On Lok Yun is a famous local breakfast restaurant to get a cheap breakfast in Bangkok. But it is not only the great pricing that makes it such a popular spot. The food is also really good as well! Reason enough to write a more detailed article about On Lok Yun.

On Lok Yun (ออน ล็อก หยุน) is located in the older parts of Bangkok, close to The Old Siam Shopping Plaza, and is a bit far away from public transport. The restaurant is that typical family-run restaurant, with a bit of an outdated interior, that is in business for more than 80 years serving simple yet delicious breakfast. These characteristics give you that local-feeling that most of the tourists are looking for. On Lok Yun is a popular restaurant for locals and Southeast Asian tourists, especially Malaysian as they serve the well-known Malaysian dish, Kaya. Due to its small size, On Lok Yun is often busy. In case you don’t want to wait a little bit, try to avoid the usual breakfast hours.
On Lok Yun
Cheap Breakfast Bangkok On Lok Yun

The menu of On Lok Yun is limited to only a variety of fried and scrambled eggs and a variety of toasts. Now, this all sounds pretty Western, but there are some small Asian touches added to it. For example, the Scrambled Egg with Bacon, Ham and Sausage is served with thinly sliced sweet Chinese Sausage, the popular Egg Custard Bread is a well-known dish served in Malaysia and Singapore also known as Kaya, and the bread that is being used for toast is a typical Asian bread: thick fluffy slices. Besides, the sausages they serve at On Lok Yun are completely different than the one you are used in the United Kingdom when eating a typical English breakfast. 
On Lok Yun Menu
The menu of On Lok Yun

The most popular meals at On Lok Yun are the Eggs with Bacon, Ham, Sausage and Chinese Sausage (55 THB), Bread with Butter and Sugar (23 THB), French Toast (35 THB) and Egg Custard Bread (28 THB). You can adjust the eggs with sausage and bacon according to your taste, whether you want scrambled or fried eggs. But you can also add a boiled egg to your breakfast as well. 
All of them are seriously tasty, and the price range won’t break your bank. Even though On Lok Yun is a popular place that is usually packed, the service is quick and you receive your breakfast within a few minutes. In the meantime, you can enjoy some deliciously complimentary Chinese tea from the extremely friendly staff.  
On Luk Yun
On Lok Yun Breakfast


In my opinion, the scrambled eggs with bacon, ham and sausage is the most interesting breakfast option at On Lok Yun. The portion is large and especially the salty bacon together with the sweet Chinese sausage is so delicious. Besides, it is breakfast that most of the tourists like as suitable for the Western taste palate. If you still have room for a little bit more food, I would recommend finishing your breakfast with some sweet Kaya. The bread itself is very light and the Kaya is nicely sweet. 

As the restaurant is open early in the morning, On Lok Yun is a great spot to get some delicious local breakfast before you are heading to The Grand Palace as it is located only one kilometre from the palace. If you want to arrive at the Grand Palace before 08.30 to avoid the crows, make sure that you arrive early at 
On Lok Yun, as breakfast hours can get busy. 


On Lok Yun

Price: 23 - 95 THB
Food: Breakfast, scrambled eggs, toasted bread
Opening Times: 05:30 - 16:00 Daily

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