Burinda is a small restaurant located at Chikun Road in Ayutthaya, which is the street where you can find Ayutthaya’s most popular attraction: Wat Maha Tat. In this street, you can find several great restaurants. Burinda is one of them and it serves some amazing Thai classics. During our research for the best restaurants in Ayutthyaa, we stumbled upon Burinda. Some of the dishes they serve made an impression on us. Reason enough to write a detailed review about this great restaurant.

From the outside, Burinda doesn’t look inviting. There is an old and damaged banner strung in front of the restaurant, with the text that Burinda serves Pad Thai, Thai Food and Vegetarian Food.  Guests have the option to sit inside or outside and Burinda has around six large wooden old tables. There is also the possibility to sit in front of the restaurant, on the street side, where you can see
Wat Ratchaburana on the opposite side of the street. The restaurant is a bit old but everything seems clean. Burinda should not have it from its looks, but I can assure you, the food is great! This is exactly what you want during your travel.  

Burinda Ayutthaya

The front of Burinda in Ayutthaya

Burinda Ayutthaya Interior

The interior of Burinda in Ayutthaya

Burinda Ayutthaya Atmosphere

Outdoor seats at Burinda

The menu of Burinda consists of twelve pages, which are mostly Thai classics. Think of pad see ew, fried rice, som tum, pad kra pao, green curry and laab kai. All of these dishes are under 100 THB, making Burinda a great and affordable place to eat in Ayutthaya. The owner was very friendly and the food was served within ten minutes. The following dishes are highly recommended:



Our absolute favourite dish we tried at Burinda was the Pad Thai Goongsod (89 THB). Burinda’s speciality is Pad Thai. There are four different options, with either pork, chicken, shrimp or squid. Personally, my favourite is Pad Thai with shrimp in general, and I would recommend you to try this version at Burinda as well. The Pad Thai is nicely presented on banana leaves and served with four large prawns. Although I don’t often eat Pad Thai, I have to admit this was one of the best Pad Thai is had in a really long time!


Burinda Ayutthaya Pad Thai

Highly recommended Pad Thai

If you are up to something spicy, try the Thai Spicy Basil with Pork (69 THB). This pad kra pao moo has some amazing flavours with plenty of chillies. And one little detail, which is actually pretty important when it comes to pad kra pao, the Thai fried egg was done perfectly! Crispy on the outside while the egg yolk was silky smooth. 

Burinda Ayutthaya Pad Kra Pao

Thai Spicy Basil with Pork, highly recommended (look at that fried egg!)

Burinda Ayutthaya Food

The two best dishes at Burinda, Pad Thai and Pad Kra Pao

The last dish I would recommend is the Fried Chicken (79 THB). These fried chicken wings had a nice garlicky taste and were served with sweet chilli sauce and sticky rice in banana leaves. The only thing that could have been better, was the fact that the wings were pretty lean. Flavour-wise they were great, but it could have a bit more meat on it. I would not recommend the Spring Rolls (59 THB), even when they are recommended on their menu. The lack of actual filling was a bit disappointing. 

Burinda Ayutthaya Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken at Burinda in Ayutthaya

Overall verdict: Burinda is a great local restaurant in Ayutthaya that serves great tasting Thai classics. The Pad Thai Goongsod, the Pad Kra Pao and the Fried Chicken are highly recommended. Burinda is an affordable restaurant with a great location, as it’s on the opposite side of Wat Ratchaburana. 

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