Soei Restaurant tops many Bangkok food lists, including our very own. Indeed, after visiting Soei multiple times, I can say firmly say it's my favourite restaurant in Bangkok and in this article I will tell you why. Soei Restaurant is a restaurant with not-too-fancy looks, yet the restaurant is perfectly clean.

The following aspects related to Soei Restaurant will be discussed in this article:


1. What is Soei Restaurant like?

You can expect aluminium tables and red plastic chairs, similar to ordinary Thai restaurants. But Soei Restaurant is far from ordinary. Have a glimpse at the wall that is completely filled with awards and other recognitions, and you immediately know you can expect delicious food. So, what makes the food at Soei Restaurant so great? For a start, the meals are packed with flavour, prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked professionally. The owner checks every dish for quality before it’s served. Soei’s menu also features a lot of unique Thai dishes you won’t find everywhere. Think Fried Mackerel Cheeks, Thai Shrimp Ceviche prepared with wasabi and many more unique seafood and non-seafood delights.


The menu of Soei Restaurant is large, with thirteen pages and because there are no pictures on the menu available and the fact that many dishes are awfully translated, it's very difficult to order the right thing if you don't know anything about Soei Restaurant. Prices vary between 100 THB and 200 THB per dish, with a few exceptional exceptions, which we will describe in the next paragraph. A few dishes listed on the menu of Soei Restaurant don't show the exact price as these dishes are based on the weight of the seafood, but these dishes cost you really often between 400 and 500 THB. If you'd like to inspect the full menu, have a look at the TopTravelFoods review page of Soei Restaurant. With that being said, let's jump into the most recommended dishes of Soei Restaurant.


As mentioned earlier in this article, Soei Restaurant serves a few Thai dishes that are far from ordinary and you'd be stupid if you come all the way here and not order at least a few of the following five highly recommended dishes:

a. Fried Mackerel Cheeks (100 THB)

Soei Restaurant is most famous for its Fried Mackerel Cheeks. The fried fish cheeks are crispy and seasoned with salt and fried garlic. You can dip the crunchy, delicate fish heads into the complimentary chilli sauce and devour them like you would a bag of chips. Due to their saltiness, the Fried Mackerel Cheeks go well with an ice-cold beer. This was such an interesting snack, although a bit scary to eat at first. But flavour-wise, it was such a treat and therefore I would highly recommend this unique Thai food experience!

Note: apparently the Fried Mackerel Cheeks are often sold-out, so if you really want to try them, phone ahead and reserve a plate of these crunchy fish cheeks. 

Fried Mackerel Cheeks

Fried Mackerel Cheeks (100 THB)


b. Thai Shrimp Ceviche (200 THB)

Next came my favourite dish at Soei, their Thai Shrimp Ceviche with a twist. Unlike other restaurants that prepare this dish with fish sauce, lime, chilli and garlic, Soei Restaurant adds wasabi for a welcome kick. This gives the popular Thai meal a unique, flavour-filled punch and makes it one of my favourite dishes at Soei Restaurant. Besides the welcome kick, the prawns are covered in this delicious spread of herbs, which is an amazing taste explosion in your mouth. The prawns are not raw because of the use of lime, as the sourness of lime (or lemon) can the shrimps a preparation.

Shrimp in Fish Sauce

Thai Shrimp Ceviche with a Twist (200 THB)


c. Pla Goong (500 THB)

One of my favourite Thai foods is Pla Goong, a Thai shrimp salad. The Pla Goong is very well executed at Soei Restaurant and features a huge plate of tender, jumbo freshwater prawns. The Pla Goong is prepared with lime, lemongrass, fish sauce, garlic and chillies among other ingredients, which gives the salad a unique flavour. Scoop the meat out of its shell and top with dressing and your preferred ingredients. Pla Goong at Soei Restaurant is one of the dishes listed on the menu that does not have a price as it's based on the weight of the prawns. Although pricy, the prawn salad was incredibly tasty and is well worth the price!

Pla Goong

Pla Goong (500 THB)


d. Stir-Fried Soft-Shell Crab in Curry Powder (400 THB)

Did someone say fried soft-shell crab in curry powder? *Dribble. This is another one of my favourite Thai foods, which is extremely well prepared at Soei. The crispy fried soft-shell crabs are covered in a thick layer of curry powder and veggies. In case you did not know, you can eat the soft-shell crab completely with shell and because of this, the curry is much more filling than the similar curry with regular crab, as you often have to scoop and crush the shells a lot for just a little bit of crab meat. These meaty, enormously savoury fried soft-shell crabs slathered in fiery curry powder are a highlight at Soei Restaurant and well worth the 400 THB!

Soft shell crab curry

Stir-Fried Soft-Shell Crab in Curry Powder (400 THB)


e. Mackerel in Dried Red Curry (100 THB)

Although I’m not a huge fan of mackerel, I must admit that Soei Restaurant’s mackerel with sweet-spicy creamy red curry made my taste buds twinkle. The fried fish goes very well with this sweet red curry which is flavoured with refreshing kaffir lime leaves. The combination of the distinctive flavour of the mackerel, as well as the meaty texture together with a creamy, spicy curry, is just sublime. Again, I would highly recommend this dish at this hugely popular local Thai restaurant and it's fairly priced too!

Red Curry Mackerel at Soei Restaurant

Mackerel in Dried Red Curry (100 THB)


4. General information about Soei Restaurant

Soei Restaurant is located relatively close to Ari, which is outside of Bangkok’s major tourist areas. That means that if you want to try these all exceptional flavours at Soei Restaurant, you do have to travel a bit. This is my favourite restaurant in Bangkok (so far) and if you’re a foodie, it's most definitely worth the trip. You can easily combine a visit with a trip to nearby Chatuchak Weekend Market as well as MOCA, the museum of contemporary art. Both of these unique Bangkok experiences are listed in our Top Things To Do in Bangkok article and all the information you need for those activities can be found there. Keep in mind that Soei is closed on Saturdays, so if you want to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market as well you should visit on Sundays.

Opening times: 10:00 - 21:30 (Closed on Saturday)
Location: Google Maps

Soei Restaurant Front

The front of Soei Restaurant

More recommended dishes and information about this restaurant, including opening times, location, menu and ratings can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Soei Restaurant.


5. Overall verdict of Soei Restaurant

Soei Restaurant is one of those local restaurants that we hope to stay open forever. With good quality ingredients and a few unusual improvements, classic Thai dishes are improved and upgraded in a way that works surprisingly well. The local atmosphere combined with the level of detail on the dishes makes it my personal favourite restaurant in the city. Although it's located a bit away from common areas, the trip is worth it and you can combine it with city highlights Chatuchak Weekend Market and MOCA Art Museum. If you'd like to read the earlier mentioned article: best local Thai restaurants in Bangkok

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