Suttangrak Pattaya is beach club located south from Jomtien Beach and is in business since 1971. This tremendous popular place is a great spot for amazing seafood and enjoying the sunset while sipping from your cocktail. In this article, I will tell you everything you should know about Sattungrak Pattaya including their most recommended dishes.

In the area where Suttangrak Pattaya is located, you will be able to find several other beach clubs and restaurants, such as Pupen Seafood, The Glass House and Langsawai Seafood. Each has its own characteristics. The reason why you can find these beach restaurants is the fact that the road is built right next to the beach where you can see the beautiful sunset every evening. The typical characteristics of Suttangrak are that the restaurant looks entertaining and lively, with several large tables placed on the terrace suitable for groups and a large bar in the middle where you can order your drinks with friends while enjoying the view. In the evening, live music performances are held and Suttangrak Pattaya is a great place to enjoy the evening, even after having eaten here. Suttangrak Pattaya also has an air-conditioned indoor area available, however, I strongly advise to grab a seat outside right around sunset. 


suttangrak pattaya beach front

The view during sunset at Suttanrak Pattaya.


suttangrak pattaya restaurant

The large outside dining area at Suttangrak Pattaya.

During our visit, the staff was very helpful in recommending our food, as well as the overall service. I would like to thank the manager for this, he absolutely nailed it and placed a big smile on our face!

suttangrak pattaya manager

The friendly manager. Cheers to him!


The menu of Suttangrak Pattaya

The menu of Suttangrak Pattaya mainly consists of seafood and each page is dedicated to one specific type of seafood which includes shrimp, king lobster, rock lobster, squid, crab, shellfish and a variety of fish. Compared to other seafood restaurants, Suttangrak Pattaya does show the actual price almost at every dish, instead of only showing the market price in weight, which is common in seafood restaurants. This avoids confusion and is customer friendly. The majority of the dishes here costs between the 200 and 350 THB, however, once you start ordering crab or lobster, the price significantly increases. Besides all these Thai seafood options, there is also a Thai sushi menu available. Also, at Suttangrak, they create their own coffee with their own beans, which I would most definitely recommend you to try.


The most recommended food at Suttangrak Pattaya

Here are the most recommended dishes at Suttangrak Pattaya:

Deep-Fried Grouper with Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce (700 THB)

One of the most recommended dishes is their deep-fried grouper covered in a spicy sauce. The grouper has first been filleted and then deep-fried, making it super crunchy as well as boneless. The grouper is served as a whole fish and the reason for this is that the fish meat at the tail is a delicacy for Thai. As the fish bones here are much thinner, the bones fall apart when you chew on it. That makes it really crunchy and this part is packed with flavours. The sauce itself is not that spicy in my opinion, making it an excellent option for foreigners too. 

suttangrak pattaya snapper

Deep-Fried Grouper with Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce (700 THB)


Squid Fried in Salty Egg Curry Sauce (220 THB)

Every city or region has its own speciality and in Pattaya, every seafood restaurant serves this dish. In our article about the best seafood in Pattaya, we’ve already mentioned that we tried this dish at several different seafood restaurants and came to the conclusion that the version at Suttangrak Pattaya is best one we tried. The squid is cooked to perfection, meaning that it’s not chewy at all. The sauce is mostly sweet and salty with a little bit of spiciness. In my opinion, this should be a must-order as it is Pattaya’s speciality and the best version we tried!

suttangrak pattaya squid

Squid Fried in Salty Egg Curry Sauce (220 THB)


Baked King Lobster with Cheese (2,650 THB)

If you really want to try something special, how about an enormous baked king lobster covered in melted cheese? Believe it or not, a large part of the menu are dishes between the 200 and 350 THB, but they're always bigger and better options available. This Thai-Style lobster is the craziest thing they have on the menu and it will cost you 2,650 THB. The lobster was large of size and with together with the cheese and spicy dipping sauce, really filling!

suttangrak pattaya lobster

Baked King Lobster with Cheese (2,650 THB)


Tom Yum Goong Mea-Nam (500 THB)

At Suttangrak, they serve a few different versions of tom yum soup. This version is the largest, which is easily shareable with at least two people. The soup itself is highly flavoured and is packed large prawns. I would highly recommend you ordering this tom yum soup as a side dish as it adds completely different, yet oh-so-delicious flavours to your meal. 

suttangrak pattaya tom yum

Tom Yum Goong Mea-Nam (500 THB)


Fried Rice with Mackerel Fillet (200 THB)

Most likely you will order rice with your dinner. Why not ordering something different than normal steamed rice? I would recommend you try their fried rice with little bits of fried mackerel in it. The taste of the mackerel is subtle as the bits are just small, yet you get another great flavour to your meal. The fried rice is topped with fried onion, giving it that extra crunch. 

suttangrak pattaya fried rice

Fried Rice with Mackerel Fillet (200 THB)


Overall verdict of Suttangrak Pattaya

Suttangrak Pattaya is a cool place where you can enjoy lovely seafood and watching the sunset. In the evening, live music performance assures you to have a fun evening out. Most importantly, the seafood is really good. In my opinion, the food is more local-orientated when it comes to flavouring and presentation compared to other beachfront restaurants and clubs. And personally, that is definitely not a bad thing. 

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