A visit to Bangkok means most likely a visit to one of the night markets. The Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin is by far the most unique market of all the markets in Bangkok. Here is why. In this article, we cover the following aspects regarding the Rot Fai Market Srinakarin:


1. Introduction to Srinakarin Night Market

Ask a group of young locals where their favourite market is in the city, and the chances are that a handful will point you in the direction of the enormous Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin. Since the opening only a few years back, this lively night market has become a firm favourite with young and trendy locals looking to grab a bargain on the huge range of vintage fashion items, antiques and collectables. But the thing that really sets Rot Fai Market apart from the rest of Bangkok’s other night markets is the fact that you could spend a whole evening here without doing a single bit of shopping - and still have a great time. As well as the gauntlet of stalls, Rot Fai boasts dozens of lively bars - all of which serve cheap beer, finger food and provide live music most nights. Great, as long as you don’t mind a bit of Thai pop.


2. A brief history of Bangkok’s ‘train market’

The Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin may only be a few years old, but this is actually the reincarnation of the hugely popular (but smaller) one of the same name that used to be located next to the railway tracks at Chatuchak in Bangkok’s north. This is how the market got its name; rot fai in the Thai language means ‘train’, hence the fact that many people in Bangkok simply refer to it as the ‘train market’.

Back in 2013, the market lost its old spot by the tracks at Chatuchak and was forced to up sticks to this new location at Srinakarin. It’s a little more difficult to get to, but owners have kept many of the same vendors and shops, which has helped maintain the market’s unique non-commercial, non-touristy feel.

Even if you visit Rot Fai Market a dozen times, you’ll probably still discover cool antique shops, hip boutique stalls and charming bars that you never knew existed before. With three different zones (Market Zone, Warehouse Zone and Rot’s Antiques), the place is simply too big for just one visit.


3. Shopping at Rot Fai Market Srinakarin 


The standout area to shop at Rot Fai Srinakarin has to be the Warehouse Zone, which, you guessed it, can be found in the old warehouses that sit on the perimeter of the site. Walk inside one of these and it almost feels like you’ve entered a retro museum, with everything from classic cars, vintage household items, cameras, refurbished shoes, leather jackets, furniture, lighting, second-hand dresses, old designer bags and much more. Prices are fair, and the great thing is that the store owners are much more friendly than they are pushy, unlike some of Bangkok’s other touristy night markets. Do note, however, that some of the prices you’ll be quoted can seem quite high; this is because most of the designer stuff here is genuine and pretty rare to find in Bangkok. That said, bargaining is encouraged!

Rot Fai Market Srinakarin

The most fun part of the Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin: the warehouse zone

Rot Fai Srinakarin Train Market

Plenty of shopping options and unique vendors

Srinakarin at Night

Rot Fai Market at night


Carrying on the old-school theme is Rot’s Antique Zone, located in a converted factory building towards the back of the market. The selection of antiques here is incredible, with most of the shops stocking household items such as furniture, paintings, glassware, light fixtures, memorabilia and motorbikes.

Those on a tighter budget might want to check out Rot Fai’s colourful outdoor Market Zone. Anyone who has visited Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak (‘JJ’) Weekend Market or strolled along Sukhumvit at night will be familiar with the items on sale here. Think cheap Ray Bans, kid’s toys, shoes, CDs, t-shirts, bags - that kind of everyday stuff.

Train Market Hot Rod

Oldtimers and hot rods in the Warehouse Zone

Rot Fai Market Oldtimer
Another beautiful muscle car at the Warehouse Zone

Vintage Rot Fai Market
Antiques at Rod Fai Market

Vinyl Rot Fai Market

Plenty of vinyl to choose from


4. Eating and drinking at Rot Fai Market Srinakarin

Hate shopping? Then don’t let that stop you visiting this market, as there is so much more to discover here in the way of food, drinks and entertainment. 

As soon as you enter, you’ll pass through the main food section. Let’s put it this way: whatever food you’re in the mood for, you’ll probably able to find it here. We’re talking all the basics like pad Thai and fried rice as well as spicy soups, grilled meat, salads, steak, fresh seafood, ice cream… the list goes on. You can choose to snack your way through on foot, or just find a table and have a proper meal before tackling the rest of the market.

Rot Fai Market Srinakarin Food

Srinakarin Train Market Food

Rot Fai Market Srinakarin Ice Cream

Street Food Train Market

Rot Fai Market Surrounded by Drink Venues

Rot Fai Market Bars

After all that eating and shopping, chances are you’ve worked up quite a thirst (and maybe some sweat). Thankfully, Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin is full of different watering holes, from makeshift bars out of the back of a truck or campervan to Thai-style pubs offering indoor seating (that means air-con) and live music. The best thing here is that the drinks are really cheap, with bottles of beer and cocktails around 80-150 baht each and a bottle of whiskey at around 400-500 baht.

5. Opening times of Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin

The Rot Fai Market at Srinakarin is open from Thursday-Sunday, although on Thursdays you will find that not all of the shops are open - which is probably good if you prefer to skip the crowds that the weekend sees. Most of the stalls begin to set up in the late afternoon as the sun is going down and pack up shop around midnight, although many of the bars and restaurants here will stay open until 01:00.


6. Location and how to get there

Rot Fai Market’s location is a little difficult to get to as it has no nearby links to the BTS Skytrain or MRT - but don’t let that put you off. The easiest way to get there is to get the BTS to On Nut Station and get a taxi from there, which should take around 10-20 minutes depending on traffic. You can tell your taxi driver ‘talad rot fai’, and if that doesn’t work, ask to go to 'Seacon Square' (the market is located just behind this large shopping mall). The exact location is Srinakarin Road 51. 


7. The second Rot Fai Market at Rachada


Thanks to the huge success of Rot Fai Market, the brand has opened a second smaller venue in Bangkok at Ratchada. While the Srinakarin spot gets our vote every time (the range of antiques and cool bars is unbeatable), this alternative market is a lot easier to reach from downtown Bangkok. Located behind Esplanade Mall, visitors can simply take the MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre Station and walk from there. The Rot Fai Market at Rachada has the same opening times as its older and bigger brother (Thurs - Sun, 17:00 - 01:00).

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