Want to visit a floating market in Bangkok? Then try Taling Chan Floating market, which is much less crowded and has a more authentic Thai feel than the famous Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa markets, which are located miles from the city. By contrast, Taling lies in the heart of Bangkok, just seven kilometres from Khao San Road and the popular Old City or Rattanakosin area. Here’s what to expect on a half-day trip to Taling Chan Floating Market. 

What’s Taling Chan Floating Market like? 

The small, cosy Taling Chan Floating Market consists of two sections. A mainland market where you’ll find lots of tasty Thai snacks and desserts as well as some shopping and live music. In the floating section, you can watch vendors cook delicious meals from boats on both sides of the dock. Dine on grilled fresh seafood like crab, fish, shells, cockles and prawns. There are also boats serving Pad Thai, Som Tam and Noodle Soup. Choose your freshly-prepared dish and enjoy it at one of the small tables on the floating dock.
Taling Chan Floating Market Atmosphere
The authentic and cosy Taling Chan Floating Market

The market has a nice atmosphere, with live music playing in the background and lots of Thai snacks, and desserts on sale, as well as some shopping stalls. Other activities on offer include feeding the fish, which Thai people believe brings good karma, or taking a 69 THB boat tour through the nearby canals. You can buy tickets from the boat tour stand and trips take you past famous Bangkok temples, traditional houses and a plantation. 


How to get to Taling Chan Floating Market?

Taling Chan Market is very accessible, located close to Bangkok. From Khao San Road, it’ll cost you around 100 and 150 THB to get to the market in a metred taxi. Alternatively, bus line 79 will drop you right off in front of the market’s 7/11 and will cost you around 15 to 20 THB depending on where you get on and off. More information can be found on Transit Bangkok.  


Recommended food:

Taling Chan Floating Market is perfect for pigging out and vendors sell all kinds of Thai snacks, meals and desserts. Here are some of our top food recommendations: 

Order grilled salted sea bass, grilled shells with shallots or other grilled seafood from one of the boats in the floating section. Our favourite place to go is Pla Pao Talat Nam Taling Chan, which is the second closest boat to the railway, with its back to the mainland.

Taling Chan Market
One of the many boat vendors selling deliciously fresh seafood at Taling Chan Floating Market

Seafood at Taling Chan Floating Market
Plenty of fresh seafood available including these giant crabs

Boat Vendor at Taling Chang
Another boat vendor selling fresh fruits

Try traditional Thai desserts like Khanom Bueang at Mae peak, located at the mainland market, or Khanom Thuay at Pa Boon from the floating market.

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Opening Hours:

Taling Chan Floating Market is only open on Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM till 4 PM.


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