It can be difficult to try Thai desserts in Bangkok as you might have no idea what to order or where to find great dessert shops. Thailand has a world-famous cuisine and even the unknown Thai desserts are amazing. This article will help you find unique and affordable places to try out incredibly tasty treats! 


The best Thai Desserts in Bangkok can found at:


1. Sweet Time

Sweet Time is a famous small dessert shop located in the middle of Chinatown. They serve twenty-one different Thai and Chinese desserts. These desserts are made of either milk, coconut milk, ginger soup or syrup and are topped with natural ingredients such as beans, nuts and corn. Now, for most foreigners, this doesn’t sound that spectacular. But trust us, these Thai desserts are incredibly tasteful (and cheap!). Highlights of the menu are Chinese Mix Dessert with Milk (50 THB), Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk (30 THB) and Thai Mix Dessert (20 THB). 

Sweettime Bangkok

Chinese Mix Dessert with Milk (50 THB)

Sweet Time Dessert Bangkok

Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk (30 THB)

Sweet Time Chinatown

Thai Mix Dessert (20 THB)


2. Aaii Waan Yen

Like many other restaurants listed on this list, Aaii Waan Yen is located in Chinatown and is a popular dessert shop that specializes in Thai and Chinese desserts. The menu of Aaii Waan Yen is small and is focused on the Thai version of the Chinese dessert called Cheng Tng - which means clear soup. The sweet soups are available as hot and cold and at Aai Waan Yen you can choose between coconut milk and longan juice. Each dish listed on their menu has different ingredients such as beans, jelly, lotus seeds, ginkgo and even noodles! Highlights of the menu are Cheng Teung Mhee (40 THB) and Cheng Teung Nomsod (40 THB).

Thai desserts bangkok

Cheng Teung Mhee (40 THB)

cheap thai desserts in bangkok

Cheng Teung Nomsod (40 THB)



3. Mook Tao Tueng

Located at Sukhumvit Soi 77, this dessert shop is hugely popular among locals. The menu of Mook Tao Tueng is extensive, offering all sorts of Thai desserts. It is possible to create your own desserts similar to the desserts they serve at Sweet Time and Aaii Waan Yen. But the tastiest ones are created by Mook Tao Tueng themselves: Pang Kuay Tod (30 THB) is deep-fried crispy rolls with banana filling, covered in powdered sugar and chocolate sauce. I-Tim Tod (30 THB) is deep-fried ice-cream with chocolate dressing and coloured sprinkles. And the final highlight of Mook Tao Tueng is the Pang Yen (35 THB), which is toasted sweetened bread covered in shaved fruity shaved ice. Keep in mind that for some unknown reason, the restaurant opens at 17:00.

banana rolls

Pang Kuay Tod (30 THB)

fried ice cream

I-Tim Tod (30 THB)

Thai Ice Cream at On Nut

Pang Yen (35 THB)

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4. Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream

Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream is tucked away in an alley in the middle of a residential area close to the Grand Palace where you don't expect an ice cream shop like this. The owner of this small shop makes her ice cream from one hundred per cent pure ingredients: no sugar or other ingredients are added. The result is incredible: the ice cream, which is more like a sorbet, has the deepest flavour possible. There are other flavours available as well, such as the recommended mango, Thai tea and green tea. But the absolute highlight is the coconut ice cream. A scoop of ice cream cost you either 30 or 40 THB and it is optional to add some extra ingredients such as peanuts or sticky rice to the ice cream as well. 

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Coconut Ice

Coconut Ice Cream (30 THB)

Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (30 THB)


5. Muhammad Rod Dee 

We recently discovered this hidden-gem after doing research on where to get the best mango sticky rice in Bangkok. Muhammad Rod Dee is located close to the intersection of Sukhumvit Soi 71 and Phatthanakan Road and is in business for over forty years! With all that experience, Muhammad Rod Dee can name itself one of the best mango sticky rice vendors in Bangkok. The use of the so-called Nam Dok Mai mangos and the perfectly cooked and balanced mango sticky rice are the key to its success. The price of a mango sticky rice is based on weight and for around 90 THB you get a decent-sized portion. 

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Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice (90 THB)


6. Tup-Tim-Grob Desserts

This famous restaurant is located a little bit far from the city centre but definitely worth visiting. ‘Tup-Tim-Grob’ is a Thai dessert that is made of water chestnuts, sweetened coconut milk and crushed ice. It is nicely sweet and refreshing and a popular dessert among Thai. At Tup-Tim-Grob-Desserts, they make their desserts even more special by adding a few extra ingredients such as crispy water chestnuts, coconut jelly, sweet syrup and vermicelli noodles. The highlights of the menu are:

- Tuptimgrob + Maprawgaew + Haew (40 THB)
- Tuptimgrob + Maprawgaew + Haew + Sarim, which is included vermicelli noodles (40 THB)
- Tuptimgrob + Kathi, which is included crispy water chestnuts (40 THB)



Tuptimgrob + Maprawgaew + Haew (40 THB)

thai desserts bangkok

Tuptimgrob + Maprawgaew + Haew + Sarim (40 THB)

tub tim grob

Tuptimgrob + Kathi (40 THB)


7. Mont Nomsod

Toasted bread covered in a sweet chocolate spread. So simple yet so incredibly tasty. At Mont Nomsod, they serve all sorts of toasted and steamed bread and the restaurant is in business for over forty-five years. It’s insanely popular among locals as it’s cheap and delicious. It has three branches in Bangkok and one in Chiang Mai, and during the whole day, it is packed with families and groups of friends who just want to enjoy a delicious treat with each other. The Chocolate topping (25 THB) and the Condensed Milk topping (20 THB) are highly recommended, and so is the Steamed Bread with Coconut Egg Custard Dip (60 THB).

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mont nom sod

Toasted Bread with Chocolate Topping (25 THB)

affordable thai dessert

Toasted Bread with Condensed Milk Topping (20 THB)

thai dessert kaya

Steamed Bread with Kaya Dip (60 THB)


8. Lod Chong Singapore

This small restaurant located in Chinatown is specialized in serving one of Thailand’s most popular desserts: Lod Chong. Lod Chong is a simple dessert made of sweetened coconut milk, crushed ice and green vermicelli jelly. What makes Lod Chong Singapore so special is the extra sweetened Lod Chong, the super fast service and the price: for only 22 THB you can enjoy a large glass of ice-cold Lod Chong in the middle of Chinatown. 

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Lod Chong (22 THB)

There you have it. A list of the best, yet affordable Thai desserts in Bangkok. Have you tried any of these desserts? Please review the dishes you’ve tried in our TopTravelFoods app and find more delicious dishes in Bangkok with our TopTravelFoods app.


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