Somsak Pu Ob began as a street food stall specialising in Goong Ob Woon Sen and Puu Ob Woon Sen. The eatery was so successful that it has now evolved into a full-scale enterprise that includes the original stall, plus two restaurants. Located in a soi off Charoen Rat Road, close to Wongwian Yai roundabout, this tasty sea and street food experience is set slightly out of town but is well worth the journey. 

Somsak Pu Ob specialises in Goong Ob Woon Sen and Puu Ob Woon Sen, or baked prawn with glass noodles and baked crab with glass noodles. Not only did Somsak Pu Ob make it into our Top 32 Thai Restaurants in Bangkok list, but it’s also been recognized by plenty of national and international media outlets for preparing excellent Goong Ob Woon Sen. This dish is served at many restaurants and street food stalls throughout Thailand but Somsak Pu Ob’s version is renowned as one of the best in the country.

Arriving early at this typical Thai street food stall, we were lucky enough to bag seats straight away and ordered the Roasted Prawns with Glass Noodles (290 THB). We decided to splurge a little bit and also ordered the Roasted Roe Crab with Glass Noodle (450 THB), as well as the Boiled Mussels and Boiled Cockles (both 70 THB).
Roasted Roe Crab
Roasted Roe Crab with Glass Noodle (480 THB)


Roasted Prawns
Roasted Prawns with Glass Noodle (290 THB)


Boiled Cockles
Boiled Cockles (70 THB)


Boiled Mussels
Boiled Mussels (70 THB)

We watched as the seafood, glass noodles, seasoning and soy sauce were tossed into a pan and then sizzled above the hot blue flames until all the tasty juices were absorbed. When the dishes arrived at our table, they looked almost too beautiful to eat. Before we began, we mixed all the ingredients in the pot together, making one fragrant broth of deliciously-marinated prawns, crab and noodles. 

The four jumbo prawns and roe crab were perfectly flavoured with the hot marinade, prepared with just the right mix of black pepper and soy sauce. We made sure that every scoop we took was drenched in this mouth-watering broth. The Roe Crab costs about 140 THB more and gives the crab some nice extra flavour. While the boiled mussels and cockles were average, they made good side dishes to enjoy with our large pots of Goong Ob Woon Sen and Puu Ob Woon Sen.

Somsak Pu Ob draws customers from all over Bangkok, so you might have to wait before you can get a seat but don’t worry, as the queues go down quickly. If you prefer, walk a bit further to dine in one of their two air-conditioned restaurants. One is located a two-minute walk on Lat Ya Road and the other one is about 10 minutes away near Krung Thonburi BTS Station. 

Prices range from between 290 THB and 450 THB, so Somsak Pu Ob doesn’t offer your typical street food prices but we can promise you that this won’t be a typical street food experience either! The Ob Woon Sen with Prawns or Crab is prepared with select ingredients that set it head and shoulders above other vendors.

Bonus tip: if you feel like dessert, visit nearby Tup-Tim-Grob Desserts, which serves sweet Thai treats, the shop closes at 20.30.

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