Bangkok is a city that is famous for its food, whether it’s local or international. Finding the best halal food in Bangkok can be challenging, but doable, as the city some very interesting food areas where you find plenty of Middle Eastern restaurants. For example, you can find many Muslim restaurants close to Nana BTS and the Si Phraya area. This article will help you where to find the best halal food and restaurants in Bangkok. 


1. Mutton Biryani Special (Monday and Friday) at Muslim Restaurant (190 THB)

Legendary Muslim Restaurant has been serving halal food in Bangkok since the 1940s. The restaurant is located not too far from Haroon Mosque, on Charoen Krung Road, a well-known street with plenty of good dining options. Muslim Restaurant is quite famous, known for being one of the best halal restaurants in Bangkok and serving a killer biryani. Their “normal” biryani is served every day which you can choose between chicken (80 THB), fish (140 THB) or mutton (180 THB), and on Mondays and Fridays, they also serve a slow-roasted mutton biryani special (190 THB) which is even tastier and tender! The biryanis are served with a mint dressing and a delicious eggplant curry.

Other delicious halal Bangkok food at Muslim Restaurant: Mutton Dhalcha (170 THB), Fried Mutton (160 THB) and Mattaba (50 THB.)


mutton biryani muslim restaurant

Mutton Biryani (190 THB) at Muslim Restaurant 

mutton dhalcha muslim restaurant bangkok

Mutton Dhalcha (170 THB)

fried mutton halal food

Fried Mutton (160 THB)





2. Beef Masala at Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant (95 THB)

Another popular halal restaurant in Bangkok, and one that competes with Muslim Restaurant on whose serving the best biryani in Bangkok. To be honest, I like the one at Muslim Restaurant the most as it is more tender and juicy. But Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant also serves some tasty halal Bangkok food. So is their beef masala (95 THB) incredibly rich, and a good choice. Or their Dhalcha Curry with tender chicken drumstick (86 THB). Order some roti on the side, to dip your last bits of curry away.

beef massala at home islamic cuisine in Bangkok

Beef Masala (95 THB)

Chicken Dhalcha Curry .at Islamic Restaurant in Bangkok

Dhalcha Curry with tender chicken drumstick (86 THB)


3. Daood Bacha at Nadimos (260 THB)

Nadimos is a popular restaurant that serves delicious Lebanese specialities. The restaurant has two branches, one in Sukhumvit Soi 40 and the other one located inside Holiday Inn Silom. The menu is extensive, with classics such as shawarma, falafel and hummus. If you are looking for some extraordinary flavours, I would highly recommend one of their signatures called Daood Bacha: grilled heavily spiced meatballs served in a light garlicky tomato sauce. If you have a larger appetite, you should order one of the large mixed grill platters.  Other recommended dishes are the Kebab Khachkhach (280 THB) and Falafel (150 THB). 

daood bacha at nadimos restaurant in Bangkok

Daood Bacha at Nadimos Restaurant (260 THB)

falafel halal food in bangkok

Falafel (150 THB)

Kebab Khachkhach Nadimos in Bangkok

Kebab Khachkhach (280 THB)


4. Mixed Grill at Beirut Restaurant (300 THB)

With six branches, Beirut Restaurant is perhaps the most popular halal restaurant in Bangkok. Their twenty-four-page menu offers a huge variety of Lebanese halal food in Bangkok. One of the bestsellers is the Mixed Grill (300 THB), a mix of grilled kebabs and skewers served with grilled veggies, French fries, pita bread and dipping sauces. The meat has an intense and distinctive grill flavour, which is simply delicious. Other tasty halal options are the Hummus with Shawarma Chicken (200 THB) and Zaatar & Cheese (150 THB). 

mixed grill halal food in bangkok

Mixed Grill at Beirut Restaurant (300 THB)

zaatar cheese beirut restaurant Bangkok

Zaatar & Cheese (150 THB)

Hummus with Shawarma Chicken

Hummus with Shawarma Chicken (200 THB)


5. Chicken Boti at BBQ Delight (150 THB)

Don’t judge a book by its cover. BBQ Delight is an Indian restaurant that does not have the fancy looks, but the barbecued halal food they serve is something special. The friendly owner explained to me that he butcher the chicken himself, assuring me it was the freshest the meat possible could be. But what’s even more special is the deep smokey flavour of the skewers and kebabs they serve here. The Chicken Boti (150 THB) is spicier than the colourful Green Masala Chicken (160 THB), which is like the Chicken Boti, one of their bestsellers. Another tasty alternative at this halal restaurant is the Seekh Kebab (220 THB), which is a minced beef kebab skewer with a deep smokey flavour as well. BBQ Delight is located in Si Phraya.

Chicken Boti at BBQ Delight in Bangkok

Chicken Boti at BBQ Delight (150 THB)

Green Masala Chicken at BBQ Delight in Bangkok

Green Masala Chicken (160 THB)

Seekh Kabab Halal Food

Seekh Kebab (220 THB)


6. Khao Mok Neua at Areesa Lote Dee (65 THB)

Looking for halal food near Khao San Road? Areesa Lote Dee is your best option. This small local restaurant serves some of the tastiest Khao Mok Neua in Bangkok, which is Indian style rice with stewed beef. During lunch hours, the restaurant is packed with locals enjoying this tasty dish and if you visit this restaurant too late, the stewed beef is often sold out. The Indian style rice is also available with a chicken drumstick, but in my opinion, the stewed beef is so much tastier. Another tasty option is the Kuay Teow Gaeng (40 THB), which is a chicken noodle soup with a deep peanut flavour.

areesa lote dee khao Mok Neua

Khao Mok Neua at Areesa Lote Dee (65 THB)

Kuay Teow Gaeng areesa lote dee

Kuay Teow Gaeng (40 THB)

There you have it, the best halal food in Bangkok according to TopTravelFoods. TopTravelFoods is a food review application that helps travellers find the best food during their holidays. Instead of the best restaurants, we recommend the best food the restaurants have to offer, including specifically Halal food. You can download the application for free. 


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