Jim’s Burger Pattaya is a small, yet popular restaurant that specialized in burgers and other comfort food. The restaurant is part of a franchise that is been in business since 2014 and is widely known, especially in Bangkok, for its wide variety of amazing and jawbreaking burgers as well as serving delicious craft beer. In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about Jim’s Burger Pattaya.

As mentioned, Jim’s Burger Pattaya is located in a small building. Here you will find a few tables inside and a few outdoor seats with decent decoration, although the interior does not really excite you. What is exciting though, are the bar and the craft beer drafts in the back of the restaurant. Jim’s Burger does not only specialized in burgers but also offers a wide variety of local craft beer which includes IPA’s and Wiezeners, mostly from the United States or Australia. But in the end, it’s all about the burgers. One of the secrets of Jim’s Burger is that they bake their own buns freshly every day. And because of that, they can serve their burgers as nobody else can.


Jim's Burger Pattaya Food

The amazing burgers at Jim's Burger Pattaya.


Jim's Burger Pattaya Front

The front of Jim's Burger Pattaya


Jim's Burger Pattaya Interior

The interior of Jim's Burger Pattaya


Jim’s Burger Pattaya Menu

The menu of Jim’s Burger Pattaya consists of twelve different burgers in the price range of 260 THB and 380 THB THB. Most burgers can be chosen with either a pork patty or beef patty and there are a few chicken burgers available as well. With each burger, you can select one of the signature fries, such as curly fries, onion rings and hashbrowns. Other food options such as nachos, steaks, wings and ribs are available too. Beer from the tap costs you between 180 THB and 230 THB per 330 ml. 

Jim's Burger Pattaya Fries

The signature fries at Jim's Burger Pattaya.


Jim's Burger Pattaya Burgers

The burgers at Jim's Burger Pattaya


The most recommended food at Jim’s Burger Pattaya


1. Twinhead Dragon Beef Burger (390 THB)

Double beef patty, double cheese, double crispy bacon served on a charcoal homemade bun and finished with an onion ring and jalapeño pepper. Yes, it really tastes as good as it sounds and as it looks. And according to their menu “a burger you must try before you die”. Well, I can assure you that this is one of the best burgers in Pattaya and a must-try if you are a burger lover. 

Jim's Burger Pattaya Beef

Twinhead Dragon Beef Burger (390 THB)


2. Ribbreaker Pork Burger (300 THB)

This is the signature pork “burger", which is made with six-hours smoked ribs glazed in a sweet barbecue sauce. It’s literally like these barbecue ribs you grill during the summer on the barbecue served on a homemade bun. Not really a burger as there is no beef patty, however, still really delicious. On the bottom of the bun, you will find a fresh yoghurt based sauce with lettuce and the ribs are topped with fried onions. Again, highly recommended!

Jim's Burger Pattaya Pork

Ribbreaker Pork Burger (300 THB)


3. Nacho Special Beef (250 THB)

Perhaps you are not a fan of burgers, or you just want to share an appetizer with your friends. Then the Nacho Special Beef (250 THB) is a really good (alternative) option. There is no shortage of beef and cheese and every now and then you will find a spicy jalapeño pepper between the nachos. Simple, tasty and satisfying!

Jim's Burger Pattaya Nachos

Nacho Beef Special (250 THB)


Jim's Burger Pattaya Nacho Cheese

Say cheese!


4. Quesadilla Beef (220 THB)

As mentioned before, there are a few non-burger options available at Jim’s Burger Pattaya. Among these options is the popular Quesadilla Beef (220 THB). This appetizer is stuffed with either pork or beef, mozzarella cheese, jalapeños and served with salsa and fresh garlicky sauce. Similar to the nachos: simple, tasty and satisfying.

Jim's Burger Pattaya Nacho Quesadillas

Quesadillas Beef (220 THB)


Extra information about Jim’s Burger Pattaya

Jim’s Burger Pattaya is located on Central Pattaya Road. The restaurant is open daily from 11:30 until 00:00. There are no parking spots available, except parking on side of the road. Jim’s Burger Pattaya is listed on all the known delivery services in Pattaya.


Overall verdict of Jim’s Burger Pattaya

Jim’s Burger Pattaya serves the best burgers in Pattaya in my honest opinion. The burgers are juicy, large of size, build with the right toppings and satisfying. There are other food options available besides the burgers, which taste excellent and are comforting, but it’s the burgers what made them so popular. 

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