In this article, we recommend the best places to visit in Bangkok. The list is made with authentic and unique Bangkok experiences that you won’t find easily elsewhere in the world as we believe that the recommended places to visit in Bangkok should give you an experience you will never forget. Apart from the usual suspects, we tried to find unique places to visit for those who visited Bangkok before. To make things easier for you, we put the recommended places into different categories. Also, at the bottom of this article, you find a map of all the recommended places to visit in Bangkok where you can easily see which places you can combine to make your trip as efficient as possible. With that being said, let’s jump to our list of the best places to visit in Bangkok. 


Bangkok's highlights


1. The Grand Palace

What Buckingham Palace is to London is The Grand Palace to Bangkok and therefore should be highly listed in this article about the best places to visit in Bangkok. The Grand Palace is located in the older part of Bangkok, surrounded by temples, which we recommend in the next paragraph. The Grand Palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam and Thailand since 1782 and is located in the heart of Bangkok, close to the Chao Phraya River.

Nowadays, the Grand Palace is only used for ceremonial purposes as the King, the Royal Family and the Government were no longer permanently settled since 1925. The complex is 218,400 square meters large, surrounded by a 1.9 kilometres-long white wall and home to several important buildings. The most important building is the chapel of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand’s most sacred Buddha figurine. Keep in mind that the Grand Palace maintains a strict dress code policy and that it gets crowded during the day. We highly recommend you to visit the Grand Palace as early as possible. You can combine a visit to The Grand Palace with a visit to Wat Pho and Wat Arun. During lunchtime, we recommend you visit one of the restaurants listed in our article about the best restaurants near The Grand Palace and Wat Pho
Places to visit in Bangkok - Grand Palace
One of the most recommended places to visit in Bangkok: The Grand Palace.

2. Temples Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Traimit and Wat Saket

With over 400 temples, Bangkok is one of the best places in Thailand for temple hopping. It also has some of the most famous temples the country has to offer. We grouped the most famous temples together in order not to repeat ourselves in this list of best places to visit in Bangkok. 

Wat Pho

Wat Pho is located right next to the Grand Palace and is famous for its reclining golden Buddha. Although many think it’s the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand, there is a larger one located in Wat Bang Phli Yai Klang in Lat Krabang. But Wat Pho is nonetheless a spectacular temple, and even the largest temple in Bangkok, full of Chinese and Indian inspired Buddha statues. Wat Pho is also considered the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. You can imagine with all this that Wat Pho is absolutely one of the best places to visit in Bangkok!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Wat Pho
Wat Pho's reclining golden Buddha is simply spectacular!

Wat Arun

You’ve probably seen Wat Arun in a (travel) advertisement as it’s the most photographed temple in Thailand. This iconic temple is built right next to the Chao Praya river and has the nickname of Temple of Dawn. The temple is beautifully decorated with mosaics. The tiles they used were thrown off the boat by Chinese merchants back in the day as they were damaged, but were perfect for mosaic. Wat Arun is located close to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace and most tourists combine these three city highlights during their visit. At the bottom of this article, we added a few helpful links, including one for itineraries, to optimize your stay in Bangkok.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Wat Arun
The most photographed temple, the stunning Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) 

Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit is located in Chinatown Bangkok and is known for housing a 5.5-tonne, solid golden statue of a seated Buddha named Phra Phuttha Maha Suwanna Patimakon. The statue was made in the Sukhothai Dynasty style of the 13th century and moved from Sukhothai to Ayutthaya and then to Bangkok during the several kingdoms of former Thailand. The rich history and the fact that it’s a solid golden statue makes Wat Traimit one of the most popular temples in the city. It’s also easy to combine Wat Traimit with a visit to Yaowarat, the largest Chinatown in the world. 
Places to visit in Bangkok - Golden Buddha
The Golden Buddha.

Wat Saket

The last highly recommended temple in this paragraph is Wat Saket, also known as the Temple of the Golden Mount. This temple is located relatively close to Khao San Road and is surrounded by some of the best local Thai restaurants in the city (check our articles about the best restaurants near Khao San Road and where to eat in Bangkok). The temple is on an artificial hill and gives visitors an excellent view of the city. It’s highly recommended to visit Wat Saket during the evening as it’s much cooler (you have to walk to the top of the hill) and you can enjoy all the lights from the skyscrapers. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Wat Saket
Wat Saket on top of the artificial hill has a spectacular view of the city!


