Inter Restaurant is a popular restaurant in Bangkok, thanks to its fair-priced tasty Thai food. Due to this, Inter Restaurant is always packed during lunch and dinner time. In this article, I will describe further details about this popular restaurant and what their most recommended dishes are.

Inter Restaurant has at least two branches in Bangkok, one close to Siam Square, the other branch is located at Paseo Shopping Mall at Lat Krabang. The most popular restaurant is the one close Siam Square. This two-story building, located at Siam Square Soi 9, was the first branch which was opened in 1981. It’s by far the largest branch. Inter Restaurant in Siam is surrounded by more expensive restaurants, making it one of the few affordable restaurants near Siam Square. The restaurant is clean and there is an army of staff is making sure you get your food and drinks as soon as possible. Thanks to this, you won’t have to wait long even though the restaurant is hugely popular. There is a small difference in prices, as the restaurant at Lat Krabang is a little bit cheaper. We are talking about around ten baht per dish cheaper. 


inter restaurant bangkok front

The front of Inter Restaurant in Bangkok (Siam Branch)

inter restaurant bangkok interior

The atmosphere of Inter Restaurant in Bangkok (Siam)

The menu of Inter Restaurant in Bangkok is a seventeen-page bookwork with all the Thai classics you can imagine. Most dishes listed on the menu do have pictures, although the size of the menu can be overwhelming. Therefore, I would suggest trying one of the highly recommended dishes.


One of the most popular dishes at Inter Restaurant in Bangkok is the Fried Pork Spareribs with Garlic and Pepper (120 THB). Do not mistake these ribs with fall-right-of-the-bone tender Western ribs. The spareribs in Thailand are not popular because of its tenderness but of its flavours: salty, peppery and garlicky. The fried ribs are a little bit crispy on the outside and are so delicious!

inter restaurant bangkok spareribs

Fried Pork Spareribs with Garlic and Pepper (120 THB)

Another speciality of Inter Restaurant in Bangkok is their curries. I would recommend you to try the Roasted Duck in Coconut Milk Red Curry (110 THB). This curry is so deliciously creamy with the right amount of spiciness. If you don’t like duck meat, which is pretty high in fat, or you want to try something spicier, I would recommend their Green Curry with Chicken (100 THB). The chicken is nicely tender and the curry is, as the red curry, really creamy. The big difference is the amount of spiciness.

inter restaurant bangkok red curry

Roasted Duck in Coconut Milk Red Curry (110 THB)

inter restaurant bangkok green curry

Green Curry with Chicken (100 THB)

If you like oysters, I would highly recommend you to try their Oyster Salad (120 THB). It’s a herby salad with oysters, fried onions, mint leaves and chillies covered in a sweet dressing. The oysters are fresh and really huge. Personally, it’s one of my favourite Thai salads and Inter Restaurant execute it perfectly! 

The final recommended dish is the Laab Roasted Duck Northeastern Style Spicy Salad (100 THB). This duck version of the popular Isan salad is, like all the dishes at Inter Restaurant, authentically flavoured. What I mean with that is that the food is heavily spiced for the local taste palate. Inter Restaurant is, therefore, a restaurant that is popular among locals and not designed for foreigners who don’t appreciate heavily spiced food. This laab salad is heavily spiced, which taste really great, and is served with duck. 

inter restaurant bangkok salad

Oyster Salad (120 THB)

inter restaurant bangkok laab

Laab Roasted Duck Northeastern Style Spicy Salad (100 THB)

There you have it, my review of Inter Restaurant in Bangkok. Inter Restaurant is also listed in our food recommendations app called TopTravelFoods. This app is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android. Instead of only recommend good restaurants, TopTravelFoods recommends the best food these amazing restaurants have to offer. So when you are on your trip to Bangkok, you never have figure out what is good or not. Just simply see the rated and reviewed dishes, recommended by fellow-food-lovers. Would you like to know what people think of Inter Restaurant? Check out the restaurant review page of Inter Restaurant. Here you can find all the restaurant information you need, such as opening times, location, menu, atmosphere pictures and prices. 


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