Finding the best restaurants in Poblado can be challenging as this popular area in Medellin has an abundance of restaurants, both good and bad. As it’s one of the top destinations for foreigners when staying in Medellin, we decided to do a proper research to answer your question about where to find the best restaurants in Poblado. Poblado is a huge area in Medellin, so we selected the restaurants that are located nearby popular areas, meaning that you won’t have to travel much for a good dining experience. With that being said, let’s jump to the results.


The best restaurants in Poblado are:


1. Mondongo’s

When it comes to typical food from Medellin, Mondongo’s is one of the best restaurants in Poblado. This famous restaurant has attracted many celebrities, both Colombian and foreign and is basically a must-visit when you’re in Medellin. As the name already suggests, Mondongo’s is specialized in Mondongo, a typical Paisa soup that’s packed with spices and herbs and made with beef tripe. It’s good to know that you can order a junior-sized Mondongo (26,500 COP) in case you want to try their other specialities too as the regular bowl of Mondongo is huge. The other specialities include the Bandeja Paisa, which is called Tipico Antioqueño (39,500 COP), another typical dish from the Antioquia region, and their Ajiaco, a Colombian chicken soup with potatoes. 

The Ajiaco (29,500 COP) served at Mondongo’s is one of my favourite soups I’ve tried in Medellin and it’s also a good alternative for those who don’t like to eat beef tripe. Keep in mind that Mondongo’s is extremely busy during lunchtime, although the restaurant is incredibly organized, meaning that you have a table within ten minutes and food is served almost right after you’ve ordered. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Mondongo's.

You can find more exciting restaurants in our article about the best mondongo in Medellin if you're really into this soup. 
Restaurants in Poblado - Mondongos
Mondongo (26,500 COP)
Restaurants Poblado - Mondongos
Ajiaco (29,500 COP)
Best Restaurants In Poblado - Mondongos
Tipico Antioqueño (39,500 COP)
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2. Mamasita Medallo 

One of our favourite restaurants in Medellin and therefore one of our favourite restaurants in Poblado is Mamasita Medalla. This trendy restaurant serves typical Colombian food with a twist and the beautifully presented dishes won’t break the bank. It’s the ideal place to enjoy proper Colombian food with friends and family and spend the evening sipping good cocktails. Although there is a separate sharing section on the menu, most dishes are presented in a way that you can easily share them with each other, which challenge you to order different dishes. Luckily there is plenty to choose from.

One of the highlights of the menu is the Picada de Morcilla (20,000 COP), which is grilled Morcilla (blood sausage) accompanied with roasted potatoes and super tasty guacamole. The Morcilla is first cut in slices and then fried on both sides, giving it more texture and flavour. This dish is also listed in our article about the best Colombian food in Medellin, which is an article that solely focuses on amazing Colombian dishes in the city.  

Another recommended dish is their Tazon Paisa (29,000 COP), which is some sort of Bandeja Paisa but with its own twist. This is yet another dish that you can easily share with each other. For beef-lovers, we suggest ordering the Tazon Baby Beef (29,000 COP), which is a plate with super-tender beef chunks, potatoes, arepa and salsa. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Mamasita Medallo.
Restaurants in Poblado - Mamasita Medallo
Tazon Baby Beef (29,000 COP)
Restaurants Poblado - Mamasita Medallo
Tazon Paisa (29,000 COP)
Best Restaurants In Poblado - Mamasita Medallo
Picada de Morcilla (20,000 COP)
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3. La Pampa - Parrilla Argentina

La Pampa is a successful company with several restaurants in the city. Within the company, there are several different types of restaurants. La Pampa - Parrilla Argentina is one of these types and serves authentic Argentinian food with one restaurant in Poblado. In our article about the best restaurants in Medellin, we dive much deeper into the food, but obviously, we will tell you a bit more about the recommendations.
Restaurants in Laureles - La Pampa Parrilla Argentina
Impressive food at La Pampa Parrilla Argentina