3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the largest weekend market in the world and has over 15,000 stalls drawing between 200,000 and 300,000 visitors a day. You can find everything from art, food, clothes, antiques and jewellery at Chatuchak and it’s a great spot for souvenir shopping. Chatuchak’s art section is our favourite, featuring beautiful paintings and handicrafts from several Thai artists. But the market offers a huge variety of street food, finger food and cheap drinks, which make the visit even better. The heat and crowds can get a bit overwhelming, so we recommend visiting Chatuchak in the morning, or later in the afternoon. There is also a Friday evening market, but not all shops are open. Make sure to have a look at our article about the best food Chatuchak has to offer
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Chatuchak
Walk around the largest weekend market in the world with an abundance of food, souvenirs and goods!

4. Visit The Train Market(s)

The train market(s), also known as Rot Fai Market, is a hugely popular market in Bangkok. Currently, one of the two train markets has closed its doors due to the lack of visitors during the whole COVID situation and is uncertain if the train market at Ratchada will reopen again. Both markets used to offer a good variety of food, vintage goods, souvenirs and plenty of bars. These train markets, named after the fact that the first market one, was built around train tracks, attracts both locals as tourists and is absolutely a recommended place to visit in Bangkok for a fun night out.

The train market that is still open as of writing this article, is the train market at Srinakarin. The cool thing about this much larger market is that it has a warehouse zone that offers a huge variety of vintage goods and displays American hot rods. More information about both train markets can be found in our article about Train Night Market Srinakarin and our article about Train Night Market Ratchada. Or check out our article about the best night markets in Bangkok if you want to visit other recommended night markets. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Srinakarin
The Warehouse Zone of Train Market Srinakarin has plenty of unique goods for sale, including vintage stuff.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Ratchada
Ratchada Train Market, famous for the coloured tents. 

5. Skywalk MahaNakhon

Bangkok has countless skyscrapers that form the skyline of Bangkok and visiting a rooftop bar, which we recommend later in this article, is highly recommended. What’s even cooler is standing on top of the tallest building with the perfect 360 degrees view of the city. That experience can be found at Skywalk MahaNakhon. The highlight of visiting is Skywalk MahaNakhon is standing on the glass floor at 310 meters high with nothing in between you and the concrete road, except that thick glass floor. This experience does come with a pretty serious price tag but will give you an unforgettable experience. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Skywalk
Bangkok's highest viewpoint, the Skywalk MahaNakhorn.

6. Talat Noi

That visiting cool places don’t have to cost much proves Talat Noi, one of my personal favourite places to visit in Bangkok. This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Bangkok and walking through these old streets almost brings you back in time. Nowadays, some shops in the alleys heavily restore the interior of the buildings but don’t change the historical buildings themselves. You can find some pretty cool (coffee) shops here. If you want to taste some of the finest local food, have a look at our article about the best local restaurants in Silom. You can easily combine a stroll through this historical neighbourhood with a visit to Chinatown, which we recommend in the next paragraph. Talat Noi is located near Silom and you can find many amazing restaurants in this area. Check out our article about the best restaurants in Silom for example, to see what this district has to offer!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Talad Noi Three
During your walk, you encounter several orientation points, like this sacred tree. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Talad Noi House
You find many old houses in the oldest part of Bangkok.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Talad Noi Car
Like everyone else, you must take a picture of the abanded Fiat at Talad Noi. 

7. Chinatown (Yaowarat)

As mentioned several times earlier in this article, Chinatown is definitely a recommended place to visit in Bangkok. Home to countless amazing street food vendors and local eateries, Chinatown is one large foodie-heaven. But it’s not only the food that attracts so many people on a daily basis. The bright neon lights, the Chinese shops, the chaos that you never experienced before and the typical smell of Chinese herbs gives you the illusion that you are not in Bangkok at all. In every single article, you can find online, Chinatown is recommended as a place to visit in Bangkok, and that is for a very good reason. Keep in mind that most shops and restaurants are closed on Monday in this area. If you’re planning to go on a food journey, have a look at our article about the best (street) food in Chinatown and our article about the best restaurants in Chinatown.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Chinatown
Chinatown in Bangkok is chaotic, but a must-visit. Make sure to come hungry as you can find some of the city's most impressive food here. 

