Fat Belly Pattaya is one of these places that serve particular food that you won’t forget easily. In Fat Belly’s case, it’s all about comforting and satisfying international food. In this article, I will give you all the information you need to guarantee you will leave this popular restaurant with a fat belly.

Fat Belly Pattaya is located at Moo 5, Na Kluea Soi 16 in a brand new building. The interior of Fat Belly Pattaya is modern and inviting, with plenty of seats available in the air-conditioned restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with plants which creates a lively atmosphere. The service is great with friendly staff who speak fluently English. Besides the comforting food they offer, Fat Bally Pattaya also offers a wide variety of drinks, such as homemade lemonade, freshly made iced coffee and a variety of crafts beer. 


Fat Belly Pattaya Interior

The modern yet invitings looks of the Fat Belly Pattaya


Fat Belly Pattaya Restaurant

Indoor plants are placed throughout the restaurant.


The Menu Of Fat Belly Pattaya

The menu is large and consists of both international and Thai food options. The idea behind Fat Belly Pattaya is to serve comforting food, or as they say ‘nothing beats grandma’s cooking’ and ‘offering the art of simplicity and nostalgia’. The majority of the food options is not particularly healthy food, hence the name Fat Belly, but it’s delicious food. Expect bangers & mash, nachos, steaks, burgers and ribs, as well as classic Thai food. All of the food is beautifully presented and highly flavoured. In the next paragraph, I will recommend the best food options. For this, I tried to recommend extremely comforting as well as two lighter dishes. Overall, expect to pay between three and four hundred Thai Bath per main course, with a few more expensive options available. Fat Belly Pattaya also serves many breakfast options as well as brunch options.


The Most Recommended Food at Fat Belly Pattaya


BBQ Pork Ribs (450 THB)

These ribs are among the most popular dishes at Fat Belly and for a very good reason: they are so delicious. The ribs are brushed with a barbecue sauce and are as tender that they fall right of the bone, the way it should be. Not less important are the fries. Where many Thai restaurants often fail to provide good quality French fries, the fries at Fat Belly are the way they should be: thick, golden fried, crispy and with the right amount of salt. The portion is large enough to satisfy your hunger and this is my favourite food I tried here.

Fat Belly Pattaya Ribs

BBQ Pork Ribs (450 THB)


Fat Belly Style Nachos (220 THB)

With the philosophy of Fat Belly in mind, these nachos are indeed simple and nostalgic, but nonetheless tasty as hell. There is no shortage of cheese or barbecue sauce, meaning you will leave the restaurant with a fat belly for sure. You can choose if you’d like to have the nachos with either pork or beef. The portion is large enough to share it with two people. I would not recommend you ordering both the BBQ Pork Ribs and the Fat belly Style Nachos. The reason for this is that the barbecue sauce they use for both dishes are the same and you end up eating two very similar tasting dishes. 

Fat Belly Pattaya Nachos

Fat Belly Style Nachos (220 THB)


Aglio e Olio (280 THB)

Another bestseller and another comforting food option here. Compared to the other dishes I recommend, this spaghetti is a much lighter option. The pasta itself is cooked well, but it’s the seafood and the garlicky flavour that makes this pasta dish so delicious. The Aglio e Olio is topped with tiny chilli flakes and these little heat boost makes it even more comforting. Highly recommended!

Fat Belly Pattaya Pasta

Aglio e Olio (280 THB)


Shrimp Paste Relish with Assorted Vegetables (250 THB)

As mentioned earlier, the menu consists of both international as Thai food options. This bowl with veggies and steamed mackerel is one of the most popular Thai dishes at Fat Belly and by far the healthiest one. The vegetables are cooked but still have a crunchy texture. The idea behind this dish is to dip the vegetables as well as the mackerel in the shrimp paste, which is packed with unusual and interesting flavours. 

Fat Belly Pattaya Vegetables

Shrimp Paste Relish with Assorted Vegetables (250 THB)


Vegetable and Prawn Sour Soup (250 THB)

Another bestseller among the Thai food options is this Vegetable and Prawn Sour Soup. And as the name already suggests is the soup a little bit sour, but the soup is also nicely spicy and a little bit sweet. Compared to the international dishes, the Thai food options are much lighter and healthier. 

Fat Belly Pattaya Soup

Vegetable and Prawn Sour Soup (250 THB)


Extra information about the Fat Belly Pattaya

The Fat Belly Pattaya is open daily from 11:00 until 23:00, except on Wednesday when they are closed. The Fat Belly Pattaya does not use MSG. Reservation is not needed. The restaurant is located at Moo 5, Na Kluea Soi 16.


My overall verdict of Fat Belly Pattaya

The Fat Belly Pattaya is a cool restaurant with clean, good-looking and even better tasting comforting food. It’s an excellent place to dine if you are craving for international food such as ribs, nachos or burgers as well as Thai food. I was positively surprised about the quality of the restaurant in Pattaya in general, and Fat Belly Pattaya was one of the reasons if was surprised. Good food, good service for a very fair price. 

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