When you visit an Argentinian restaurant, one of the no-brainers is to order loads of meat. We highly recommend you to order either the Bondiola (48,500 COP), which are two 24-hours slow roast pork steaks or the Churrasco (48,500 COP), which is a super tender beef steak served with chimichurri. The ribs, which are called Las Mejores Costillas de la Pampa (48,000 COP), are seriously tasty as well. All these recommended dishes are huge and served with plenty of crispy fries. Do try to save some room for Argentinian dessert though and go for their Alfajor Argentino (9,400 COP). The dessert is made with a typical Argentinian cookie. There is a good reason why La Pampa - Parilla Argentina always has customers, even on a Monday afternoon, and that's because they serve good quality, tasty food that won't break your bank as a foreigner. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of La Pampa - Parrilla Argentina - Poblado Branch.
Restaurants Laureles Steaks
Bondiola (48,500 COP) left, Churrasco (48,500 COP) right
Restaurants Laureles Chimichuri
Restaurants Laureles Ribs
Las Mejores Costillas de la Pampa (48,000 COP)

Promotion: by showing this page to one of the branches of La Pampa (either El Piqueteadero de La Pampa, La Pampa Parilla Argentina and Kabuki) you receive a 10% discount on your bill. Valid from Thursday to Sunday.


4. Piketeadoro

Meat-lovers, pay attention, as this place is a true feast. Piketeadoro is a place where you can eat Picada, a typical Colombian platter full of fried and smoked meats. Picada is usually eaten during a family gathering or when you have something to celebrate, but with a bit of search, you can find restaurants that serve Picada. You can even find places where they serve one-person platters, but a real Picada is usually eaten with larger groups. At Piketeadoro, the smallest platter is for two persons and one must visit this place on an empty stomach as the platter is huge. The so-called Pikete Para 2 costs 64,900 COP and is full of roasted meats, sausages, potatoes, corn and many other ingredients. It is good to know that there is even a vegetarian platter available. A Picada tastes even better with an ice-cold beer, which they luckily have plenty of. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Piketeadoro.
Restaurants in Poblado - Piketeadoro
Pikete Para 2 (64,900 COP)
Best Restaurants in Poblado - Piketeadoro
Grilled meats, potatoes, sausages, arepas. Picada is the best!
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5. Kabuki

Kabuki is the Japanese fusion branch of the La Pampa franchise located in Poblado located in the same building as La Pampa - Parrilla Argentina. Sushi-lovers will eat their hearts out but the menu is much broader than only sushi alone. One of the highlights of the menu is the Parrillado de Mariscos (118,200 COP), which is a huge sizzling platter with seafood, potatoes and sesame-flavoured vegetables. The seafood consists of salmon, octopus, calamari, prawns and crab cakes. The octopus and calamari are covered in a typical sweet and creamy Japanese sauce. With the variety of seafood, different textures and flavours, it's a real feast in the form of a sharing platter and is perfect to order when you're with a group. 

But of course, the sushi rolls are highly popular as well and we recommend you their Tempura Roll (22,000 COP - 34,500 COP), which is a sushi roll filled with salmon, tobiko eggs, spinach, mushrooms and cream. Or go for an all-time-favourite like the Eby Tempura Roll (22,000 COP - 34,500 COP). All sushi is served with soy sauce and wasabi with a good level of spice. Our last recommendation is their Kanikama Tempura (24,500 COP) which are deep-fried crab bites that are rich in flavour and texture and really satisfying to eat. Teppanyai is availalble at Kabuki as well. The high-quality dishes and the good variety of dishes make Kabuki one of the popular restaurants in Poblado. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Kabuki.
Restaurants in Poblado - Kabuki
Japanese restaurant in Poblado: Kabuki!
Kabuki Seafood Poblado
Parrillado de Mariscos (118,200 COP)
Sushi Restaurant Poblado Kabuki
Tempura Roll (22,000 COP - 34,500 COP)
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6. Pizzaiolo

The pizza scene in Medellin is spot on with plenty of good pizzerias to choose from serving authentic pizzas that almost taste the exact same as in Napoli. The competition is high, but there is one place that stands out from the rest and that is Pizzaiolo. Once it opens its doors at four o’clock in the afternoon, orders are coming in and delivery guys are waiting in line, which is a good sign. The menu of Pizzaiolo is limited with twelve different Napolitana pizzas to choose from, but there is enough variation to satisfy any type of pizza-lover. We like our pizzas simple, so we recommend you order their amazing Pizza Margharita (27,000 COP). Their newest creation proves how creative Pizzaiolo also can be with their Pepperoni Jam (40,000 COP), which is a pizza topped with Parmesan cheese, bits of pepperoni and Burrata (a ball of mozzarella cheese). On top of that, there is a sweet dressing, which goes perfectly with the Burrata. Personally, I like my pizzas completely savoury, but the pizza was definitely tasty and I guarantee that plenty of their loyal customers enjoy the latest creation to the fullest. Pizzaiolo is also listed in our article about the best pizza in Medellin if you’re curious about more recommended pizza joints. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Pizzaiolo.
Restaurants in Poblado - Pizzaiolo
Authentic Napolitana pizza with excellent crust.
Restaurants Poblado - Pizzaiolo
Pepperoni Jam (40,000 COP)
Best Restaurants In Poblado - Pizzaiolo
Pizza Margharita (27,000 COP)
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7. Chef Burger