8. (Taling Chan) Floating Market

Visiting a floating market is an activity that’s recommended on every single Thailand-related travel website and we agree that it can be a cool experience, but one must know that most of these floating markets lost most of their authenticity and become touristy. When in Bangkok, you have a few good options when it comes to visiting floating markets and the simplest option you have is visiting Taling Chan Floating Market. This small floating market located on the outskirts of Bangkok is not discovered by mass tourism yet, but the question is if it ever will as it offers not as much as floating markets Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa.

The downside of the latter two floating markets is that both of them are discovered by mass tourism, but you can avoid the mass by visiting these floating markets as early as possible. The secret is that most tourists visit these markets via a tour operator and arrive around eleven o’clock at these floating markets. If you organize your trip yourself, as these floating markets are not located in Bangkok, you have the markets basically for yourself. More details can be found in our in-depth article about Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and in our in-depth article about Amphawa Floating Market. We also wrote an article about the best floating markets in Bangkok, where we make comparisons with several popular floating markets. 

Tip: if you are planning to do a cycling tour in Bang Krachao (which we recommend later in this article), you can easily visit the floating market there. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Taling Chan

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Taling Chan floating market
Taling Chan Floating Market

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Damnoen Saduak
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

9. Jim Thompson House Museum

Located right in the middle of the city centre, Jim Thompson House Museum is one of the city highlights and therefore absolutely a recommended place to visit in Bangkok. At the museum, visitors can enjoy the art collection from the American businessman and architect Jim Thompson, who had a huge influence on the Thai silk industry. Aside from his influence, he is also known for his sad disappearance. The beautiful museum and its gardens together with the mystique around Jim Thompson make it worth the visit. The museum is open daily from 09:00 until 18:00. When hungry, make sure to visit one of the restaurants listed in our article about the best restaurants near Jim Thompson House Museum
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Jim Thompson House Museum
Jim Thompson House Museum.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Jim Thompson House Museum Interior
Stunning interior at Jim Thompson House Museum.

10. Lumpini Park

Whether you want to have a walk through Bangkok’s largest park, spot monitor lizards, have a run or do other exercise or simply enjoy a little bit of nature, Lumpini Park is the place to go in Bangkok. Located in the middle of Bangkok and near plenty of good local restaurants, it’s a convenient and recommended place to visit and it’s completely free. Right in the middle of the park is a large lake where you can rent a swan boat. Check out our article about the best restaurants near Lumpini Park if you’re planning to grab a delicious bite as well. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Lumphini Park
Lumpini Park, the largest park in Bangkok. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Lumphini Park Lizard
Lizard spotting at Lumpini Park. 


Although you can find shopping malls in every city, ICONSIAM is a completely different unique experience. We usually won’t recommend our readers visit shopping places such as malls, but ICONSIAM is something else. Aside from the top brands, you can find branches of some of the most popular Thai restaurants as well as an artificial floating market. The mall is beautifully decorated and visitors can enjoy food and drinks with a spectacular riverside view. But of course, you can visit ICONSIAM for shopping and whatever you need, there is a big chance they sell it here. As ICONSIAM is located next to the river, you can use the Chao Praya Boat Service to take the boat from popular piers such as ThaThien (close to Wat Pho). 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - ICONSIAM 2

Places To Visit In Bangkok - ICONSIAM 1

Places To Visit In Bangkok - ICONSIAM 3
ICONSIAM, the largest shopping mall in Bangkok with an abundance of shops, food and many more. 

12. Siam Amazing Park

Siam Amazing Park is the ideal place to visit in Bangkok for kids as it’s both an amusement and a waterpark. With over 30 different rides, we can assure you you will have a fun day out. Aside from some spectacular rides, Siam Amazing Park also offers a variety of shows suitable for young and old. Tickets cost 25 dollars and can be bought online on their official website
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Siam Amazing Park
Siam Amazing Park, for a fun day out for the whole family.

