The Glass House in Pattaya is an institution when it comes to great food and amazing beachfront views. For years, this restaurant is a popular venue for both locals and foreigners to enjoy a special dinner while watching the sunset. In this article, I will give you more information about the Glass House, the Glass House Menu and which food is highly recommended. 

There are two branches available, The Glass House Silver in North Pattaya and The Glass House Beach Front in Najomtien. In this article, I will review the Glass House Beach Front. 

The following aspects related to Glass House in Pattaya will be discussed in this article:

1. A brief introduction;
2. The menu of the Glass House in Pattaya;
3. The most recommended dishes at the Glass House in Pattaya;
4. Extra information about the Glass House in Pattaya;
5. Overall verdicts of the Glass House in Pattaya.


1. A brief introduction

The Glass House Beachfront in Pattaya is located in Najomtien, the southern part of Pattaya, right next to the beach. The venue is spacious with several indoor and outdoor seating options available, although the majority of its guests will select one of the outside tables as the view is simply stunning. As the area is so spacious, each table has more privacy as you are used to. There are several types of seats available, including lounge areas, large tables for groups, smaller tables for couples and beachside tables which put your feet literally in the sand. The best time to visit the Glass House is around five o’clock. As the sun starts to set, the restaurant turns deeply yellow and with the beach and palm trees at your feet, together with the atmospheric light bulbs, you will have the ultimate holiday feeling.

Glass House Pattaya Beach Front

The beachfront dining area of the Glass House Pattaya


Glass House Pattaya Outside

The iconic glasshouse of the Glass House Pattaya.


Glass House Pattaya Bar

The restaurant looks stunning. 


Glass House Pattaya Beach Seats

Great seats are available on the beach


2. The menu of the Glass House in Pattaya

The menu at the Glass House Beachfront is enormous, with over thirty-five pages with a huge variety of seafood options, including oysters, prawns, whole fish, mussels, squid and Babylon shells. One thing that is a bit annoying about the menu is that the prices are placed on the final pages of the menu. In general, the menu prices at the Glass House are higher than what you are used to at restaurants in Pattaya, however, I am sure that you find the amazing atmosphere anywhere else in Pattaya. 

The Glass House Beachfront also has a dedicated menu for drinks as well. From Champagne to alcohol-free cocktails, the options are as large as the food menu. During our visit, we ordered two cocktails, of which both were excellent. Not too sweet and nicely strong. I would highly recommend trying one of their cocktails, as it gives you that ultimate holiday feeling. The cocktails we ordered were the Kiss Me Tonight (310 THB) and the Lady Passion (330 THB). 

The menus at The Glass House Silver and The Glass House Beachfront are different, where the Glass House Beachfront is more focussed on Thai food and the Glass House Silver is more focussed on international dishes. 


Glass House Pattaya Cocktails

Delicious tasting cocktails are available at The Glass House Pattaya.


Glass House Pattaya Food

A food impression.


3. The most recommended dishes at The Glass House

As mentioned before, the Glass House in Pattaya is a great place to enjoy delicious seafood, although there are plenty of other Thai options available as well. We recommend you to try at least one of the following dishes:

Creamy Tom Yum with Seafood (550 THB)

One of the most ordered dishes at the Glass House is the Creamy Tom Yum with Seafood. The soup is deliciously fragrant and is packed with all sorts of seafood, including squid, mussels and fish filet. The portion is large enough to share it with at least two people. You can most definitely find a much cheaper tom yum soup, however, and I mentioned this before, the atmosphere here is amazing!

Tom Yum Seafood

The Creamy Tom Yum Seafood (550 THB) is really tasty and recommended!


Fried White Perch with Sour & Spicy Salad (580 THB)

This deep-fried fish is covered in a Laab dressing, which was for me the first time that I tried this combination. I was nicely surprised how well the fried fish goes together with that spicy and herby Laab dressing. If you don’t like spicy food such as this laab dressing, there are several non-spicy, deep-fried fish alternatives available, such as fried garlic, sweet soy sauce, sweetened fish sauce and tamarind sauce.

Deep-Fried Fish with Laab

Fried White Perch with Sour & Spicy Salad (580 THB)


Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce (490 THB)

What was so good about these fried prawns was the fact that they were cooked to perfection. Eating seafood at local eateries is always a feast, but in my experience, the seafood is reheated before served. These large prawns at The Glass House were freshly cooked right before they were served. The prawn meat was really tender and the prawns were covered in a sweet tamarind sauce. Highly recommended!

Prawns in Tamarind Sauce

Fried Prawn with Tamarind Sauce (490 THB)


Banana Frosting (150 THB)

A simple, straightforward dessert that tastes excellent. That is how I would describe the recommended dessert with we finished our great dining experience with. The bananas are rolled in a deep-fried pancake and covered in chocolate sauce. It’s served with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and a crumble. The portion is large enough to share with two people. 

Banana Frosting

Banana Frosting (150 THB)


4. Extra information of the Glass House in Pattaya

As the Glass House is such a popular restaurant, it’s recommended to make reservations upfront. You can also make a reservation to have a table in front of the sea, which are the most popular seats available. The restaurant is open daily 11:00 until 00:00. There are a few parking spots available in front of the restaurant. 

Location: Najomtien, Pattaya
Opening times: 11:00 - 00:00 daily
Price range: 110 - 490 THB, with a few expensive seafood exceptions

More information, such as the exact location, the complete menu, recommended dishes and other TopTravelFoods users' opinions, check out the 
TopTravelFoods review page of The Glass House.


5. Overall Verdict of the Glass House in Pattaya

The Glasshouse in Pattaya offers an incredible beachfront atmosphere with great tasting foods. Although the prices are higher than you’re used to, it is in my opinion well worth every penny. This restaurant is a great place for couples, families and larger groups. It’s recommended to be there around five o’clock so you can watch the sunset while sipping from your cocktail. It will be a memorable evening. 

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