Looking for the best Thai coconut ice cream in Bangkok? Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream is one of the city's best-kept secrets and serves exactly what you're looking for! This article will tell you where to find Natthaphon and what makes the ice cream so special.


Natthaphon Bangkok

What is the best coconut ice cream in Bangkok?

Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream can be seen as the best coconut ice cream in Bangkok, as it won several awards for its famous ice cream. In this article, you can find all the details of this amazing local gem. 

What is Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream like?

Tucked away in an alley close to the Grand Palace, Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream is a bit difficult to find. That's because it's not a restaurant but a shop in a house, which you can spot from the wooden tables and chairs out the front. All of this gives the whole experience an even more authentic Thai feeling. 

The owner is an older woman and she proudly explained to me that all the ice cream she makes is one hundred per cent pure. By this, she means that the Thai coconut ice cream she serves contains one hundred per cent coconut without any other added ingredients, which gives the ice cream more of a sorbet feel. The result is phenomenal. I haven’t found any other ice cream in Bangkok that compares to with. It's also the reason why Natthaphon was awarded a Louis Vuitton City Guide Award in 2015, which proudly hangs on the shop wall. The award literally says: “a handpicked selection of exceptional places, delivered with flair and conviction”. All I can say is that it is well-deserved!

A scoop of ice cream costs you 30 or 40 baht. Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream also serves other flavours made with the same one hundred per cent pure ethos. The most popular flavours - next to the Coconut - are Mango, Thai Tea and Green Tea. The Mango is as incredible as the Thai Coconut Ice Cream but I have to admit that the tea flavours are a bit bitter. 

Best Coconut Ice Cream in Bangkok

The Best Thai Coconut Ice Cream in Bangkok (30 THB)

Mango Sticky Rice Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (30 THB)

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Ice Cream (40 THB)

Thai Tea Ice Cream

Thai Tea Ice Cream (40 THB)

You can order some extra ingredients, such as peanuts, sticky rice, mango, corn, beans and jelly to top off your dish. This is all down to personal taste and the ice cream itself is already delicious, but I would recommend ordering some peanuts for the Coconut Ice Cream and sticky rice for the Mango Ice Cream. 

Natthaphon Coconut Ice Cream is open from nine until five and is closed on Sunday. During the rainy season, the shop can be closed if it's raining all day. 


Natthaphon Ice Cream

The front of Natthapon Coconut Ice Cream

Natthapon Interior

The kitchen of Natthapon Coconut Ice Cream



Natthaphon serves the best Thai coconut ice cream in Bangkok. The fact that the scoops are one hundred per cent pure makes it simply extraordinary. If you are close to the Grand Palace or if you've just had lunch at famous restaurants close by like Krua Apsorn and Baan Jay Fai, definitely grab a scoop here!

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