Heng Chun Seng is a restaurant that is widely known by locals for its beef hot pot. For decades, Heng Chun Seng serves one of the finest broths in Bangkok. Because of this, you probably have to get in line to get a table. In this review, I will happily explain why it’s worth the wait.

The restaurant is located in an old building with an open kitchen. Here you can see how the flaming hot soups are prepared at a fast pace. Inside the restaurants, where you have air conditioning, are a few tables available. The majority of the visitors eats outside, in front of the restaurant, on the street. This outside area is roofed in, though. There are plenty of tables available but during rush hours, you often have to wait around fifteen minutes before getting a table. 

Heng Chun Seng
The front of Heng Chun Seng

There are two versions of hot pot, beef and pork. Heng Chun Seng is most famous for its beef hot pot though. Visitors can choose between four different types of noodle. Once chosen, the flaming hot pot will be served within minutes. It’s important to know for foreigners that the soup is served with intestines. While this is a delicacy for locals, I personally don’t like it. Simply say “...” (or show them: ไม่ใส่เครื่องใน) when ordering and the soup will be served without the intestines. It’s also possible to order the intestines individually, which cost 50 THB per plate.
Heng Chun Seng Hot Pot
The famous beef hot pot of Heng Chun Seng
Heng Chun Seng Intestines
Intestines can be ordered separately or extra

Besides the delicious broth, the beef and the noodles, the hotpot at Heng Chun Seng is also served with morning glory. Thailand’s most favourite vegetable, morning glory, is commonly known as water spinach and is healthy, crunchy and tasty. The final touch of the hot pot is fried garlic, which you can add to your soup. All these ingredients together are what’s making Heng Chun Seng so famous. The price of the hot pot at Heng Chun Seng is 180 THB.


In front of the street close to the restaurant, you can also order freshly grilled satay. I was not sure if the vendor is part of the restaurant itself, as the satay was not listed on the menu. But seeing all the locals order and eat the satay with the hot soup, I assumed it was part of Heng Chun Seng. It only cost you 50 THB for ten small skewers with bread and peanut sauce, which is an absolute steal. 
Heng Chun Seng Satay
Tasty satay skewers for only 50 THB!

In case you travel alone and the size of the hot pot is too large for you, you have the possibility of ordering just one bowl of noodle soup. Prices vary between 60 and 80 THB, depending on which ingredients you would like to add. It’s also possible to order a dry version, but as mentioned, the broth is pretty amazing here so I would not recommend missing the soup!
Heng Chun Seng Dry Noodle
These dry noodles are served with intestines, which locals absolutely love

There you have it, the review of Heng Chun Seng and its famous beef hot pot. If you are looking for a local gem that serves amazing soup, this is the place. The restaurant is located on Thanon Sunthon Kosa in the Khlong Toei district and is open daily from 07:00 until 20:30, except on the weekends when its closed at 16:30. Heng Chun Seng is listed in our food recommendations app called TopTravelFoods. This app is completely free and is available for both iOS and Android. Instead of only recommend good restaurants, TopTravelFoods recommends the best food these amazing restaurants have to offer. So when you are on your trip to Thailand, you never have figure out what is good or not. Just simply see the rated and reviewed dishes recommended by fellow-food-lovers. Would you like to know what people think of Heng Chun Seng? Check out the restaurant review page of Heng Chun Seng.


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