With daily temperatures around the thirty degrees Celsius or more, getting delicious ice cream in Bangkok is always welcome. We’ve come up with a list of where to find the best ice cream in Bangkok so that once you want to cool down, you will get the best this city has to offer. After living here since 2016 already, below are my favourite ice cream in Bangkok to try on a hot summer day.

Note: If you are in looking for delicious local desserts, check out our article about the best, yet affordable Thai desserts in Bangkok. This article focuses solely on ice cream in Bangkok. 

The best ice cream in Bangkok can found at: 


1. Sulbing

Sulbing is an international restaurant chain with multiple branches in Bangkok serving Korean shaved ice called bingsu. The shaved ice is made of condensed milk, but it not extremely sweet. What makes it so tasty are the toppings. With over twenty different flavours, there is a tasty option for everyone. My personal favourites are the Premium Mango Cheese Sulbing (320 THB) and the Tiramisu Sulbing (330 THB). The mango sulbing is completely covered in fresh mango chunks and topped with mango-syrup-drizzled whipped cream. The tiramisu sulbing is covered in cacao powder, whipped cream and a chunk of tiramisu. Besides the shot of condensed milk, the tiramisu sulbing is also served with a shot of hot espresso. Once you pour it on the shaved ice, the ice starts to melt and you will get delicious creamy goodness. 

Sulbing Tiramisu Ice Cream

Tiramisu Sulbing (330 THB)

sulbing mango ice cream

Premium Mango Cheese Sulbing (320 THB)


2. Ghignoni

Ghignoni is a popular Bangkok ice cream parlour located on the ground floor of the Thaniya Building located close to  Sala Daeng BTS station. The owner –which is Italian-  won multiple awards in Italy for the gelato he makes, like the Gelato award of Italy in 1994. The ice-cream is made of 100 per cent natural ingredients and no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservation is mixed in. the ingredients are all imported from Italy and made using authentic Italian Artisan techniques, to keep the true Italian taste. This all results in high-quality Italian gelato. You can expect small pieces of the natural ingredients still being represented throughout the ice cream flavours. You can choose between normal (59 THB) and premium (69 THB) flavours. My personal favourite is their blueberry cheesecake gelato.

Ghignoni Ice cream bangkok

Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato (69 THB)




3. Bang Wan

Bang Wan meaning “sweet station”, this Bangkok ice cream parlour is specialized in desserts adjusted to the local appetite. Their main draw is “nom sod” which is toasted bread with different toppings, a classic Thai dessert immensely popular with the local crowd. You might think, what is so Thai about toasted bread? Well, Thai absolutely LOVE food and if they see something interesting from other countries they copy it and adjust it to their own taste. So where in the West toast is mostly used for breakfast, Thai made a dessert out of it! My favourite dessert at Bang Wan is their Ferrero Rocher inspired “Rocher Crumble” (168 THB), an extravagant version of your ordinary “nom sod.” A toasted bread with chocolate topping, which is finished with a mountain of ice cream drenched with molten chocolate and chopped hazelnuts; yummy! Don’t forget to try one of their more ordinary nom sods as well, like their Almond Toast (45 THB), Ovaltine Toast (31 THB) and their Chicken Sausage Toast with Cheese (86 THB). Another Bangkok dessert parlour to try this local dessert, and is extremely popular among locals, is Mont Nom Sod.

Bang Wan Ferrero Rocher

Rocher Crumble (168 THB)


4. Natthaphon

Listed in many of our food articles, Natthaphon serves the best coconut ice cream in Bangkok and obviously deserves a spot in this list of the best ice cream in Bangkok. For years, the owner makes this delicious ice cream from scratch and without any addings, meaning that her coconut ice cream is made completely from coconut. The result is phenomenal and this shop should be on any foodie’s list. Besides coconut ice cream, she also serves mango, green tea, Thai tea, black beans and many other flavours. A scoop of ice cream cost you between 30 and 40 THB and you can add extra ingredients such as peanuts and sticky rice to it. 

coconut ice cream Bangkok

Coconut Ice Cream (30 THB)


5. Godiva

Godiva is a Belgium chocolatier with branches all over the world. Besides their delicious sweets, Godiva also sells chocolate ice cream at the branches in Bangkok. And this is not your ordinary ice cream. For 270 THB, you will get a high-grade Belgium chocolate soft ice cream with one of the deepest chocolate flavours I’ve ever tasted on ice cream. You can choose between dark and white chocolate. I would highly recommend ordering the dark chocolate as it is not overly sweet. Yes I know, it’s ridiculously expensive for ice cream, but I have to admit it’s seriously delicious ice cream and a definite must-try.

godiva chocolate ice cream

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream (270 THB)


6. Ampersand

Ampersand has two branches in Bangkok and serves high-quality authentic gelato with worldwide flavours. From Turkish hazelnut to Japanese Macha, Ampersand serves it all. My personal favourites are the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake. A large scoop of gelato costs you between 89 THB and 119 THB, depending on the premium ingredients. Although the gelato tastes amazing, surprisingly the shop is not visited by many customers. Maybe it’s because the outside of the shop does not look like an ice cream shop. But it’s most definitely worth the visit.

ampersand chocolate gelato

Dark Chocolate Gelato (89 THB)

ampsersand strawberry cheesecake gelato

Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato (89 THB)


7. Guss Damn Good

Guss Damn Good is a popular ice cream parlour in Bangkok, specialized in ‘Boston style’ ice cream. They have three branches. One branch is in Sala Daeng Soi 1, one branch is in The Commons Thonglor, and the other branch is in Ei8ht Thonglor lifestyle mall. The ice cream at Guss Damn Good is really tasty, and they serve unique flavours with a twist. So is their Here’s Your Damn Good Chocolate Ice Cream (one of my favourites) incredibly rich, and made with dark chocolate. And their Bonfire is bitter, with a burned caramel taste (I don’t like this one so much). Another favourite of mine is their Wet ‘n’ Wild – Cream Cheese Cherry. Scoops are sold here for 85 THB each.

guss damn good chocolate ice cream

Here’s Your Damn Good Chocolate Ice Cream (85 THB)


Guss Damn Good Cheesecake

Wet ‘n’ Wild – Cream Cheese Cherry (85 THB)


8. Coco JJ

You’ll see these local desserts everywhere when visiting Bangkok’s famous Chatuchak Weekend Market. A bowl of real coconut filled with a few scoops of coconut ice cream; which you can add toppings to like peanuts, coconut jellies and sticky rice. To try this appealing Bangkok ice cream head to Coco JJ, as it is the first one who started selling this at Chatuchak Weekend Market, and always a safe pick. You’ll find the main Coco JJ branch in one of the corners of Chatuchak Weekend Market, near section 1. A bowl of coconut ice cream with 3 toppings will cost you 60 THB. Want to try other delicious foods at Chatuchak Weekend Market? Read our blog about the best food at Chatuchak Market

coconut ice cream chatuchak

Coconut Ice Cream (60 THB)

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