Taling Chan Floating Market is a floating market located close to the city centre. While other floating markets are located miles away outside of Bangkok and you will spend at least half a day there, Taling Chan Floating Market is easier accessible. This makes Taling Chan Floating Market a great market to just stop by in the weekends. This article will give you all the information you need for a great visit to the Taling Chan Floating Market. 

In this article, we cover the following aspects related to the Taling Chan Floating Market:

1. What makes Taling Chan Floating Market so special?;
2. What is Taling Chan Floating Market like?;
3. How to get toTaling Chan Floating Market?;
When is Taling Chan Floating Market open?
5. My overall verdict of Taling Floating Market.


1. What makes Taling Chan Floating Market so special?

Taling Chan Floating Market was founded in 1987 with the aim to develop the market as a centre of local and agricultural products in the Taling Chan district. The market is built around a canal that connects Khlong Bangkok Noi to Khlong Phasi Charoe and is eight kilometres long. Taling Chan Floating Market mainly sells local products from farmers close by. You will notice this when you enter the market. Before the floating market itself, there is a local market with a green roof that has plenty of vendors selling local products, including typical traditional Thai desserts that are hard to find in Bangkok. You can find numerous types of food, fruit and plant shops, as well as soap, clothes and herb shops. And buying from these shops will benefit the local economy of Taling Chan district. The focus on local products and the fact that Taling Chan Floating Market is still authentic makes it a special place to visit. 

taling chan floating market

Taling Chan Floating Market has a few vendors that sell goods from their canoes. 


taling chan floating canoe

One of the few canoes serving food from her boat. 


taling chan floating entrance

The entrance of Taling Chan Floating Market. This section has all sorts of vendors, including traditional Thai desserts, local fruits, plants and all sorts of finger food. 


2. What is Taling Chan Floating Market like?

Taling Chan Floating Market consists of two sections. A mainland market where you’ll find lots of tasty Thai snacks and desserts as well as some shopping, massage shop and live music. In the floating section, you can watch vendors cook delicious meals from boats on both sides of the dock. There are thirteen canoes serving food from the water. Dine on grilled fresh seafood like crab, fish, shells, cockles and prawns. There are also boats serving Pad Thai, Som Tam and Noodle Soup. Choose your freshly-prepared dish and enjoy it at one of the small tables on the floating dock. This are might be a bit small, so an alternative can be found in the back of the mainland section where there are plenty of seats available. 

taling chan floating market food

There are some seats available near the floating market, but there are larger seating areas in the back. 


taling chan floating market lady

With over a dozen canoes, Taling Chan Floating Market is a cool, small floating market. 


taling chan floating market clothes

Plenty of shopping possibilities for locals.

The market has a nice atmosphere, with live music playing in the background and lots of Thai snacks, and desserts on sale, as well as some shopping stalls. Taling Chan Floating Market is small, yet authentic compared to Amphawa Floating Market and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. You will most likely spend only one hour at the market. But there is a boat tour which is recommendable, that takes you to a fish feeding spot and a three hundred years old temple while floating through the canals of Bangkok. The boat tour costs you 69 THB per person and will departure every hour. The tickets can be bought at the entrance of the floating market section. It’s also possible to hire a private boat for 1,000 THB for four persons. 

taling chan floating market live music

Traditional Thai live music gives Taling Chan Floating Market even more authenticity. 

taling chan floating market mangos

Local goods, like these high-quality mangos, are sold in near the entrance of Taling Chan Floating Market.


taling chan floating market snacks

Plenty of finger-food to choose from.


taling chan floating market local food

Plenty of street food to choose from. 

The boat tour itself is a fun addition to your Taling Chan Floating Market visit, as you drive through the canals and see how local people. During the tour, you will be able to feed fish with bread. During the boat tour, you will stop by Wat Kor, a temple older than 320 years. The temple was built during the Ayutthaya period and has a Chinese-style roof. In this temple, Luang Phor Dum is being worshipped. The temple is simple but the age does impress me. 

taling chan floating market boat ride

A ride with a longtail boat through the canals near Taling Chan Floating Market.


taling chan floating market canal tour

Private boats, like the picture above, are available as well.


temple inside

The inside of Wat Kor. 


temple outside

The outside of Wat Kor, a temple that is older than 300 years. 


taling chan floating market locals

This is also Bangkok, poverty is still common. 


local temple

A local temple you will visit during the boat tour. 


3. How to get to Taling Chan Floating Market? 

Taling Chan Market is very accessible, located close to Bangkok. From Khao San Road, it’ll cost you around 100 and 150 THB to get to the market in a metred taxi. Alternatively, bus line 79 will drop you right off in front of the market’s 7/11 and will cost you around 15 to 20 THB depending on where you get on and off. More information can be found on Transit Bangkok  


4. When is Taling Chan Floating Market open?

Taling Chan Floating Market is open every weekend and every public holiday from 08:00 until 17:00. As always, with every floating market, it’s recommended to visit the market as early as possible, as all the food is amazingly fresh and the market is not crowded at all. 


5. My overall verdict of Taling Chan Floating Market

Taling Chan Floating Market is a small yet authentic floating market which is an oasis compared to the always busy Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. The focus on local vendors and the fact that you can find unique Thai desserts makes it absolutely worth the visit. You will most likely spend around one to one-and-a-half-hour at the market, which you can extend by taking the boat tour. The boat tour is a fun addition, but not a necessary activity you must do. As always, visit markets as early as possible to avoid the crowds and enjoy the freshest food available. 

There you have it, everything you should know about the Taling Chan Floating Market. In our article about 
the best floating markets in and around Bangkok, we made an overview of all the noteworthy floating markets, which includes the Taling Chan Floating Market. By reading that article, we guarantee that you can make the right choice in selecting which floating market you want to visit during your stay in Thailand.

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