13. Octave Rooftop Bar - for a cocktail and a beautiful sunset

Watching the sunset on a rooftop bar is among the coolest experiences for many when visiting an enormous city like Bangkok and luckily there is an abundance of rooftop bars in the city. In our article about Bangkok Nightlife, we listed the most recommended bars the city has to offer, all with different price tags and audiences. Keep in mind that some bars maintain a strict dress code and many rooftop bars can be pricy. One of our favourite rooftop bars is Octave Rooftop Bar, which is located at the Marriott Hotel in Thonglor. The dress code is not strict, the drinks are reasonably priced and offer a happy hour right during sunset. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make reservations so you might have to wait a bit. With that being said, there are many amazing rooftop bars to find!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Octave Rooftop Bar
Octave Rooftop Bar, one of our favourites!

14. Erawan Shrine

Located right in the city centre near Chit Lom BTS Station, you can find the Erawan Shrine. This shrine was built in 1956 to ward off bad luck from a hotel that had just been built nearby. The shrine is decorated with a golden Phra Phrom statue, the four-faced God. Visitors come here to pray and hope for good luck. It is said that visitors can do a wish and the God will grant you that wish. The shrine itself is really beautiful, always crowded and due to its location absolutely worth the visit. Have a look at our article about the best local restaurants near Sukhumvit in case you want to combine your visit to the Erawan Shrine with a great local restaurant. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Erawan Shrine
The famous Erawan Shrine. 

15. Calypso Cabaret Show

Calypso Cabaret Show is the most popular cabaret show in Bangkok and offers a show on a daily basis. The ladyboy cabaret show takes place in Asiatique and is an interactive show, so be prepared! The show is influenced by American, Chinese and K-Pop pop culture and is good for a fun night out. The performance can be seen as world-class entertainment with amazing choreography and stunning outfits. Tickets can be bought on the official website
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Cabaret
The Calypso Cabaret Show

16. Siam Niramit - for a spectacular show

Every night, Siam Niramit tells the story of Thailand and its colourful culture in three acts: Thai history, religion and Thai Festivals. Learn about Thai hell, heaven, karma, and many more cultural topics during the show, which boasts 150 performers in 500 lavish costumes, as well as jaw-dropping special effects. Expect boats on stage, flying dancers, people swimming, spectacular stage sets and even real elephants. Siam Niramit is a family-friendly show that amazes every member of the family thanks to its spectacularity. Tickets, which can be bought on the official website, are a bit pricy but for those who enjoy a cultural experience, it’s worth every penny!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Siam Niramit
Spectacular show Siam Niramit that takes you on a Thai history journey. World-class performance!

17. Visit a Thai Massage parlour

Even for Asian standards, Bangkok is well-known for offering quality spa treatments. Thai massage is one of the most popular forms in the world and a great way to relax after an intensive day of sightseeing. Traditional Thai massage is oil-free and you’ll be asked to dress in loose pyjamas. The therapist will stretch, compress and bend your body into many different positions, using their weight to put pressure on different muscles. 

A full Thai massage experience might take up to two hours and will treat the whole body including fingers, feet and ears. Because of the unusual positions and close contact, some first-timers might be a bit uncomfortable with this massage technique. If you want to get the most of it, just relax and go with the flow. For a less intense experience, you can have an oil massage instead which doesn’t involve extreme stretching.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Thai Massage
A traditional Thai massage can be rough but will revitalize your body after each visit!

You’ll find many spas across Bangkok but they can be hit or miss, so try one of the following grade-A spas that employ licenced therapists (none of these recommendations are paid endorsements): 

- Health Land 
- Asia Herb Association  
- Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage, which is the epicentre of Thai Traditional Massage and a good option after a visit to the temples.


