We’re so happy to announce that we’ve found our new favourite mango sticky rice in Bangkok restaurant! Muhammad Rod Dee is just a five-minute taxi drive from where we live and we’re quite flabbergasted that it stayed under our radar for so long. We also live close to Mae Varee but so far, we’ve been underwhelmed by the quality of their mango sticky rice, as well as their service. Here’s why we think Muhammad Rod Dee serves some of the best mango sticky rice in the capital. 


What makes Muhammad Rod Dee so great? 

Muhammad Rod Dee opened in 1979, so they’ve had over 40 years to hone their skills to perfection. Today, the family-run restaurant definitely measures up to other legendary mango sticky rice shops in Bangkok like Kor Panich and Boonsap Thai Desserts.

The quality of the sticky rice is where Muhammad Rod Dee really stands out from other vendors. The soft, moist rice is cooked with coconut milk, has a perfect level of stickiness and keeps its shape. We found it had a great balance of sweet and salty flavours. Muhammad Rod Dee also uses soft, 
juicy nam dok mai mangos, which you can recognise by their vibrant yellow colour.

Best Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok

Mango Sticky Rice at Muhammad Rod Dee (90 THB based on weight)

Be aware that the mango sticky rice at Muhammad Rod Dee is sold by weight, not per portion. We paid 90 THB for a decent-sized helping of mango sticky rice. The restaurant only offers to take away, but you can have a seat at one of the small stools in front of the shop.


Where is Muhammad Rod Dee? 

Muhammad Rod Dee is located close to Chua Kim Heng, which is famous for its goose dishes. So, a dose of mango sticky rice could serve as a tasty dessert after a meal from this top Bangkok eatery. To find more dessert options, read our Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok blog post. 

Muhammad Rod Dee

Muhammad Rod Dee

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Muhammad Rod Dee

Price: 90 THB
Food: Mango Sticky Rice
Theo van de Pol
4 (4)