Mont Nom Sod is an immensely popular Bangkok restaurant that serves toasted bread with different toppings and milk. That’s right, they specialize in all sorts of toast. But how does something so simple became one of Bangkok’s most famous Thai dessert restaurants? Let’s start with a little bit of history.


The History of Mont Nom Sod

Mont is the name of the restaurant’s founder, a chef with over 45 years of experience working in his bakery. In 1964 Mont started small, selling his delicious toast with milk (Nom Sod) on the street. Nom Sod is a common Thai dessert and you can find it throughout the country, but Mont’s quality was (and still is) outstanding.

Soon, Mont’s delicious dessert became so popular that his street-side cart wasn’t enough anymore and he opened his first restaurant called Mont Nom Sod on Dinsor Road, which became an instant success. The result: today Mont has three branches in Bangkok and one in Chiang Mai and they’re all regularly packed with locals.


History of Mont Nom Sod

Source: Mont Nom Sod (

After hearing so many rave reviews, I decided to give Mont Nom Sod at  Dinsor Branch a try. At first, I had my doubts. I’ve had so many different types of toast in my life, how on earth could something so simple become so popular?


My Review of Mont Nom Sod


Even though Mont Nom Sod is always filled with people, the service is prompt and I received my nom sod within five minutes. Just looking at the organized chaos in this jammed restaurant is an attraction in its own right. There are two types to choose from: toasted bread covered in one of the many sweet toppings or the steamed bread which comes with a coconut dipping sauce. Eating here won’t break the bank either, as the toasted dishes cost between 15 and 25 THB and the steamed version goes for 60 THB.

Mont Nom Sod Front

Mont Nom Sod Dinso Branch (Look how crowded it already is!)


The most popular spreads at Mont Nom Sod are condensed milk, coconut custard (pandan flavour) and chocolate. Order your favourite toppings or experiment with new combinations. For the steamed bread, you can choose between coconut custard or coconut egg custard. Personally, I prefer the crispy, slightly salty, toasted bread but this is a matter of personal taste.

Mont Nom Sod Bangkok Chocolate

Toasted Bread with Chocolate (25 THB)

Mond Nom Sod Coconut Pandan
Toasted bread with Coconut Custard (Pandan Flavour) (20 THB)

Mond Nom Sod Condensed Milk
Toasted bread with Condensed Milk (20 THB)

Mont Nom Sod Kaya
 Steamed bread with Coconut Egg Custard (Kaya) (60 THB)

My verdict: Mont Nom Sod is a place where all Thai people young and old, families and friends, go to enjoy a simple, affordable and extremely tasty dessert. The toast is surprisingly delicious and I highly recommend that you give this famous restaurant a try. Mont Nom Sod can be found in our food application called TopTravelFoods. TopTravelFoods helps tourists find the best local food during their trip to Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. You can download it for free: 


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MBK Center Branch:

2nd Floor MBK Center Google Maps 

11:30 - 21:00 Daily


Dinso Road Branch:

160, 1-3 Dinso Road, Bangkok Google Maps

14:00 - 23:00 Daily


Isaraphab Branch:

2/9 Isaraphab Road, Ban Chang Lo, Bangkok Google Maps 

12:00 - 21:00 Wed-Mon (closed on Tuesday)

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