Malakor is a popular restaurant located on Soi Chikun, close to the historical park in Ayutthaya. It’s one of the great places to have lunch or dinner after you visit the famous ruins of Ayutthaya. In this article, I will describe why it’s so popular and what food you definitely should order. 

The first thing that stands out is that Malakor is a wooden building which gives it instantly a unique atmosphere. You will have the feeling that you are somewhere remote, as other restaurants in Ayutthaya mostly are located in outdated buildings. Guests can sit inside the wooden building or outside on the wooden deck. There is no air-conditioning available in the wooden house, only a few fans. But downstairs is a small indoor room with air-conditioning where most people order some coffee with pie. 


Malakor in Ayutthaya Front

The front of Malakor, where you can see the wooden building clearly

Malakor interior

The atmosphere at Malakor in Ayutthaya

Another cool thing about Malakor is that the menu has two versions of each dish, one for authentic flavouring, the other one for the foreign taste palate. Also, each dish can be made without meat, although some curries still contain non-vegetarian items. The menu consists of eleven pages with some typical Thai classics but also a lot of dishes most people never heard of. If you are up to some authentic Thai food exploration, Malakor is a perfect restaurant for it. The following dishes are highly recommended:


My absolute favourite dish I tried at Malakor was the Yum Ma Kuae Pao (80 THB). Yum is a spicy Thai salad packed with fragrant herbs and covered in a sweet and sour dressing. This version is served with char-grilled eggplant and minced pork. I’ve never seen this combination before and I absolutely loved it. I do have to mention that yum, in general, is quite spicy. In case you don’t like spicy food, go for the foreigner version of this Yum Ma Kuae Pao. 

Malakor Ayutthaya Yum Eggplant

Yum Ma Kuae Pao (80 THB)

The second dish that I would highly recommend is the Kaeng Kua Moo Yang Bai Makhan Oon (145 THB). This is a super-rich and creamy grilled pork curry with tamarind leaves. Again, the curry is spicy. One of the most popular dishes at Malakor is the Kao Pad Sabparod (110 THB), which is fried rice with prawns, sliced pineapple inside a pineapple. Because of this, the fried rice is slightly sweeter than you used to and it’s a great combination. Both of these dishes are recommended.

Malakor Ayutthaya Pork Curry

Kaeng Kua Moo Yang Bai Makhan Oon (145 THB)

Malakor Ayutthaya Pinapple Fried Rice

Kao Pad Sabparod (110 THB)

The final dish I would recommend is the Moo Pad Gapi Ta Klai Bai Ma Kood (90 THB). In English, it’s wok-fried pork with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and shrimp paste. Similar to the Yum Ma Kuae Pao, I’ve never seen this combination and again I was pleasantly surprised by its flavour. 

Malakor Ayutthaya Food

Moo Pad Gapi Ta Klai Bai Ma Kood (90 THB)

Before giving a final verdict, I would like to address the following. In some reviews, people complain about the size of the dishes. I disagree with those complaints, as most portions are normal size and besides all dishes are fairly priced. What I would recommend is to order one or two different dishes per person, which most Thai do when eating out. This way you can try and taste a little bit of everything, while not paying too much!

Final verdict: Malakor is a great restaurant in Ayutthaya as it serves some extraordinary combinations. It has a nice atmosphere and thanks to its great location, it’s easy to combine a visit to Malakor when exploring the ruins of Ayutthaya. 

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Malakor? Check out the restaurant review page of Malakor. Here you can find all the restaurant information you need, such as opening times, location, menu, atmosphere pictures and prices. 


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