If you are visiting Sukhothai in the weekend, a visit to the Night Market in Sukhothai should be on your list as this popular market attracts a lot of locals as tourists with the huge variety of street food it has to offer. In this article, we will cover everything you should know about the popular Saturday Night Market in Sukhothai.

The Saturday Night Market in Sukhothai is located at Nikorn Kasem Road, the street right next to Muaeng Sukhothai Park and right after the Phra Ruang Bridge. At the end of the afternoon, this street is transformed into a walking street with street food vendors on each side of the road. The market itself starts at the Muaeng Sukhothai Park and ends around five hundred meters further. As the name already suggests, the Saturday Night Market in Sukhothai is only open on Saturdays, however, during large festivities in the city, the market occasionally is open on these days as well.

sukhothai night market busy
The Sukhothai Night Market gets crowded right after opening, which is always a good sign.
sukhothai night market begin
Only at the start of the market and right before closing, the Sukhothai Night Market is not extremely busy.

When visiting the Saturday Night Market in Sukhothai, you can immediately notice that this market is by far the most popular activity among locals as it feels like the whole city is getting some street food. There is an abundance of deliciously cheap marinated skewers, traditional Thai sweets and desserts, smoothies, spicy salads, seafood and even Thai sushi. All the available food is mostly finger food, meaning that there are no tables available where you can just sit and enjoy your food, except at the end of the market. Here, you can devour the delicious and cheap street food and watch the world go by. For young Thai, visiting the Saturday Night Market in New Sukhothai is the first stop of their Saturday night out. Afterwards, places like Fong Bear (which is located 100 meters from the market), Route 23, In Black and Club 64 are the places to go for Thai. For foreigners, Chopper Bar and Bar 64000 are the places to go to enjoy the rest of the evening with an ice-cold beer or a cheap cocktail.
sukhothai night market skewers

sukhothai night market spring rolls

sukhothai night market salads

sukhothai night market thai desserts

sukhothai night market street food vendor

sukhothai night market thai sushi

You can also find another Saturday Night Market in Sukhothai, namely the one near the Sukhothai Historical Park. Although the view with the Wat Traphang Thong in the back is impressive, the quality of the street food at this market is not as exciting as the Saturday Night Market in New Sukhothai. It is interesting to combine a visit to the Saturday Night Market Old Sukhothai if you are planning to visit the Historical Park during sunset, as the Historical Park is open until nine o’clock instead of half-past seven on Saturdays. In our article about the 8 Top Things To Do In Sukhothai, we describe in detail why visiting the Historical Park in the evening is so magical. 
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Information about Saturday Night Market in New Sukhothai:

Opening Times: 17:00 - 21:00 (Only on Saturday, except for occasional festivities in the city)

Location: Nikorn Kasem Road, next to Muang Sukhothai Park (
Google Maps)

Type of food: finger food, street food

Budget: $, you won’t easily find cheaper food than here.

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