Fries are a part of Dutch and Belgian culture, with shops open in every village, big or small. However, Sergio Herman’s Frites Atelier elevates this staple dish to new heights. Expect premium toppings and extremely crispy fries.

Three-star chef Sergio Herman has a reputation for running successful restaurants, the most famous ones being restaurant Oud Sluis and The Jane. In 2016, he opened a new concept restaurant that takes traditional fries to the next level. Frites Atelier is indeed something special, with its flashy design, funky lounge music, premium sauces and toppings and of course, heavenly fries! Everything is head and shoulders above your typical local café (yes, even the prices!)

Even though Frites Atelier 
popular, when I visited I got served right away. In fact, I’ve been told that management actively tries to minimize queues by providing quick service. The menu is engraved on a mirror on the wall, although you’ll find that the prices are slightly higher than those in your standard café, but who cares? The ingredients are premium quality and three-star chef Sergio Herman is in charge! 


The menu at Frites Atelier 

I ordered the fries with Flemish beef stew (€ 8.25), fries with truffle mayonnaise (€ 3.50) and the Zeeland shrimp croquette (€ 5.00). All of which, I’ve been told, are very tasty. 

The fries were perfectly crispy yet remained soft on the inside and came with a good amount of salt, which is just how I like them! I’ve heard that Herman carefully selected the Zeeland potato, grown under precise conditions, to guarantee the best quality fries. The potatoes are sliced and fried with their thin skins left on top, which gives them an 
earthy flavour


Fries with Flemish Beef Stew at Frites Atelier

Fries with Flemish Beef Stew (€ 8,25)

Fries with Truffle Mayonaise

Fries with Truffle Mayonaise (€ 3,50)

The Flemish beef stew is cooked with “Petrus oud bruin” beer, which you can really taste and the dish is finished with pickled mustard seeds. The truffle mayonnaise is really good as well. Although I enjoyed eating the Zeeland shrimp croquette, it could’ve contained a few more shrimps but is served with a very tasty tartar sauce.

To sum it all up, Frites Atelier is a premium cafe serving high quality, consistently tasty fries. If you want to experience this Dutch and Belgian treat, Frites Atelier is a good choice for its high standards and inventive toppings. There’s also a selection of Belgian beers to accompany your salty fries.


Where is Frites Atelier Amsterdam?

Although their official name is Frites Atelier Amsterdam, they don’t have a branch in Amsterdam yet due to the government’s policy of not opening any more fast food restaurants in the city centre. For now, Frites Atelier has branches in Den Hague, Utrecht, Arnhem, Gent, and the one I’ve visited: Antwerp. More branches will open soon, and they have ambitions to come to France and Germany.

Frites Atelier Front

Frites Atelier Antwerp


Frites Atelier

Price: 3,25 - 8,25 EUR
Food: Next-level Fries, Fries with Truffle Mayonaise, Fries with Flemish Beef Stew
Theo van de Pol
5 (1)