Although most tourists think Ayutthaya is only famous for its ruins, it’s also famous for its incredible seafood. This article helps you find the best seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya. From enormous jumbo river prawns to fresh crab, Ayutthaya is a real seafood heaven.

Seafood in Ayutthaya


The best seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya are:


1. Grand Chaopraya

If you are looking for something extraordinary in Ayutthaya with excellent seafood, Grand Chaopraya is the place to go. This restaurant is located around five kilometres south of the Historical Park, next to the river. Guests can sit on a multi-level wooden deck or can choose to sit inside where you have air conditioning. In the evening, a music band will provide live music. The atmosphere is amazing, and I haven’t talked about the food yet. And with a large menu, there is so much to choose from. As said, Ayutthaya is famous for its gigantic jumbo river prawns and the Grilled River Prawns (480 per piece) is one of the bestsellers at Grand Choapraya. Other highlights are the Sheatfishes in Yellow Curry Sauce (420 THB) and the Steamed Curry Mixed Seafood in Coconut (320 THB). Grand Chaophraya is one most pricey seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya. The restaurant is open from 11:00 - 22:00 daily. 

Grand Chaopraya Ayutthaya River Prawns

Grilled River Prawns (480 per piece)

Grand Chaopraya Ayutthaya Seafood

Sheatfishes in Yellow Curry Sauce (420 THB)

Grand Chaopraya Seafood Restaurant Ayutthaya

The lovely atmosphere, with a multi-level wooden deck and a riverside view.


2. Ban U-Thong

Ban U-Thong is a popular restaurant for locals to enjoy some excellent seafood. Compared to the Grand Chaopraya restaurant, Ban U-Thong is better located as it is relatively close to the Historical Park. Like the Grand Chaopraya, guests can choose to sit outside next to the river, or inside with air conditioning. Ban U-Thong has a more down-to-earth vibe and is, therefore, a bit cheaper than Grand Chaopraya. Like many seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya, one of the highlights of the menu is the King River Prawns (400 THB per piece). The enormous prawns are served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Another speciality of Ban U-Thong is their red curry. You can order it with deep-fried Common Sheet Fish (350 THB), Snails (120 THB) or with a Bamboo Beetle Leaves Salad (120 THB). Personally, I believe the version with the Common Sheet Fish is the most delicious one. The combination of red curry and deep-fried fish is simply amazing. The Bamboo Beetle Leaves Salad is also worth trying. It’s incredibly herby and served with large prawns. My last recommendation is the Steamed Sea Bass Fish with Lemon and Lime Spicy Soup (390 THB). The steamed sea bass is nicely cooked and topped with plenty of ingredients, such as garlic, chilli, lime and lemon. The restaurant is open from 10:00 - 22:00 daily.

Ban U Thong Seafood Ayutthaya

Tremendous seafood at Ban U-Thong restaurant.

ban u-thong seafood Ayutthaya

All sorts of delicious seafood at Ban U-Thong Restaurant in Ayutthaya

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3. Krua Pruek Tiara

This restaurant is a bit difficult to find, as the outside of the restaurant does not look inviting. The restaurant is completely made of wood, giving it a whole local and exotic atmosphere. It’s located next to the river and outside on the wooden deck is the best place to enjoy one of the many tasty seafood dishes. …..

 Krua Pruek Tiara Restaurant


Krua Pruek Tiara Seafood Salsa


Krua Pruek Tiara Seafood Red Curry



4. Krua Nai Pun

Krua Nai Pun is a nice restaurant with excellent service, beautiful decoration and amazing seafood. It has exciting dishes, for example, a Thai/Japanese fusion dish called Ph-Pla Salmon (350 THB), a raw salmon salad with Thai herbs and wasabi. Another amazing dish to try is the Khanom Chin Sao Nam (120 THB): rice noodles, cucumber, red onion, ginger, lime, chillies, prawns and coconut milk on one plate and once you start mixing all these ingredients you will get an amazing taste explosion. But my personal favourite seafood dish I tried was the Som Tum Pla Tum-Tim Grob (300 THB): fried crispy ruby fish with papaya salad on top. The sweet and sour dressing of the papaya salad soaks into the crispy fried ruby fish, giving it an incredible flavour. Out of all these seafood restaurants, Krua Nai Pun is the most formal restaurant. The restaurant is open daily from 10:00 until 22:00.  

Krua Nai Pun Som Tum Fish

Som Tum Pla Tum-Tim Grob (300 THB) 

Krua Nai Pun Salmon Salad

Ph-Pla Salmon (350 THB) 

Krua Nai Pun Restaurant
The interior of Krua Nai Pun 


5. Kung Phuean Praew

Kung Phuean Praew is a popular local seafood restaurant located in front of the local seafood market of Ayutthaya called Talad Klang Pue Kaset Tagon Ayutthaya. Here, basically, all seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya will buy the freshest seafood to serve later to their guests. Visiting this market is already a fun thing to do during an Ayutthaya day trip. The absolute highlight of the menu at Kung Phuean Praew is the Kung Pao - Grilled Prawns (500 THB): a large plate, full of around fifteen freshly grilled river prawns served with two dipping sauces. Other tasty options are the Tom Yum Kung (200 THB), which is authentically flavoured with plenty of chillies in it, and the Tod Mun Kung - Deep-fried Shrimp Cakes (350 THB), which are one of the tastiest shrimp cakes I’ve ever had. The shrimp cakes are large and packed with shrimp meat, while the crispy layer is thin and crunchy. Kung Phuean Praew is open from 08:30 - 21:30 daily. 

Kung Phuean Praew Grilled Prawn
Kung Pao - Grilled Prawns (500 THB)

Kung Phuean Praew Prawn Cakes
Tod Mun Kung - Deep-fried Shrimp Cakes (350 THB)

Kung Phuean Praew Ayutthaya
The atmosphere of Kung Phuean Praew

Ayutthaya Seafood Market
Ayutthaya Seafood Market

Ayutthaya Seafood Market BBQ Prawns
Freshly grilled river prawns

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There you have it, the best seafood restaurants in Ayutthaya. All of these restaurants can be found in our food app TopTravelFoods, which you can download for free. Or when you are on a desktop, you can explore the best local food in Ayuttaya. If you are planning to visit Ayutthaya as a day trip, check out our article with all the tips and everything you should know about the Ayutthaya Day Trip.


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