With over 15,000 stalls, Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the main tourist draws in Bangkok. However, with so many restaurants, stalls and Chatuchak food to choose from, deciding what’s good can be a bit overwhelming. I visit regularly and among the many types of food Chatuchak offers, these are our seven favourites Chatuchak Market Food options.

chatuchak market food


The best food at Chatuchak Market are:  


1. Coconut Ice Cream at Coco JJ (60 THB)

You can’t walk for one minute on Chatuchak’s main road without passing at least one vendor selling this appealing ice cream. Scoops of delicious ice cream and coconut meat are served in a shell with two toppings of your choice. The original branch (Coco JJ) is located on Chatuchak’s main road Section 1 and is a great place to sample this famous Chatuchak food vendor.

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coco jj chatuchak market ice cream

Coconut Ice Cream at Coco JJ (60 THB)



2. Honey Roast Pork at Moo Yang Nam Peung (50 THB)

These large slabs of roasted, juicy pork (moo yang) are marinated in honey for hours before being chopped up and served, which elevates the dish to another level. The thick, charcoal-roasted meat is incredibly juicy and tender and the delicious honey marinade and pork juice drips from the meat, giving it an overriding sweet flavour. I really enjoy eating the meat on its own but you can also order it with a bun (10 THB). Head inside section 22 to find this famous Chatuchak food seller.

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Moo Yang Nam Peung

Honey Roast Pork at Moo Yang Nam Peung (50 THB)


3. Tub Tim Grob at Tub Tim Grob Shop (40 THB)

Although travellers are more familiar with the Thai dessert mango sticky rice, locals often choose Tub Tim Grob instead. Tub Tim Grob is a treat made with sweetened coconut milk and shaved ice mixed with jellied coconut flesh, water chestnut and eye-catching crunchy red rubies, which are water chestnuts coated with tapioca flour. The result is a sweet, ice-cold dessert. To try this local treat and Chatuchak food restaurant, head to Tub Tim Grob Shop on the main road at Section 25.

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tub tim grob chatuchak

Tub Tim Grob at Tub Tim Grob Shop (40 THB)


4. Paella at Viva 8 (160 THB)

Although it doesn’t serve Thai food and isn’t exactly a restaurant, this is Chatuchak’s most popular dining spot. The hip lounge bar is where locals and travellers come together to escape the market’s heat and enjoy some funky house music and one of many cocktails. But Viva 8 is also known for its paella and the entertaining Chef who prepares this Spanish national dish in front of guests. 

The paella is very tasty and comes with a decent helping of a chicken drumstick, prawns and mussels. Grab a cocktail or ice-cold beer and enjoy Viva 8’s vibrant atmosphere. In the mood for partying after a few drinks? Viva 8 also has a second branch at Chatuchak market, “Viva 26”, which opens after 20:00 and offers LGBT nightlife and live music.

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Viva 8 Chatuchak Weekend Market

Paella at Viva 8 (160 THB)

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5. Fried Octopus at King Octopus (50 - 200 THB)

Every now and then, a new trend appears in food markets in Bangkok. A couple of years ago, the seafood buckets were suddenly on every corner of Ratchada Train Market, as well as the spiced pork bones. At Chatuchak Market, you can find King Octopus at several areas of the popular weekend market. The grilled octopus is served in a small plastic bag and covered in a delicious spicy and sour dressing. The octopus itself is just a little bit chewy. The best part of the octopus is the belly. If you are lucky, the tiny octopus eggs are still inside the belly, which is a real treat. There are three sizes available, ranging from 50 to 200 THB. For a tourist, this snack might be a bit adventurous, but flavour-wise, definitely a tasty Chatuchak market food option.

Chatuchak Market Food Octopus

The octopus is served in a plastic bag which you can eat with the help of a skewer.


6. Duck Noodle at Drum Stick Duck Noodle (50 THB)

This small shop is a popular stop for locals to enjoy a delicious bowl of duck noodle soup in the middle of the Chatuchak market. There are several duck options available, from simple duck noodle soups to sliced duck with rice, although the vast majority of its customers will order duck noodle soup. The broth itself is sweet and non-spicy, making it an excellent choice for foreigners as well. If you do want to spice up your soup, you can simply add chilli flakes to your meal, which are provided on every table. If you’re not a big fan of duck, there are a few chicken noodle options here as well. Keep in mind that the soup is standardly served with blood curd, which I personally don’t really like. Simple order without blood curd if you don't like the blood curd as well.

Chatuchak Market Food Duck Noodle

Duck Noodle for only 50 THB!


7. Mango Sticky Rice at Mango Sticky Rice Vendor (50 THB)

When you walk around Chatuchak Market, you will see an overload of mango sticky rice vendors. Understandable, as the temperature at the weekend market rises easily and a refreshing dessert like mango sticky rice is at that moment always welcome. At section 6 of the Chatuchak Market, you will find a popular mango sticky rice vendor, which does not have an official name, that serves this dessert with high-quality mangos. It’s the quality of the mango that makes the dessert a hit or miss. Besides mango sticky rice, this vendor also serves a variety of freshly made (mango) smoothies, which between 60 and 80 THB. 

Chatuchak Market Food Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice for 50 THB.


Chatuchak Market Food Mango Sticky Rice Vendor

The vendor sells mango sticky rice and smoothies.

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