As a port city, Antwerp boasts many seafood restaurants, but according to the owner of Fish A’ Gogo, there hasn’t been an option for grab-and-go seafood until now. Inspired by the street food scene that’s thriving around the world, he created Fish A' Gogo, a restaurant serving fresh and tasty seafood dishes to enjoy on the “go”.

Fish A' Gogo is a small eatery located near Antwerp’s “Grote Markt”. The restaurant offers a menu of freshly-prepared seafood dishes which you can either eat on the go, on one of the standing tables in front of the restaurant, or at the small dining area on the first floor. The owner, who’s the son of a fisherman and an avid fisher, has been brought up cooking tasty seafood. All the dishes are prepared in an open kitchen for everyone to see, guaranteeing high-quality meals. 

We ordered a lot (see the pictures) but we had a 
few favourite seafood dishes at Fish A' Gogo. Our top picks were the garlicky razor clams a la plancha (€ 7.00), a large portion of squid teppanyaki style with baguette (€ 8.00), deep-fried codfish with delicious homemade tartar sauce (€ 6.00) and of course, their homemade crispy shrimp croquettes (€ 5.00), which many people claim are the best in town! You can wash everything down with a glass of crisp white wine.

Razor Clams a la Plancha

Garlicky Razor Clams a la Plancha (€ 7,-)

Squid Teppanyaki

Squid Teppanyaki with Baguette (€ 8,-)

Deep Fried Cod Fish at Fish A' Gogo Antwerpen

Deep-Fried Cod Fish with Tartar Sauce (€ 6,-)

Belgium Mussels with White Wine

Mussels with White Wine and Garlic (€ 8,-)

Fish A' Gogo Antwerp

Fish A' Gogo Antwerp

The food was definitely good! But to be honest, for a hole-in-the-wall street food restaurant, not that cheap. We’ve paid 56 euros for the food, plus two sodas. This was for two people and yes, we ordered a lot (seven portions total!), but still nowhere near what you normally pay for a street food feast. Why these prices? Quite simply, the seafood is premium quality and the portions were small, so we ordered a lot. 

The verdict: if you want to try a variety of fresh, local seafood dishes on the go, for a reasonable price, then Fish A' Gogo is a must-visit in Antwerp. 


Fish A' Gogo

Price: 5 - 12 EUR
Food: Belgium Seafood Streetfood
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