Ginger Farm Kitchen opened its doors in Bangkok in 2019 after having success in Chiang Mai with several different concepts. All of these concepts have the same philosophy, namely that they serve Northern Thai food with their own produced ingredients. After opening its second branch in Mega Bangna, it was time for me to write a review of this awesome restaurant.

Both branches of Ginger Farm Kitchen have the same interior, where it’s a combination of colourful decorations and a rustic atmosphere as if you are dining close to the homegrown crops. As both branches are located in a shopping mall, you won’t hear the chaotic Bangkok such as honking cars and loud engines. This helps the rustic atmosphere even more. Both branches are large enough for fifty guests and the service at Ginger Farm Kitchen is impeccable. You will notice from the start that the staff is well-trained and have an eye for detail.

Ginger Farm Kitchen Front

The front of Ginger Farm Kitchen at Punnawithi

Ginger Farm Kitchen Interior

The beautifully decorated interior of Ginger Farm Kitchen

Ginger Farm Kitchen Atmosphere

Feels rustic, doesn't it?

The menu of Ginger Farm Kitchen is extensive, as it has thirty-four pages. All dishes are displayed with a picture, which helps you choose significantly. Ginger Farm Kitchen is specialized in Northern Thai food and the majority of the menu are Northern style dishes. There is also a menu dedicated to their special drinks, including some interesting cocktails. For example, they have their own version of a Margherita, where they use salted chilli flakes around the glass. Here are the most recommended dishes at Ginger Farm Kitchen in Bangkok.

Ginger Farm Kitchen Cocktails

Treat yourself with one of their delicious cocktails and complimentary rice snacks

One of our favourite dishes at Ginger Farm Kitchen is the Grilled Marinated Beef Tenderloin (225 THB). The beef is coated in a thin layer which makes it super crunchy. The beef is nicely marinated and tastes really good, even without the sauce. But the sauce that is served with, is what makes this dish so delicious. It’s a spicy and sour dipping sauce that I addictive. Each time you dip, you want to have more of this. The beef is also served with some raw crunchy veggies that are a welcome refreshment with a sauce that spicy.

Ginger Farm Kitchen Beef

Grilled Marinated Beef Tenderloin (225 THB)

A Northern Thai food specialist like Ginger Farm Kitchen should also serve great tasting Khao Soi. And I can guarantee that you may find one of the best Khao Soi in Bangkok here at Ginger Farm Kitchen. The curry itself is thicker than what I’m used to, but that creaminess is what’s made it so delicious. Also, they serve the Khao Soi with poppy seeds, giving it a hearty tone. A bowl of Khao Soi costs you 165 THB and is served with a chicken drum stick. 

Ginger Farm Kitchen Khao Soi

Khao Soi Northern Style Noodle Curry (165 THB)

One of the nicest Northern Thai fusion dishes I’ve ever had was the Spaghetti with Crab Paste and Bacon (195 THB). It’s basically a pasta carbonara, except with a huge twist. One of the Northern Thai delicacies is field crab, which has a unique and distinctive flavour. At Ginger Farm Kitchen, the creamy cheese sauce got this type of crab paste in it, giving it a subtle yet unique boost to its flavour. The spaghetti is topped with a grilled field grab as well, where you can scoop out the crab paste. If you really love Northern style field crab, try their Northern Style Crab Paste (135 THB). Four field crabs including a load of fresh crunchy vegetables, all for yourself! Field crab goes perfectly together with sticky rice.

Ginger Farm Kitchen Crab

Spaghetti with Crab Paste and Bacon (195 THB)

Ginger Farm Kitchen Field Crab

Northern Style Crab Paste (135 THB)

Another unique and recommended dish at Ginger Farm Kitchen is the Northern Style Poung Jackfruit Salad with Crispy Pork Belly (225 THB), which is served with blue steamed rice and edible flours. The pork belly is really crispy on the outside, yet the core is beautifully tender. The jackfruit salad is a sweet paste that goes perfect together with pork, very tasty!

Ginger Farm Kitchen Pork

Northern Style Poung Jackfruit Salad with Crispy Pork Belly (225 THB)

There are two more recommendations left. As a Laab-lover myself, it was the first time I tried Northern-Thai Laab (165 THB) and I was impressed. It’s much more herby than I’m used to comparing the laab I often eat in Bangkok. And they serve it with crispy fried pork! The final recommendation is the Northern Thai Style Pork Tomato Chili Relish (155 THB), or as it’s commonly known, Nam Phrik. It’s a non-spicy tomato dip served with several raw veggies and crispy fried pork. An absolutely lovely dish to share. 

Ginger Farm Kitchen Laab

Northern-Thai Laab (165 THB)

Ginger Farm Kitchen Nam Phrik

Northern Thai Style Pork Tomato Chili Relish (155 THB)

Overall verdict: Ginger Farm Kitchen is an amazing restaurant that I would highly recommend. It offers high-quality Northern Thai dishes with top quality ingredients for a great price. The fact that they opened a second branch within months and the fact that it’s always packed, proves all my above statements. Do yourself a favour, go check out this Northern Thai specialist.

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Ginger Farm Kitchen? Check out the restaurant review page of Ginger Farm Kitchen. Here you can find all the restaurant information you need, such as opening times, location, menu, atmosphere pictures and prices. 


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