SP Chicken in Chiang Mai is one of the more popular local eateries in town. As the name already suggests, SP Chicken is specialized in chicken. To be more specific, they serve the perhaps the most amazing roasted chicken in Chiang Mai. Reason enough to write an article about this special place.

SP Chicken Chiang Mai Restaurant

SP Chicken is located at Samlan Soi 1 on the west side of the old city, close to Suan Dok Gate. The restaurant is relatively small with around ten small tables and your typical local restaurants attributes: wooden tables, aluminium stools and plastic plates. But SP Chicken is not just an ordinary local restaurant. In front of the restaurant, there is a large rotisserie placed where they roast all their chickens. First, the small birds will get the most heat by positioning them above the charcoal heat. Then, once they are almost done, the chickens get placed above the rotisserie to let them rest and make sure that the core temperature is perfect. Because of the rotation and the resting process, none of the chickens is burned and the inside of the chicken is cooked to perfection. Visitors can choose between a small (90 THB) and a large (170 THB) portion. The large portion is good for one person as the roasted chickens are not that big. The roasted chicken at SP Chicken is served with three different sauces, of which two of them are sweet and one of them is spicier. The so-called jaew sauce, which is a typical Isaan (Northeast Thai) sauce. 


SP Chicken Chiang Mai Front

The front of SP Chicken in Chiang Mai


SP Chicken Chiang Mai Interior

The atmosphere at SP Chicken in Chiang Mai


SP Chicken Chiang Mai Rotisserie

The rotisserie in front of SP Chicken


SP Grilled Chicken Chiang Mai

Beautifully crisp roasted chicken


SP Chicken Staff

Time to carve up the chicken

SP Grilled Chicken Half

Famous Roasted Chicken, half portion (90 THB)

Does SP Chicken only serve chicken? No. Although their speciality is chicken, there are several different other options to choose from. A tasty alternative is their Grilled Beef (80 THB). Similar to the roasted chicken, it’s nicely tender and has that deep charcoal smokiness. Grilled Pork (80 THB) is also available. 

SP Grilled Chicken Beef

Grilled Beef (80 THB)

The rest of the menu contains mainly of a variety of salads that will go perfectly with one of their roasted proteins. One of these spicy salads is the Thai favourite Som Tam (Papaya Salad), which only costs 40 THB. The acidity and spiciness of this popular salad is a perfect combination with the grilled meats. If you don’t like spicy food, I would recommend you trying Fried Mixed Vegetables (60 THB) or Stir-Fried Water Morning Glory (60 THB). Or just like many of its visitors, order a nice ice-cold bottle of Thai beer with it.

SP Chicken Chiang Mai Som Tum

Som Tam (40 THB)


SP Chicken Mixed Vegetables

Fried Mixed Vegetables (60 THB)

SP Chicken Morning Glory

Stir-Fried Water Morning Glory (60 THB)


SP Chicken Chiang Mai Staff

The staff is preparing freshly made som tam.

Overall verdict: SP Chicken is a must-visit local eatery in Chiang Mai as it serves the some of the best-grilled chicken in town. There is another place called Cherng Doi which is also specialized in grilled chicken. At SP Chicken, it’s recommended trying one of their salad with the grilled chicken or grilled beef, as it’s a perfect combination. Due to popularity, SP Chicken can run out of chicken. Therefore, we would recommend you to visit SP Chicken between or right after lunchtime. SP Chicken is open from 10:00 until 17:00, except on Wednesday, when it’s closed. For more food, check out our article about the best local Thai restaurants in Chiang Mai.



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