The Sky Gallery in Pattaya is among the most popular beachside restaurants in town, thanks to its excellent view and delicious food. In this article, I will tell you everything you should know to enjoy a great lunch or dinner while watching the ships sail by the Pattaya bay. 

The Sky Gallery is located at Rajchawaroon, west from Phra Tamnak Mountain, and is a spacious and trendy venue with great inside and outside seating options. As the restaurant is built on Pratamnak Hill, the Sky Gallery has some of the finest views in Pattaya. From the hill, you can look over Pattaya Bay and see Koh Larn in the distance. When you enter the venue, you will find the most popular outdoor seats as these seats have the best view for couples and groups. The kitchen opens at eleven o’clock in the morning, however, breakfast options are available from eight o’clock in the morning and with a view like that, it’s a perfect way to start your day. 

At eleven o’clock, the outdoor lounge area opens its doors where you can relax at one of the many lounging seats. The Sky Gallery is not only great food having good food, but it’s also a great spot to drink cocktails or even celebrate your birthday with a bottle of champagne. I would highly recommend sitting outside as the atmosphere and view is simply amazing, however, you do have the option to sit inside where you can enjoy air-conditioning. 


Sky Gallery Pattaya View

The stunning view at The Sky Gallery in Pattaya


Sky Gallery Pattaya Lounge

The lounge area opens at 11 o'clock in the morning


Sky Gallery Pattaya Outdoor

Plenty of outdoor seats available to enjoy the view on Pattaya Bay and Koh Larn

Sky Gallery Pattaya Food

Ready for some delicious international and Thai food?


The Sky Gallery Menu

The menu of the Sky Gallery in Pattaya is split into two sections, Thai cuisine and international cuisine. The restaurant has two separate kitchens for this, with each kitchen its own chef. The reason behind this is the use of completely different ingredients and according to the staff, it was much more convenient to split the kitchens. The Sky Gallery offers excellent Thai seafood and International comfort food. It’s good to know that the Sky Gallery solely work with local fishermen, instead of large fishing companies. These local fishermen don’t use preserving chemicals in order to keep the seafood fresh. The seafood, therefore, might not be the biggest in size, it is of the most natural quality possible. 


The most recommended dishes at The Sky Gallery in Pattaya


Deep-Fried Seabass with Sweet Fish Sauce (485 THB)

This is The Sky Gallery’s absolute signature dish. While this is a common and popular Thai seafood dish in general, The Sky Gallery made some adjustments. First of all, the sea bass is filleted and all the fish bones are removed. This has two benefits: it’s easier to eat, and the chunks of sea bass are more tender on the inside and super crispy on the outside. The fish is served with both its head and tail as the fish filets. Not only is this for presentation, but also because Thai love to eat the part right above the tail. The sea bass is served with a spicy seafood dipping sauce as well as a sweet and sour mango salad.  

Sky Gallery Pattaya Sea Bass

Deep-Fried Seabass with Sweet Fish Sauce (485 THB)


Red Curry Blue Crab with Wildbetal Leafbrush (365 THB)

This red curry with blue crab is among the Sky Gallery’s signature dishes and has wild betel leaves added to the curry. If you never tried wild betel leaves before, it’s local herb has a strong scent and gives the curry a completely different flavour. Personally, I really like this exotic flavour and if you are in for a new taste, you must try it out. This version is made with blue crab, while I only tasted the mushroom and snail versions before. I must say that this version with blue crab is really good.

Sky Gallery Pattaya Crab Curry

Red Curry Blue Crab with Wildbetal Leafbrush (365 THB)


BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (355 THB)

One of the highlights of the International menu is these heavenly barbecue pork ribs. As the ribs get a special twenty-four hours treatment, the ribs are so tender that the meat falls right from the bone. The ribs have a nice smokey flavour and are served with mashed potato. The ribs have a fried garlic topping, which I loved as it gives it the umami flavour. These ribs are highly recommended, in case you didn’t get my point. 

Sky Gallery Pattaya BBQ Ribs

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (355 THB)


Sky Pasta (295 THB)

This is the Sky Gallery’s signature pasta dish. It’s a combination of three different cuisines which you won’t find anywhere else. First of all, there is the obvious Italian cuisine. Secondly, the use of grilled salmon and seared scallops come from Western cuisine. And finally, the pasta is finished with Yanagi mushrooms and salmon egg, which comes from the Japanese cuisine. But the most important question: is it tasty? Yes, the signature pasta dish of the Sky Gallery is definitely recommended!

Sky Gallery Pattaya Pasta

Sky Pasta (295 THB)


Steamed Mackerel with Red Curry (255 THB)

Also known as Choo-Chee-Pla-Sod, red curry with mackerel is, in my opinion, the best version possible when it comes to red curry. Mackerel is a bit of a dry fish but when covered in a herby sauce like red curry, you get a really delicious combination. Although this is not among their signature seafood dishes, I would still highly recommend to try out this Thai dish. Note: this red curry is completely different than the previous referred Red Curry Blue Crab with Wildbetal Leafbrush.

Sky Gallery Pattaya Mackerel

Steamed Mackerel with Red Curry (255 THB)


Extra information about the Sky Gallery

The restaurant is located at Rajchawaroon, which is a bit difficult to get there as this area is under construction. The best way if you don’t have your own transport is by taking a taxi. The restaurant is open daily from 08:00 - 00:00 and the kitchen opens at 11:00 in the morning. Breakfast options are served from eight o’clock in the morning, though. 


Overall verdict of the Sky Gallery in Pattaya

The Sky Gallery Pattaya is an excellent place to devour delicious International and Thai food but is also a great place to sip from your cocktails and enjoy the view. Throughout the day, the lounge seats are excellent to watch the world sail by, however, catching the sunset is even more recommended. With the signature dishes as described above, The Sky Gallery in Pattaya is an amazing place to have a romantic dinner or have an amazing evening with friends.

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