Jab Mr Joe’s for its Chinese soup, a peppery broth with pork belly and optionally various organs, from intestines to liver. 

Mr Jo Crispy Pork

Crispy Pork at Mr. Jo (55)

Kuayjup Mr Jo

Chinese Soup with Chinese Pasta Squares and Crispy Pork (60 THB)


17. Prachak Pet Yang  

Prachak Pet Yang is the best Thai restaurant in Bangkok for Roast Duck, set on Charoen Krung Road. Mr Prachak brought the centuries-old Cantonese duck recipe over from China in 1878 and today, it’s served by the fourth generation of the family.  Order a plate of the soft, juicy Roast Duck covered with delicate crispy skin. The Egg Noodle with Shrimp Wonton, Roast Duck and Mixed Meats is another great choice.

Prachak Pet Yang Roasted Duck

Roasted Duck (100 THB)

Prachak Pet Yang Wonton

Egg Noodle with Shrimp Wonton (120 THB)


19. Toy Kuay Teow Reua

Love Boat Noodles? Toy Kuay Teow Reua serves up the tastiest in the capital. There are two versions, the pork and beef, each comes in a dark, seasoned broth filled with herbs and spices. We prefer the Sliced Pork Boat Noodles. Add some Fried Pork Skins and Wonton Wrappers to bulk up the dish or order a side of chewy pork satay.

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Toy Kuay Teow Reua Restaurant

Boat Noodles with Sliced Pork (15 THB)

Toy Kuay Teow Reua Boat Noodles

Boat Noodles with Beef (15 THB)


20. Charoen Saeng Silom 

Feast on Braised Pork, worthy of a Michelin Bib Gourmand award at this well-established Bangkok restaurant. Charoen Saeng Silom has been in business since 1959, developing a reputation for beautifully-caramelised Stewed Pork Knuckle. Meat is marinated in a homemade gravy filled with Chinese herbs. We like to order the robust Braised Pork Leg covered in silky skin, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try the Braised Pork Trotter. 

Charoen Saeng Silom Braised Pork Leg

Braised Pork Leg (15 THB)

Charoen Saeng Silom Restaurant

Braised Pork Trotter (15 THB)


20. Siang Ki Khao Tom Pla 

Siang Ki Khao Tom Pla has nestled down an atmospheric alley in Chinatown, with stalls outside where you can soak up the local sights and sounds. We come here for Bangkok’s most famous Boiled Rice Soup with Fish and particularly love the Oyster version. The clear broth is well-seasoned and salty with zesty oysters, served with complimentary fermented soy sauce. The family-run restaurant uses only the freshest fish and also offers a White Pomphet version of their soup. 

Siang Ki Kao Tom Pla

Boiled Rice Soup with Oyster (300 THB)

Kao Tom Pla Chinatown

Boiled Rice Soup with Fish (300 THB)


21. Rung Rueng Noodles 

For noodle fans, Rung Rueng serves up some of the best Chinese-inspired noodles in Bangkok. It’s actually two restaurants that sit side-by-side on Sukhumvit Soi 26, run by feuding brothers who use the same family recipe. Our top dish is the Tom Yum flavoured dry Egg Noodles with Pork, but the clear soup flavoured with Minced Pork and topped with Fish Balls or Pork is incredibly popular. Choose your favourite noodles to add to the soup and order some deep-fried fish skin as a crispy accompaniment. For more information, check out our extensive review of Rung Reung Pork Noodle.

Rung Reung Pork Noodle Tom Yum

Tom Yum Noodle Dry (50 THB)

Pork Noodle Rung Rueng

Egg Noodle with Minced Pork (50 THB)


22. Si Morakot 

Michelin-recommended Si Morakot has been serving some of Bangkok’s top Pork and Rice meals for over 60 years. It began as a street stall and is now a full-scale eatery set near Hua Lamphong MRT. Savour deliciously marinated Barbecue- or Crispy Roasted Pork, served with slices of Sweet Chinese Sausage. The meat is marinated in a secret sauce recipe which has just the right level of saltiness to balance out the sweet flavour; add chillies in vinegar to suit your tastes. 

Si Morakot

Khao Moo Grob with Chinese Sausage (40 THB)

Si Morakot Pork

Khao Moo Grob (40 THB)

So, that’s the round-up of our favourite places, what do you think is the best local Thai restaurant in Bangkok? If you are looking for more amazing food, check out our articles about the best street food vendors in Bangkok and the most amazing food Bangkok has to offer. All these restaurants with all their recommended dishes can be found in the TopTravelFoods app:


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