The Chocolate Factory in Pattaya is the fourth branch opened in Thailand, after successfully operating in Khao Yai and Hua Hin. It’s known for high-quality food and excellent chocolates. In this review, I will explain what makes the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya so unique and what food you should not miss.

The Chocolate Factory in Pattaya has two different branches, one located at Sukhumvit, the other one is located at Pratumnak. In the article, the Chocolate Factory in Pratumnak will be received as the Chocolate Factory in Sukhumvit not the complete menu and is more focussed on selling cakes and souvenirs.

The Chocolate Factory at Pratumnak is a beautifully decorated venue located at Pratumnak on a hill next to the beach. The restaurant itself is modern and spacious with plenty of indoor seating options, however, the best places to sit are outside on the deck of the restaurant where you have an amazing view on the beach, the ocean and the island Koh Lan. As the restaurant is surrounded by large trees, the outdoor dining area is relatively cool as the sun is mostly blocked by its leaves. If you still want to sit inside, you can expect spacious seatings for couples as well as larger groups, air-conditioning and with the large windows, still a good view of the ocean. 


chocolate factory pattaya interior

The spacious interior of the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya


chocolate factory pattaya atmosphere

On the left side, you can see the outdoor deck that overlooks the ocean.


chocolate factory pattaya view

Part of the view from the deck over the ocean.


The menu of Chocolate Factory in Pattaya

The menu of the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya is large with a variety of international dishes such as pizza, pasta, steaks, soups and salads, as well as a variety of Thai dishes, such as crab meat curry, stir-fried prawns and green curry. Expect to pay between three hundred and four hundred Thai baht per dish, with exceptions when you order more exclusive dishes such as imported beef or a large lobster. The Chocolate Factory also serves, for obvious reasons, chocolate. There is a dedicated dessert menu that consists of all sorts of mostly chocolate-rich creations as well as the variety of homemade chocolates that can be selected at inside the chocolate shop. As mentioned before, only the branch at Pratumnak serves all this food, the branch at Sukhumvit only serves cakes, chocolates and souvenirs.

chocolate factory pattaya food

A glimpse of the delicious food they serve at the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya


The most recommended food at the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya


Charcoal Grilled Australian Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce (780 THB)

A perfectly cooked grilled steak, which was really large of size, served with baked potatoes, grilled veggies and placed in a reduced red wine sauce. The steak itself was so incredibly tender and was served with fried garlic as well, which is a heavenly combination. The price of this highly recommended dish is above what you might used to in this area, however, eating a really nice steak while looking over the bay is absolutely worth it.

chocolate factory pattaya steak

Charcoal Grilled Australian Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce (780 THB)


Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemon Cream Sauce (450 THB)

What’s so good about these prawns is the fact that they are literally grilled to perfection. The prawns are beautifully presented and are served with a dill-mashed-potato and a lemon cream sauce. Dill and seafood, as well as lemon and seafood, are a classic combination and both combinations on one plate are even better! This popular main course is a light yet still filling option, but if you are planning to have one of the large desserts afterwards, these grilled prawns are a great choice. 

chocolate factory pattaya prawn

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemon Cream Sauce (450 THB)


Phad Thai Ghoong (220 THB)

As mentioned earlier, the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya also serves Thai dishes. One of the most-ordered Thai dishes here is the Phad Thai Ghoong. Like all food here, the Phad Thai Goong is beautifully presented and is nicely flavoured. Even the chills flakes, crushed peanuts, sugar and fish sauce, which are the "Thai salt and pepper”, are beautifully presented as well. It’s this level of details that makes the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya such a special place to visit. The Pad Thai is served with a few large, tasty prawns and is really tasty. Similar to the previous main course, the Pad Thai is relatively light and if you are want to try the desserts at the Chocolate Factory too, a great choice.

chocolate factory pattaya pad thai

Phad Thai Ghoong (220 THB)


Bingsu Chocolate (250 THB)

One of the beautifully presented and great tasting desserts options at the Chocolate Factory is the Bingsu Chocolate. While the pile of sweetened shaved ice is very light, the bingsu is covered in all sorts of chocolate bits made of different types of chocolates. For example, the bottom of the bingsu is covered in Malteser-like chocolate bits, while the top of the bingsu is decorated with thin dark chocolate bars. And finally, the bingsu is served with a shot glass of liquid milk chocolate, which you can pour over the bingsu, making it a chocolate-shaved-ice. If you are a chocolate-lover, you must try this bingsu.

chocolate factory pattaya bingsu

Bingsu Chocolate (250 THB)


Chocolate Variety (200 THB)

Although not listed on the dessert menu, it is possible to order a plate of different types of homemade chocolates from the shop, which you can obviously enjoy outside the deck of the restaurant. The chocolates cost between thirty and forty Thai baht per piece and it’s all up to you which chocolate you would like to try. We selected a variety of truffle chocolates, fruity chocolates and peanut-based chocolates. It’s these chocolates what made the Chocolate Factory a successful business, so I would highly recommend trying at least a few chocolates here. 

chocolate factory pattaya chocolates

Chocolate Variety (200 THB)


Extra information about the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya

The Chocolate Factory is open daily from 10:00 until 22:00. The restaurant is located at 400/626 Moo 12, Rajchawaroon Road next to the Sky Gallery. Reservation is not needed. As the restaurant is located next to the beach, the Chocolate Factory is a great spot to catch the sunset. Besides the food described above, we also recommend you trying their signature drinks, in particular, their Iced Chocolate Drink (95 THB). 

chocolate factory pattaya drinks

Signature drinks at the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya.


Overall verdict of the Chocolate Factory in Pattaya

The Chocolate Factory in Pattaya is a great restaurant to enjoy both international as Thai cuisine meals. The dishes are beautifully presented, are made with high-quality ingredients and for the quality, fair-priced. Even better are the chocolates and it would be a bit stupid if you didn’t try at least a few homemade chocolates to eat the outside deck or just take them back home. The Chocolate Factory is absolutely a highly recommended restaurant in Pattaya.

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