T&K Seafood is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Chinatown, Bangkok. Every day in the late afternoon when the restaurant opens, people get in line to get a taste of this phenomenon. In this article, I will explain why it’s so popular and what their most popular seafood dishes are. 

T&K Seafood is located on the corner of Phadung Doa Road and Yaowarat Road. Yaowarat Road is the main street of Chinatown Bangkok. The restaurant is easily recognizable with its green-coloured balcony and the large group of staff preparing the food in front of the restaurant. Before opening, the staff is already preparing and cleaning the seafood. But once the restaurant is open, the team grilling seafood at the fastest pace you can imagine. Because of this, food is served quickly.


T&K Seafood front

T&K Seafood, recognizable green balcony and the staff

T&K Seafood is a three-story restaurant which is equipt with air-conditioning. I do have to admit that the building is old and the restaurant could really use a makeover. Broken tiles, old furniture and dirty walls are no exception. It’s possible to dine outside on the street side, which seems to be the most popular option among guests. As you might understand by now, T&K Seafood did not gain popularity from the looks and cleanness of the restaurant, although it does give you the real Chinatown experience. The reason why it’s so popular is because of the seafood they serve.


The menu is quite large with all the types of seafood you can imagine. As this might be overwhelming, I would suggest picking one of the following recommended dishes. The absolute favourite choice of many guests are the grilled river prawns. You will notice that the staff is grilling and serving them non-stop throughout the whole evening. The prawns are quite large and for 150 THB you will get four grilled prawns. The prawns are served with a spicy seafood dipping sauce. A lesser-known, but definitely tasty dish is the Grilled Mussels (100 THB). In my opinion, the Grilled Mussels are more filling compared to the grilled prawns.

T&K Seafood Grilled Prawns

The most ordered dish at T&K Seafood: Grilled Prawns (150 THB per 4)

T&K Seafood Mussels

Lesser-known, but really good: Grilled Mussels (100 THB)

My absolute favourite dish I tried here was the popular Stir-Fried Crab with Yellow Curry (500 THB, price based on weight). Listed in our Best Curry in Bangkok article, this stir-fried crab in yellow curry is one of the best I’ve tried. The curry is highly flavoured, a little bit sweet and not spicy at all. It’s also possible to order this curry only with crab meat, which is much easier to eat. With the Stir-Fried Crab with Yellow Curry, you have to peel the crab yourself with scissors. 

T&K Seafood Crab Curry

Stir-Fried Crab in Yellow Curry (500 THB)

Another amazing dish I would recommend is the Steamed White Snapper in Garlic and Lemon Soup (350 THB). The snapper is covered in spices, including garlic, green chilli and coriander. As the snapper is steamed, the fish is beautifully tender. The snapper is served in a lemon fragrant soup that gets all the flavour of the spices which is snapper is covered in. You can imagine how delicious that soup is!

T&K Seafood Steamed Snapper

Steamed White Snapper in Garlic and Lemon Soup (350 THB)

Before finishing this article with an overall verdict, I would like to address the following. The fried omelettes are being recommended on other websites and forums. I’ve tried them and I would not recommend it. Why? Around 100 meters from T&K Seafood, you can find Nai Mong Hoy Thod. This tiny restaurant serves by far the best hoy tod in Bangkok. Keep in mind that Nai Mong Hoy Thod is closed on Monday, similar to many other restaurants in Chinatown.

Overall verdict: T&K Seafood is a great place to get delicious seafood and for the majority of its customers, it will be a great seafood experience in the middle of Chinatown. But there are some that won’t agree as you might read on review websites. Arguments such as “being overpriced” and “dirty restaurant” are not uncommon. We believe that T&K Seafood does serve great seafood and we’ve placed it in our
Best Seafood Restaurants in Bangkok. If you still have doubts, Aey Seafood is a great alternative. You can check the in-depth review of Aey Seafood here. 

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