Fern Forest Cafe is a popular cafe in the middle of Chiang Mai located Singharaj Road. It serves a variety of cakes, desserts, a handful of Thai dishes, breakfast options and a variety of comfort food. In this article, I will describe why Fern Forest Cafe is such a cool place and what food is highly recommended.

Fern Forest Cafe is a beautifully decorated old townhouse with a bright white interior and old dark wooden chairs and tables and chandeliers. Inside the restaurant, there is airconditioning available, although the majority of the visitors prefer to sit outside in the oasis. Outside is a terrace with sunshades and tables for at least thirty people. The garden is surrounded by greenery, including low hanging trees and even a small koi pond. Because of all these small details and the complete atmosphere, it doesn’t feel you are in the middle of Chiang Mai. Instead, it feels like you are somewhere remote and in peace. Fern Forest Cafe is, therefore, a perfect place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with some of their delicious cakes. But Fern Forest Cafe also serves food for a larger appetite. 


fern forest cafe front

The front of Fern Forest Cafe in Chiang Mai

fern forest cafe indoor

The interior of Fern Forest Cafe

fern forest cafe outdoor seats

The outdoor seats at Fern Forest Cafe

fern forest cafe koi pond

The small koi pond at Fern Forest Cafe

The menu of Fern Forest Cafe is large in variety. For example, the all-day-breakfast options consist of seven completely different dishes, suitable for everyone: if you want to have a light breakfast, you go for the Muesli and Yoghurt (145 THB), while when you are more hungry, you go for the Fern Forest’s Big Breakfast (215 THB). For a more local breakfast option, you can choose the Thai Rice Soup with Pork (95 THB), also known as joke. But if you are a bit of a sweet tooth, we highly recommend the Pancakes with Seasonal Fruits (175 THB). It’s a signature yoghurt-based pancake served with seasonal fruits, whipped cream and maple syrup. It’s simply delicious!

fern forest cafe breakfast

Pancakes with Seasonal Fruits (175 THB)

fern forest cafe maple syrup

You can pour the maple syrup over the delicious pancakes

For a more hearty breakfast or lunch, Fern Forest Cafe has several good options too. From Mixed German Sausages (395 THB) to Finish And Chips (245 THB) or even a variety of pasta, the menu of Fern Forest Cafe is impressive. All options look stunning and the quality of the ingredients is great. During our visit, we tried the Spinach-Mushroom and Cheese Roti (175 THB), listed one their all-time-favourite page of their menu. This is a crispy roti filled with a creamy spinach-mushroom filling, served with a nice small salad. Highly recommended!

fern forest cafe roti

Spinach-Mushroom and Cheese Roti (175 THB)

fern forest cafe seasoning

The staff will add some extra pepper

As mentioned, Fern Forest Cafe is a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a piece of pie. There are seventeen different cakes and pies to choose from. From chocolate cake to passion fruit cheesecake. Now, that might be a difficult choice as it all sounds delicious. I’m here to help you: their Coconut Creme Cake (95 THB) is phenomenal and highly recommended. The cake is super creamy, the crush is perfect and the cake itself is not overly sweet. And here is my final recommendation: Fern Forest Cafe also serves a good variety of drinks, from freshly cold-pressed juices to milkshakes. The Banoffee Milk Shake (95 THB) is something you should must-order at Fern Forest Cafe.

fern forest cafe coconut pie

Coconut Cream Cake (95 THB)

fern forest cafe banoffee

Coconut Cream Cake (95 THB) with the Banoffee Milk Shake (95 THB)

Overall verdict: Fern Forest Cafe is a highly recommend this place in Chiang Mai as it serves high-quality food and drinks in a beautiful and relaxed setting. It’s a perfect place for breakfast and lunch, but also to get a cup of coffee with a piece of pie while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. Fern Forest Cafe open daily from 08:30 until 20:30. Fern Forest Cafe is listed in our article about the best restaurants in Chiang Mai Old City.


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