In this article, we cover the best Colombian Caribbean coastal restaurants in Medellin. Although not too common, with a bit of search, you can find a few amazing coastal restaurants in Medellin that serve that typical Caribbean-influenced (sea)food. And the good thing about Colombian coastal food is that it’s not as heavy and greasy as other Colombian food (Bandeja Paisa and Cazuela de Frijoles are calorie bombs), which is a good variation to Medellin’s food scene. Northern Colombian food - or Colombian coastal food - is much lighter, often served with seafood and obviously with that famous coconut rice. And if you do crave Colombian Coastal food, head over to one of the following recommended restaurants for a real feast.

The best Colombian Caribbean coastal restaurants in Medellin are:


1. Restaurante El Mejor Sabor del Caribe

Although the outside of this Colombian coastal seafood restaurant does not look that inviting, once you notice how busy this restaurant is on a daily basis, you know they must serve proper food. Located in a residential area in Laureles, Restaurante El Mejor Sabor del Caribe is one of the few restaurants in this part of Laureles and you won't expect to find a restaurant that serves typical coastal food here. But thank God they do because when you are craving for that typical coconut rice accompanied with fried fish and patacones, this restaurant is a serious option. Aside from the authentically flavoured food, price-wise makes this restaurant a good place to dine as well as everything is reasonably priced.

Seafood at Colombian restaurants in Medellin, in general, is scarce, due to its location (Medellin is not connected to any coast or whatsoever) and the fact that the majority of the Colombian cuisine mainly focuses on meats like pork, chicken and beef. So when visiting a coastal restaurant, you have the somewhat rare opportunity to devour some serious seafood as the Northern parts of the Colombian cuisine mainly use seafood in their dishes. One of the highlights of Colombian coastal food is of course Pescado Frito (50,000 COP) and this restaurant does an excellent version of it. The fish comes in a well-sized portion, is freshly deep-fried and carved in a way that you can pull the chunks of fish meat with your hands (the Colombian way of eating fish). The fish is served with two freshly made patacones, typical coastal coconut rice (white rice is available too) and a salsa mix of tomato, onion and mango. 
Caribbean Food Medellin - El Mejor Sabor
Pescado Frito (50,000 COP)


Another classic Colombian Caribbean food option here is the Cazuela de Camarones (40,000 COP), which is a slightly heavy seafood stew made with prawns. There are other (more expensive) seafood options available on the menu too, for those who are looking for something more special, such as a cazuela with langoustines. This seafood stew is gratinated with salty cheese, which is not always the case with Cazuele de Camarones. Similar to the Pescado Frito, this seafood dish is served with patacones and coconut fried rice. More information about this coastal restaurant, such as the opening times, the location, the menu and other recommended dishes, can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Restaurante El Mejor Sabor del Caribe
Caribbean Restaurants Medellin - El Mejor Sabor
Cazuela de Camarones (40,000 COP)
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2. Buena Mar

Buena Mar is a popular Colombian Caribbean restaurant in Medellin that mainly attracts Colombians as it’s not located in the more popular areas of Medellin. Nonetheless, it’s well worth the visit if you’re looking for Northern Colombian seafood. The restaurant is located above the seafood shop and after taking a narrow stairs, you end up in what seems to be a seafood hut with all sorts of decorations that reminds you of the Caribbean. The menu of Buena Mar is limited but do offer the classic Colombian coastal dishes you’d expect. It’s good to know that dishes can be ordered in smaller portions, which is ideal for those who want to try different dishes or those who have a smaller stomach.

One of the most popular dishes at Buena Mar is the Ceviche De Camarones (17,000 COP for a smaller portion), a Colombian version of prawn ceviche (with tomato of course) accompanied with crackers. Many Colombian visitors will order this starter while waiting for their main dish(es). Another recommended item on the menu is their Patacones Con Suero (6,000 COP), another typical so-called Costeño dish. The patacones are topped with cream, ideal as a starter and very tasty together with the ceviche.
Caribbean Food Medellin - Buena Mar
Ceviche De Camarones (17,000 COP) & Patacones Con Suero (6,000 COP)

Highlights for mains are the Cazuela De Mariscos (29,000 COP for a smaller portion), which is a creamy seafood soup with prawns, patacones and coconut rice. The combination of coconut, seafood and sweetness almost takes your mind to the Caribbean itself. Other recommendations are Arroz Con Camarones (43,000 COP) and Mixtura De Mariscos (42,000 COP). More information about this coastal restaurant, such as the opening times, the location, the menu and other recommended dishes, can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Buena Mar
Caribbean Restaurants Medellin - Buena Mar
Cazuela De Mariscos (29,000 COP)
Northern Colombian Restaurants Medellin - Buena Mar
Mixtura De Mariscos (42,000 COP)
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3. Cayito San Andresano

This small shop located inside the food court of La Plaza Comercial in Loma de Los Bernal opened its door at the end of April of 2022, and from the start, you can fairly say it's a success. During the weekdays, Cayito San Andresano serves Menu del Dia (17,000 COP) while during the weekends, visitors can choose between the limited options of their a-la-carte menu (30,000 COP per plate). All dishes are from the coastal regions of Colombia, meaning that you can enjoy that typical coconut rice, patacones, fried fish and other typical Caribbean ingredients for a bargain. As always with Menu del Dia, the menu changes every day so it's a bit difficult to give you food recommendations. However, popular dishes such as Tilapia Frita, Bistec a Caballo, Goulash a la Jardinera and Arroz con Pollo en Trozos are available regularly.  All these dishes come in large portions and are served with soup and a delicious drink. 

The shop opens at six o'clock in the morning, serving mainly fried arepas and other breakfast options. Around noon, the Menu Del Dia is served until everything is sold out, which usually is around six o'clock in the evening. When visiting in the afternoon, you can combine your visit with Arroz Con Leche La Cavapeca, which is located 100 metres from Cayito San Andresano and for only 7,500 COP. This van sells super-delicious Arroz Con Leche, so you have an amazing dessert as well. For more information about this Caribbean restaurant in Medellin, such as the menu, location, recommended dishes and more, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Cayito San Andresano
Caribbean Food Medellin - Cayito San Andresano
Tilapia Frita (17,000 COP)
Caribbean Food Medellin - Cayito San Andresano
Bistec a Caballo (17,000 COP)
This article will be updated in the upcoming weeks and many more of the best Colombian Caribbean restaurants in Medellin will be added soon. In the meantime, check out our free food recommendation app that helps you find the best restaurants in Medellin as well as in Bogota. The app is completely free and helps you decide what to eat by recommending the best dishes and other specialities of (local) restaurants. Especially when you have no (or not enough) knowledge of the local cuisine, the app is a handy tool. 

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