Looking for the best seafood in Chiang Mai? In this article, we list the best seafood dishes and where to find all this deliciousness to help you find the best seafood in Chiang Mai.

Best Seafood in Chiang Mai

The best seafood in Chiang Mai are:


1. Deep-Fried Seabass with Fish Sauce (390 THB) at Thajene Chomchan

This Deep-Fried Seabass with Fish Sauce is one of the signature dishes of one of Chiang Mai’s most popular seafood restaurant. The restaurant is known for its fresh seafood and has a twenty-one-page menu full of delicious seafood options. The sea bass is an all-time favourite as it’s super crispy thanks to the thin layer of batter. The fish is served with a fish sauce, which is nicely spicy and sour. This combination of spiciness, sourness and greasiness of the deep-fried sea bass is simply amazing. As the fish is sliced in half, it’s easy to get chunks of crispy fried sea bass, although you have to watch out with the larger fish bones.

Seafood in Chiang Mai Sea Bass

Deep-Fried Seabass with Fish Sauce (390 THB)


2. Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab (450 THB) at Paak Dang Riverside Restaurant

Crab curry in yellow powder is one of my favourite Thai curries and a great alternative in Chiang Mai when you are looking for some other curry than Khao Soi. What makes this Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab so special is that they use soft shell crab instead of ‘normal’ crab. Not only is it way more easy to eat, as you don’t have to peel the crab yourself, but you can also eat the shell as well. This unique flavour is a great addition to the curry itself. The yellow curry is a sweet and non-spicy curry. To give it a little bit more spice, they add a few slices of red chilli to it, which I think is very welcome. The Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab costs 450 THB, which is not cheap, but as you eat the shell as well, it’s way more filling than a ‘normal’ crab curry, where you only get a bit of crab meat. If you do want to have this ‘normal’ crab curry, head to Thajene Chomchan.

Seafood in Chiang Mai Crab Curry

Phad Pong Curry with Soft Shell Crab (450 THB)


3. Grilled Red Tilapia with Salt (Pla-Pao) (140 THB) at Lert Ros

For good seafood in Chiang Mai when on a budget, I would recommend you to try the Grilled Red Tilapia with Salt (140 THB), also known as Pla-Pao. Lert Ros is an extremely local restaurant that would not win an award for best interior. The restaurant is simply outdated, however, it’s hugely popular for its grilled red tilapia fish. In front of the restaurant, the staff is grilling several red tilapias at once on the homemade barbecues. Although there are a few other (seafood) options, including grilled prawns (150 THB), the main attraction is the red tilapia. The fish fresh and is served with a spicy seafood dipping sauce. I would recommend you to order Papaya Salad (30 THB) as a side dish with it, as it goes perfect with grilled fish and it tastes great too!

Seafood in Chiang Mai Red Tilapia

Grilled Red Tilapia with Salt (140 THB)




4. Tom Yum Gung (295 THB) at THE HOUSE by Ginger

One of the most popular restaurants in Chiang Mai is THE HOUSE by Ginger, thanks to its amazing food and atmosphere. This restaurant is a bit more upscale, but it’s definitely worth the price. Dishes are between 250 THB and 450 THB. Among these great looking and tasting dishes is the Tom Yum Gung, a heavily spiced and flavorful soup with large river prawns. What I liked the most about this Tom Yum Gung was the fact that the prawns were slightly roasted. Expect authentic flavouring with plenty of chillies. Another great-tasting Tom Yum Goong can be found at Paak Dang Riverside Restaurant.

Seafood in Chiang Mai Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Gung (295 THB)


5. Giant Grilled River Prawns (800 THB) at Thajene Chomchan

If you are looking for something special, head to Thajene Chomchan and order their Giant Grilled River Prawns. Yes, you will pay a lot of money but you will have the finest river prawns in town and a food experience you will never forget. These fresh prawns are sliced in half, so you can eat the brains of the prawns as well. This delicacy, which is the melted brown part, is the best part of the prawns and often skipped by foreigners, yet it’s packed with umami. The prawns are served with a spicy seafood dipping sauce. The prawns are sold by weight, but you’ll end up paying around 240 THB per 100 grams. There are smaller prawns available which are much cheaper but are not as special as these giant river prawns.

Seafood in Chiang Mai Giant River Prawn

Giant Grilled River Prawns (800 THB)


6. Seared Scallops in Coconut-Chilli Dressing (450 THB) at THE HOUSE by Ginger

For more finesse, check out the Seared Scallops in Coconut Chilli Dressing (450 THB) at THE HOUSE by Ginger. Five large seared scallops covered in a red curry-like dressing served with mangosteen, young coconut, edible flowers, dill, mint leaves and Sichuan pepper. It does exactly tastes that delicious as it sounds. As mentioned before in this article, THE HOUSE by Ginger is a popular restaurant for its amazing atmosphere and food. This amazing seafood salad represents exactly what the restaurants stand for. It’s a bit pricy but absolutely worth trying. 

Seafood in Chiang Mai Scallops

Seared Scallops in Coconut-Chilli Dressing (450 THB)

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