18. Rajadamnern Stadium for Muay Thai

Sports-enthusiasts should consider attending a Muay Thai game, which is the national sport of Thailand. The most popular arena is the Rajadamnern Stadium, located close to Khao San Road. Here, the athletes will fight for the title at the highest level possible. Several nights per week, around eight games are being held per night with fighters of all ages. Tickets are available on the Official Website of Rajadamnern Stadium. The second class, lower-tier tickets are the best option as the view is optimal to watch the game. The other stadium where the official games are being held in the New Lumpinee Stadium. There is an alternative, which are the games being held on Sunday in the Channel 7 Stadium. Attending the games at Channel 7 Stadium is free, however, due to popularity, you have to be there hours before the games start in order to get a seat. Check out our article about the best restaurants near Khao San Road, as you can easily combine your visit to the Muay Thai games with a visit to some of the best local restaurants in Bangkok that are located nearby. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Muay Thai
Watching Thailand's national sport at the largest Muay Thai Stadium in the country.

19. Bang Krachao

For those who stay a few days in Bangkok, one of the cooler places to visit is Bang Krachao, also known as the green lungs of Bangkok. On this island, you can cycle through the greenery it has to offer. As Bangkok is such a chaotic city full of concrete, visiting Bang Krachao is a welcome quiet alternative. There are several tour companies in Bangkok that offer a bike ride through the city, which is a great way to explore the city. Often, these tour companies take you to Bang Krachao as well. But when you want to organize a bike ride yourself, Bang Krachao is the most convenient place to go as there are barely any cars on the island. More information can be found in our Bang Krachao Guide. Tip: on the weekends, there is a floating market, which offers a good variety of street food and goods. Personally, it’s my favourite floating market in Bangkok. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Bike Tour

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Bang Krachao
Bang Krachao is the place to go for a bike ride.

20. Sapan Thaksin - for a boat ride or boat tour

One of the best ways to explore the older parts of the city is by taking a ride on a (long-tail) boat. You can either plan your trip all by yourself and hop on and off ferries, or go for a private boat ride.  When you’re temple-hopping at the riverside, it’s almost inevitable to hop on the ferry. The best place to start your boat journey is at Sapan Thaksin BTS Station, where you can find the Boat Service as well as private boat tours. But you can also use the canal ferry system to explore the city itself, which is a pretty cool experience. For example, you can visit Jim Thompson House Museum (Ban Krua Nuea ferry terminal) first and then take the ferry all the way to Wat Saket (Phanfa Bridge Ferry Terminal). You can plan your whole ride with Google Maps (by tapping on one of the ferry terminals) or with Transit Bangkok
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Boat Tours
Exploring the canals by a long-tail boat is a unique experience and gets you to places where you won't find many tourists.

Places to visit in Bangkok for party-goers


21. Khao San Road

Khao San Road is the most famous party street in Bangkok among tourists, especially backpackers. Although the recent renovations of the street itself did make Khao San Road lost a bit of its authenticity, it’s still the hotspot for cheap beers, loud music and drunk visitors. But it’s not only tourists that come to party here. The street also attracts young Thai (mostly students) to have a fun weekend. When it comes to parties, Khao San Road is absolutely one of the best places to visit in Bangkok. Check out our article about the best bars near Khao San Road if you’re planning to visit this crazy party street. For those who stay near Khao San Road, check out our article about the best restaurants near Khao San Road as you can surprisingly find some of the best local restaurants the city has to offer near this crazy street. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Khao San Road
Party street Khao San Road is the place to go for young travellers. Cheap drinks, loud music and plenty of fellow-travellers to meet!

22. RCA (Royal City Avenue)

Another popular party street in Bangkok is RCA (Royal City Avenue) which is home to some of the best clubs the city has to offer. In general, you won’t find many tourists here due to its location, obviously with the exceptions here and there. RCA attracts mainly Bangkokians, whether those are ex-pats or Thai. We believe that there are two clubs that are by the most fun ones, namely Onyx and Route 66. If you have the chance to celebrate Songkran in Bangkok, we highly recommend you visit RCA. More information about nightclubs in Bangkok can be found in our article about Bangkok Nightlife. For more information about celebrating Songkran in Bangkok, check out our guide to Songkran
Places To Visit In Bangkok - RCA
RCA during New Year's Eve. 

23. Soi Cowboy

Bangkok’s most notorious party street, Soi Cowboy, is named after an American businessman who open the first bar in this street who wore a cowboy hat. The street was a so-called R&R area for American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, it’s simply a red-light district that attracts many tourists who want to see “it” with their own eyes, enjoy a cold beer and live music, but also single men. A stroll through this famous street is as harmless as walking through the red-light district in Amsterdam and for many tourists a cool experience. Soi Cowboy is located near Asoke BTS Station, right in the middle of the city centre.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Soi Cowboy
Soi Cowboy is one of the most popular red-light district areas in Bangkok.

