Lod Chong Singapore is a small restaurant in Chinatown that you easily pass by, yet it's renowned for producing a delicious version of the famous Thai dessert: Lod Chong. Find out more about this iconic dish, where to find it and what makes Lod Chong Singapore so special.


What is Lod Chong?

Lod Chong is a simple Thai dessert made of green noodles, sweetened coconut milk and crushed ice. It's immensely popular as it's such a refreshing dessert, perfect after a spicy meal. It can be found at many street food vendors - where they put the coconut milk and the jelly in a plastic bag and give you the crushed ice separately - and many restaurants, even the fancy ones! The green jelly noodles don’t have any taste and are just for texture, but the sweetened coconut milk is so incredibly tasty! The simplicity of the dessert and the cheap price makes it one of the most popular Thai desserts. (and definitely my favourite!)


What makes Lod Chong Singapore so special?

Lod Chong Singapore is a small restaurant in Chinatown. Like many other restaurants in Chinatown, the interior looks a bit out-dated, the restaurant is run by a family, the family recipes are often kept secret and the menu is quite small. At Lod Chong Singapore, the menu consists of one thing and one thing only: Lod Chong. The Lod Chong is - in contrary to other restaurants - served in a large drinking glass packed with crushed ice and that delicious sweet goodness. There are two things that make Lod Chong Singapore so extra special. Firstly, the Lod Chong they serve is much sweeter than many others in Bangkok which customers love. Secondly, it’s incredibly cheap. A glass of ice-cold Lod Chong will only cost you 22 THB. 

Lod Chong Singapore

Lod Chong at Lod Chong Singapore (22 THB)


Where can you find Lod Chong Singapore?

Lod Chong Singapore is located at the Charoen Krung Road in Chinatown. This street is always busy and you can expect Lod Chong Singapore to be busy as well. The good thing is that the service here is quick and customers don’t stay long. The staff is doing their best to keep the cans of syrup and coconut milk filled, while the guy who is in charge of making the actual Lod Chong is doing it's best to keep up the demand. Like many other restaurants in Chinatown, it's one oiled (and a bit chaotic) machine. For the exact location, please check out the TopTravelFoods Review Page of Lod Chong Singapore

Front of Lod Chong Singapore

The front of Lod Chong Singapore

Lod Chong Vendor

Preparing plenty of ice-cold Lod Chong!

Overall verdict: Lod Chong Singapore serves delicious Lod Chong for only 22 THB, which is an actual steal. The service is quick and the taste is good. I can simply say that if you're nearby and looking for some nice cold refreshment, Lod Chong Singapore is the place to go. 

Note: Lod Chong Singapore also serves delicious noodle soup for only 44 THB. The noodle soup is served with thin vermicelli noodle and the broth is nicely flavoured. The noodle soup is from another vendor, but you can actually order it when you are sitting inside the restaurant. That being said, the main attraction is the deliciously Lod Chong.


Pork Ball Noodle

Pork Ball Noodle (44 THB)


Recently, we published an article on where to find the best, yet affordable Thai desserts in Bangkok. Just in case you got more curious about Thai desserts after this article. Obviously, Lod Chong is listed, but there are many more unique Thai dessert vendors to find, including three other vendors in Chinatown.

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Lod Chong Singapore

Price: 22 - 44 THB
Food: Lod Chong, Pork Ball Noodle
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5 (2)