Nomsensingha is a small restaurant located at Sukhumvit Soi 60/1, close to Bang Chak BTS Station. This part of Bangkok is not visited often by tourists, although the nearby BTS Station On Nut is gaining popularity among tourists as that area nowadays is packed with expats. Nomsensingha serves mostly Northern Thai food, delicious Chiang Rai specialities in particular. Reason enough to write an article about Nomsensingha.


The lovely family who ran Nomsensingha nowadays focus on supplying noodle shops with fresh ingredients as well as a cooking channel, where they teach you how to cook all sorts of authentic Thai dishes. Have a look for yourself:






Nomsensingha front

The front of Nomsensingha, located at Sukhumvit Soi 60/1

Nomsensingha is run by an extremely friendly young couple. They do their absolute best to make sure you have a great time. Visitors can enjoy free ice-cold water, which is a nice gesture. The restaurant was opened in 2016 and the interior of Nomsensingha looks modern and clean. The menu of Nomsensingha consists mainly of a variety of Khao Soi and a variety of noodles. Here are the food recommendations of Nomsensingha:

The absolute highly recommend dish at Nomsensingha is Khao Soi. What makes the Khao Soi at Nomsensingha so unique is that they serve the Chiang Rai version of Khao Soi, where the majority of the other restaurants serve the Chiang Mai version. The big difference is that Chiang Rai Khao Soi is made with less coconut milk. The curry, therefore, is much stronger and heavier spiced, although less creamy. Nomsensingha serves four different variations of Khao Soi: with Chicken, with Pork Rib, with Pork Chashu and with Pork Ball & Fish Cake (65 THB). All these versions have the same price, 65 THB per bowl. My personal favourite is the Khao Soi Pork Rib, which is a curry served with four flavorful tender pork ribs. If you cannot choose, there is also the possibility to order the Khao Soi Special (85 THB), which is a combination of all the four versions described above.


Nomsensingha Khao Soi Pork Rib

My personal favourite, Khao Soi Pork Rib Chiang Rai Style (65 THB)

What remains of the menu is two pages of noodle dishes. Most of these noodle dishes contain some of their homemade dumplings, which are incredibly tasty. My absolute favourite noodle dish was the spicy version of Ba Mee Singha (65 THB). It’s a combination of medium-sized egg noodles, minced pork, crispy noodles, pork balls, pork sausage and pork dumplings with a spicy seasoning. Other recommended dishes are the Dumpling Noodle without Soup (65 THB) and the Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiew (65 THB), which is a Northern Thai speciality with thin noodles, pork rib, minced pork and blood curd! 

nomsensingha ba mee

Ba Mee Singha (65 THB)


Nomsensingha Dry Noodle

Dumpling Noodle without Soup (65 THB)

Nomsensingha Northern Thai Curry

Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiew (65 THB)

Overall verdict: Nomsensingha is a nice small restaurant serving some incredible Northern Thai noodles dishes. I would highly recommend you to try their Khao Soi and their Ba Mee Singha. It’s possible to order a less spicy version of you don’t like spicy food. Nomsensingha is listed in our article about the 5 best Khao Soi in Bangkok.

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