Chinatown Bangkok boasts a thriving food scene. But with so many options, it’s hard to pick the best Chinatown Bangkok food. Especially at night, when street food vendors are allowed to open their cards, this famous neighbourhood transforms into a foodies Walhalla! Chinatown is best to visit on Tuesday till Sunday, as on Mondays many restaurants are closed and street food carts are not allowed to open. I visit Chinatown often, below you’ll find my favourite food to try in Chinatown Bangkok. 


The best foods at Chinatown Bangkok are:


1. Stir-Fried Crab with Yellow Curry at T&K Seafood (500 THB)

T&K Seafood is one of Bangkok’s most famous seafood restaurants and deserves a top spot on this Chinatown Bangkok Food List! This stir-fried crab with yellow curry powder is their bestseller, and a must-order when visiting this famous seafood restaurant. The crab is fresh and is covered in a thick layer of tasty curry powder and veggies. Really good!

T&K Seafood Chinatown

Stir-fried Crab in Yellow Curry (500 THB) at T&K Seafood 

Other delicious food at T&K Seafood: Grilled Prawns (150 THB) and Steamed White Snapper in Spicy Garlic and Lemon Soup (350 THB).

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2. Noodle with Claw of Crab at Odean Noodle (150 THB)

Odean serves their egg noodle with a large crab claw! Who doesn’t want that? They serve this dish in different sizes from the smaller 150 THB size pictured below to the largest 550 THB size which comes with multiple large crab claws! Other things that set this quality noodle shop apart is that everything like their egg noodle is homemade. If you are a noodle fan, you should definitely try this shop on your Chinatown Bangkok food quest.

Odean Noodle

Signature Crab Claw Noodle (150 - 500 THB) at Odean Noodle  

Other delicious food at Odean Noodle: Fried Prawn Wonton (100 THB)

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3. Rice Soup with Fish or Oysters at Siang Ki Khao Tom Pla (300 THB, 2019)

This long-standing Chinatown Bangkok food legend is famous for serving one of Bangkok’s best Khao Tom Pla or Khao Tom Hoy Nangrom (rice soup with fish or oysters). The soup is delicious and comes with a good amount of seafood. Although the rice soup with fish is their signature, we like the rice soup with oysters just as much!

Oyster Soup at Yaowarat

Khao Tom Hoy Nangrom (300 THB) at Siang Ki Khao Tom Pla

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4. Roasted Duck at Hua Seng Hong (180 THB)

This famous restaurant serves a HUGE variety of Thai and Chinese cuisine. One of their signatures is this beautifully presented roasted duck portion. The skin is perfectly crispy and the tender meat has lots of flavour. Completely soak the duck in the complementary sweet sauce to enjoy this dish the most.

Crispy Duck Hua Seng Hong

Signature Roasted Duck (180 THB) at Hua Heng Song 

Other delicious food at Hua Seng HongStir Fried Sea Crab with Curry Powder (599 THB) and Baked Spiced Goose’s Feet with Egg Noodles (420 THB)

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5. Cheng Teung Mhee at Aaii Waan Yen (40 THB)

What I like so much about Thai (and Asian) desserts is that Thai know how to make something delicious by using mostly natural ingredients. Where in Europe most desserts are mass made and full of additives and preservatives, Thai make their desserts with mostly natural ingredients. Like this traditional Thai-Chinese dessert at Aaii Waan Yen which is prepared with egg noodles, kidney beans, seeds and dried persimmon. You can choose to mix it with either sweet coconut milk or longan juice.

Aaii Waan Yen

Cheng Teung Mhee (40 THB) at Aaii Waan Yen

Other delicious desserts at Aaii Waan Yen: Cheng Teung Nomsod (40 THB).

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6. Crispy Oyster Omelette at Nai Mong Hoi Thod (100 THB, 2019)

One of the most famous foods in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Nai Mong Hoi Thod is known for serving Bangkok’s best oyster omelette! The delicious and greasy combination of stir-fried crispy battered omelette, oysters, thick oyster- and sweet chilli sauce is just heavenly good! And definitely one of the food highlights in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Note: Nai Mong Hoi Thod maintains dual pricing which means Thai nationals pay less (70 THB) than foreigners (100 THB). If you’re against this, try one of the many other tasty Chinatown Bangkok food on this list.


Oyster Omelette Chinatown Bangkok

Famous Crispy Oyster Omelette (100 THB) at Nai Mong Hoi Thod

Other delicious food at Nai Mong Hoi Thod: Crispy Mussel Topped with Oysters (150 THB).

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7. Crispy Pork and BBQ Pork with Sweet Chinese Sausage at Xie Lao Yee Hor (40 THB, 2019)

This well-priced local restaurant is specialized in crispy- and barbecue pork with rice. Openedonlyat daytime. This is one of our favourite khao moo deng moo grob vendors in Bangkok and a great option for food in Bangkok’s Chinatown.  Don’t forget to order with a portion of goon chiang (sweet Chinese sausage) as to me this is a MUST with a tasty plate of pork and rice covered in flavourful Chinese barbecue sauce.

Xie Lao Yee Hor Bangkok

Crispy Pork and BBQ Pork with Sweet Chinese Sausage (40 THB) at Xie Lao Yee Hor

Other delicious food at Xie Lao Yee Hor: Shrimp Wonton Soup (40 THB).

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8. Soft boiled Blood Cockles at Pa Jin Cockle Bar (100 THB)

This Chinatown Bangkok Food cart is well-known for serving one of the best blood cockles in Bangkok! The blood cockles here are always fresh, which is particularly important with this barely cooked dish. You get your generous serving of blood cockles with 2 complimentary sauces, I like the sweet-sour one with crushed peanuts the most.

Other delicious food at Pa Jin Cockle Bar: Boiled Mussels (100 THB)


9. Roll Noodle Soup at Nai-Ek Roll Noodles (50 THB)

This restaurant is easy to spot, as every night heaps of locals queue up in front of this restaurant to try their signature dish crispy pork with roll noodles. The peppery broth is a real treat, and for the daredevils among us you can also order your soup with organs!

Nai-Ek Roll Noodle

Roll Noodle Soup (40 THB) at Nai-Ek Roll Noodles

Other delicious food at Nai-Ek Roll Noodles: Pork Spareribs Stew (100 THB) and Deep Fried Crispy Pork (100 THB).

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10. Toasted Buns at Tasty Toast (20 THB, 2019) 

Though not that spectacular, Thai absolutely LOVE this toasted bun vendor in Chinatown. Every night queues line up in front of this vendor of up to 30 minutes, craving for a charcoal toasted bun with a creamy filling. You can choose between several flavours, chocolate and egg custard are my favourite. Overall a good dessert to finish your Bangkok Chinatown food tour.

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