Elefin is a popular restaurant located behind Wat Pho close to the river that serves great food for tourists. Don’t get me wrong, Elefin is not some sort of tourist trap that lost its authentic identity. It serves great tasting food with clean ingredients that are just not that heavily spiced. Elefin also has great coffee and is equipped with plenty of air-conditioning, making it also perfect to cool down after a temple hopping in the extreme heat of Bangkok. In this article, I solely focus on the food, though. 

Elefin interior

Elefin restaurant in Bangkok

Elefin atmosphere
The interior of Elefin

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Elefin’s menu consists mainly of Thai dishes, although there a few Western dishes such as Western breakfast, spaghetti, sandwiches and burgers. I would recommend trying the Thai dishes, especially the following.



One of the tastiest dishes I tried at Elefin is the Green Curry with Roti (125 THB). The curry is nicely creamy, not too spicy and is packed with tender chunks of chicken and Thai eggplant. Besides the well-flavoured curry, the roti was a welcome part of the dish as you can dip in the curry with it. It’s also served with a large bowl of steamed rice, so I can guarantee you will be full after you eat all this.


Elefin Green Curry with Roti

Green Curry with Roti (125 THB)

The signature dish of Elefin is their Lemongrass Chicken (140 THB). This super crunchy fried chicken is flavoured with lemongrass and other local herbs and is served with sticky rice, raw vegetables and spicy seafood sauce. Now, this sauce is pretty spicy, but it’s up to you how much spice you want to add. I absolutely loved this dish.


Elefin Lemongrass Chicken


Elefin's signature dish: Lemongrass Chicken (140 THB)

Another amazing dish is their Thai Boat Noodles (125 THB). In contrary to traditional boat noodles, these boat noodles were served as a huge portion. The soup itself is incredibly fragrant and the chunks of beef are nicely tender. As said before, the ingredients at Elefin are clean and in my opinion, you could easily tell this by looking at the quality of the beef. 

Elefin noodles

Boat noodles (125 THB)

The fourth and final dish I tried was the Fried Spring Rolls (110 THB), a pretty safe appetizer. The homemade spring rolls were nicely crunchy, had plenty of filling and was served with a sweet dipping sauce. 

Elefin Spring Rolls

Homemade Deep-Fried Spring Rolls (110 THB)

Final verdict: Elefin is a great restaurant for people who are new with the Thai Cuisine. It serves good quality Thai meals with clean ingredients for a fair price. Elefin has a second branch close to Ratchadamri BTS Station. 

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