24. Pool Party at SO Sofitel

When it comes to party places to visit in Bangkok, one of the coolest experiences we’ve had is the pool party at SO Sofitel, which takes place every last Saturday of the month. The party starts in the afternoon and visitors can enjoy an impressive view of the city. As the party goes and the alcohol flows, the party gets crazier and crazier with plenty of EDM and liquor. The pool party ends at nine o’clock in the evening, so you have plenty of time to get ready and go to your next party. It’s Bangkok!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Pool Party
Pool Party at SO Sofitel

25. Thonglor & Ekkemai

For the majority of young Thai and ex-pats, this area in Sukhumvit is the most popular area to go out due to its trendy image and convenient location in the middle of Sukhumvit Road. From small cocktail bars to large clubs, there is a place for every type of partygoer. Thonglor Soi 10, which doubles up as Ekkamai Soi 5, has the highest concentration of nightclubs anywhere in Bangkok. The glammed-up, predominantly local crowd pack into the hip and happening Demo (house/electro/hip-hop) seven-nights-a-week, while other venues such as Muse and Iron Fairies have live bands providing the soundtrack instead of DJs. Most popular are clubs like Demo, Babyface, PENTA, DND and Beam. For bars, check out places like SWAY, The Iron Fairies, 008 Bar, Rabbit Hole and Ekamai Beer House.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Thonglor
One of many great clubs in and around Thonglor and Ekkemai. 

26. Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is one of the most notorious areas in Bangkok when it comes to adult entertainment. Nana Plaza is a multi-store building filled with so-called GoGo bars. For many tourists, a visit to this place is on their list of things to do, just to see with their own eyes what is happening in this notorious building. In comparison with Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza targets more on adults than just random tourists. Nana Plaza is not for the faint-hearted but we do acknowledge it’s part of Bangkok’s nightlife scene. You can find several bars and clubs around Nana, which all are listed in our article about Bangkok's Nightlife
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Nana Plaza
Nana Plaza, for adult-entertainment. 

27. Visit unusual, excited and unique bars

To keep things excited for every type of party-goer, we summed up with some of the most unusual bars the city has to offer. The following recommended bars are beautifully decorated, serve amazing drinks and offer a unique party experience:

Sing Sing

Iron Fairies

Rabbit Hole

Maggie Choo

Brown Sugar

Havana Social

Iron Balls Stillery



Unique places to visit in Bangkok


28. MOCA Museum

Personally, I am not a big fan of museums, but every now and there is one that most definitely catches your attention. For me, that was MOCA, which stands for Museum Of Contemporary Art. MOCA is a museum with a private collection of the owner of DTAC, a successful telecom company. MOCA is a beautiful modern building that’s never crowded. You can wander around for hours and still have the feeling you haven’t seen another visitor. The majority of the collection are detailed paintings with here and there an abstract piece of art. The entrance fee is 200 THB per person. MOCA is located north of Mo Chit BTS Station. I can guarantee you will be impressed by the quality of this museum!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - MOCA
My personal favourite museum in Bangkok, MOCA. Unique paintings as shown here can be found throughout the three-story building. 

29. Siriraj Medical Museum

Siriraj Medical Museum is the weirdest museum Bangkok has to offer as it’s a treasure full of pathological, forensic, parasitological and anatomical specimens. In other words, if you’re interested in all sorts of medical topics, this is the place to go. At the Siriraj Medical Museum, you can find skulls, organs, human skin and even a mummified corpse of a notorious serial killer. Aside from human parts, you can find poisonous snakes, tarantulas and parasitic worms. You won’t find a museum such as Siriraj Medical Museum easily elsewhere, that’s for sure!


30. Ghost Tower

Listed in many alternative things to do articles, a visit to the Ghost Tower still attracts many young travellers. The so-called Ghost Tower is an unfinished skyscraper located near the river. Due to the financial crisis (Tom Yum Kung crisis) of 1997, the developer of this building went bankrupt and the Sathorn Unique Tower became abandoned. Urban explorers discovered that it’s possible to climb this unfinished tower, which gives visitors a spectacular view of the city. But be warned: climbing this unfinished tower comes full of risks and one must know it is illegal to enter the property. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Ghost Tower
The Ghost Tower.

