If you are craving for pizza in Sukhothai, there is one place in the city centre that will definitely satisfy your appetite. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about the best place to find pizza in Sukhothai, namely Pizza House.

Pizza House is a popular restaurant among locals and foreigners because it serves by far the most delicious pizza in Sukhothai. The restaurant is located in the city centre of New Sukhothai close to the Phra Ruang Bridge in an area where you find the majority of the hotels, hostels and guesthouses. Pizza House has plenty of seats for both smaller groups and large families. As the restaurant is always packed in the evening, you do have to wait a little bit longer for your food than you are used to, but we guarantee it’s worth the wait.


pizza in sukhothai
The best pizza in Sukhothai can be found at Pizza House Sukhothai.

The menu of Pizza House is quite large with seventeen different pizzas available and six different calzones. The prices of pizzas vary between 200 THB and 300 THB per pizza, with an additional 50 THB if you’d like extra cheese with it. All available calzones cost 250 THB per piece. The restaurant also offers a variety of pasta, steaks and burgers. The prices of these alternative dishes vary between 120 THB and 200 THB, except the steaks are slightly more expensive. As the name of the restaurant already suggests, the speciality of Pizza House are pizzas and we recommend you to try one of their pizzas instead of the other food options. 

What makes the pizzas so delicious? Well, to start with, the pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven and in contrary to many other Thai pizza restaurants, the dough is nicely thin and not too soft. The pizzas are covered with plenty of toppings and flavour-wise, you won’t be disappointed. Are the pizzas at Pizza House Sukhothai the best you’ve ever had? No, pizza-extremists will find plenty of flaws, for example, the cheese that is being used isn’t mozzarella. But in a city like Sukhothai, you will definitely be surprised by the tastiness of the pizzas and the fact that the restaurant is always packed with hungry and loyal customers, means that they do something very well.


wood-fired oven pizza in sukhothai
Wood-fired oven pizza in Sukhothai.

We recommend you the following two pizzas, the Pizza Italian Salami (250 THB) and the Pizza Tuna (300 THB). Both tasted excellent and were very satisfying. But like always with pizza restaurants, everyone has their own favourite type of toppings, so recommending specific pizzas is a bit unnecessary. 

Salami pizza in sukhothai
Pizza Italian Salami (250 THB)

Tuna pizza in sukhothai
Pizza Tuna (300 THB)

pizza sukhothai
Close-up of Pizza Italian Salami


General information about Pizza House in Sukhothai

Address: 12/2 Prawet Nakhon Alley, near Phra Ruang Bridge, New Sukhothai
Opening times: 11:00 - 21:00 daily
Pizza prices: 200 THB - 300 THB

Note: during our visit, the restaurant run out of pizza dough at around half-past seven. We don’t know if this happens regularly later in the evening or it was a one-time miss.


pizza house sukhothai front
The front of Pizza House Sukhothai

pizza house sukhothai
Pizza House Sukhothai during day time.

pizza house sukhothai dining
Pizza House Sukhothai in the evening.


Overall verdict

Pizza House in Sukhothai offers a variety of satisfying wood-fired oven pizzas that the majority of its visitors absolutely love. If you are a pizza-enthusiast and swear by the pizza-principles, you will discover flaws, but what would you expect from pizzas in Thailand. For us, the pizzas we tried tasted excellent and are so much better than the alternative pizzas in Sukhothai. If you’d like to know what other users think about Pizza House Sukhothai, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Pizza House Sukhothai.

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