31. Patpong Museum

Patpong Museum is a museum that covers the history of Patpong, Bangkok’s oldest red-light districts. The cool part of this museum is that it does not take itself too seriously, and visitors can learn about the history of Patpong with a laugh and a joke. Visitors also receive a drink or two and experience what it’s like to be in a gogo bar. Expect interactive games, never-seen-before-exhibits and some of Patpong’s secrets. They even tell you the story of the "real" Colonel Kurtz. All in all, Patpong Museum is a great place to visit with friends to have a laugh and a bit of a history lesson before exploring Bangkok’s nightlife yourself. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Patpong Museum
Patpong Museum, highly recommended!

32. David Beckham Temple

For those seeking a unique temple, one might consider visiting the so-called David Beckham Temple, which is actually Wat Pariwat. What makes this temple so unique is that the temple is decorated with statues of superheroes and comic characters as well as mythical and imaginary creatures. A golden-plated sculpture of the English football player holding the base of a Buddha statue in one of the buildings gives the temple its nickname. The temple is located south of Sathorn and with is with all these weird statues, definitely worth the visit!
Places To Visit In Bangkok - David Beckham Temple
David Beckham and many other famous (fictional) figures are displayed inside the temple. 

33. Flow House for Rooftop Surfing

At Flow House, you can (learn how to) surf. This simulated surf centre is a guaranteed fun experience during the day. One hour costs you 800 THB and kids only pay 535 THB, which included help from the instructor. It's one of the cool and unique activities Bangkok has to offer. Flow House is located in the city centre and opens every day from 10:00 - 23:00.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Surfing
Surfing in Bangkok!

34. 747 Aeroplane Cafe

Located in Lat Krabang, near Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can find this amazing place to enjoy a coffee inside an old and retired Boeing 747. When visiting, you can even have a look in the cockpit. The entrance fee is 120 THB and that comes with a free drink. Another cool detail is the ticket you get after paying your entrance fee. Although this cafe is located a bit far from the city, you can easily combine it with having a visit to one of the many good restaurants near Suvarnabhumi Airport or visit Rot Fai Market Srinakarin afterwards. 
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Boeing Cafe

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Boeing Cafe Inside
One of the coolest cafes in Bangkok!

35. Street Art Walk

During the COVID-lockdown, we explored Bangkok on foot on a weekly basis. Walking next to the canals, without being bothered by loud traffic, is still a pretty cool activity and there are several walking routes to be found on the internet. We, however, recommend you to visit some of Bangkok’s cool street art. You can find some pretty awesome street art around the previously recommended Talat Noi, but a more popular area to explore is around the Saphan Han bridge. This area is completely renovated and here you can find a nice market with plenty of street food and street art to discover. For more street art walks, check out the article from RemoteLands
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Street Art 4

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Street Art 1

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Street Art 3

Places To Visit In Bangkok - Street Art 2
Street Art in Bangkok

36. Chang Chui Plane Night Market

Opened in 2017, Chang Chui Plane Night Market quickly gained a lot of attention due to its unique concept and large, eye-catching plane in the middle of the market. Chang Chui’s emphasis is on art, with many local artists showcasing their fascinating work, which is all made from reused materials. Among them, you’ll find uniquely-decorated restaurants and shops, as well as cool skull sculptures.

The market features a gallery, vintage cinema, trendy shops and cafés, bars and many foods and restaurant options. If you dare, there’s even a fine dining restaurant that serves insects! Compared to other night markets in Bangkok, Chang Chui is more upmarket and attracts a young bohemian crowd. Chang Chui is divided into two zones, an alcohol-free ‘green zone’ which is open from 11:00 till 21:00 and a ‘night zone’ which is open from 16:00 till 23:30. The night zone features craft beer bars, live music venues and late-night shops with cheap drinks.
Places To Visit In Bangkok - Airplane Market
Chang Chui Plane Night Market is a unique night market that's worth the travel!

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