There are many good restaurants in Poblado, and many of them have a burger on their menu. But there is one place that stands out from the rest, and that is Chef Burger. Right in the middle of Provenza, you can find a branch of this successful burger company. In Medellin alone, there are sixteen locations to be found serving simple, yet awesome burgers. The menu of Chef Burger consists of twelve real burgers, two chicken sandwiches and two veggie burgers. The toppings at Chef Burger are not too complicated and the main focus is the perfectly grilled 150-gram juicy patties the burgers are built with. You can order the doneness of the burger according to your taste, and a medium-rare is highly recommended. Especially when you order the Blue Cheese burger (27,900 COP), the burger should be medium-rare as you combine it with blue cheese and caramelized onions and mushrooms. For a more classic approach, we recommend you stick to the Cheese and Bacon (25,900 COP). When we have to pick a favourite, it’s probably the La Sailor (29,900 COP), which includes bacon, caramelized onions and Philadelphia cheese. When ordering a side dish, we suggest rustic fries. In our opinion, they are much tastier than regular fries. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Chef Burger.
Restaurants in Poblado - Chef Burger
Cheese and Bacon (25,900 COP)
Restaurants Poblado - Chef Burger
La Sailor (29,900 COP)
Best Restaurants In Poblado - Chef Burger
Blue Cheese (27,900 COP)
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8. Ajiacos y Mondongos

Ajiacos y Mondongos is yet another famous restaurant in Provenza that is specialized in Colombian soups, including the Ajiaco and Mondongo (as the name of the restaurant already suggests). Although not as widely known among tourists, this restaurant does have quite the fame as you will see on their Wall of Fame inside the restaurant. Compared to the other famous restaurant Mondongo’s, Ajiacos y Mondongos has a much more authentic and local feeling. We highly recommend you try their Ajiaca, Mondongo and Cazuela de Frijoles. The good thing about this place is that all of these dishes come in smaller sizes, which is good for those who want to try out several specialities. A smaller plate cost you 22,500 COP, while the regular plates cost 26,700 COP. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Ajiacos y Mondongo.
Restaurants in Poblado - ajiacos y mondongos
Ajiaco (26,700 COP)
Restaurants in Poblado - ajiacos y mondongos
Top dishes at Ajiacos y Mondongos
Restaurants in Poblado - aijiacos y mondongos
For authentic food in Poblado, head over to Ajiacos y Mondongos
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9. Olivia - Manila

Olivia is yet another popular restaurant in Provenza that serves pizza, but it’s not only the pizzas that make it such a successful business. Spread over the city, you can find eight different branches of Olivia, all serving typical Italian meals. It’s an excellent place for lunch and dinner with friends and family. With a menu that consists of thirty-six pages, there is a tasty option for any type of eater. Let’s start with the pizzas first. Olivia offers different types of pizza bottoms, namely Napolitana, Romana and Keto and there are plenty of toppings to choose from ranging between 25,000 COP and 40,000 COP. For us, there was one that completely stood out from the rest: Burratta & Tomates Confitados (39,900 COP).

The menu is too large to try all the food, but you can find basically every type of Italian food here, from antipasto to pizzas, pasta, lasagnas and risottos. When it comes to lasagna, here are two different lasagnas to choose from, but it’s also possible to mix both lasagnas, which is seriously tasty: Lasagna Mix with Pesto Bread (25,900 COP). Make sure to leave some room for their fantastic Galetta Macadamia (13,900 COP), especially if you’re a sweet tooth. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Olivia.
Restaurants in Poblado - Olivia
Galetta Macadamia (13,900 COP)
Restaurants Poblado - Olivia
Lasagna Mix with Pesto Bread (25,900 COP)
Best Restaurants In Poblado - Olivia
Burratta & Tomates Confitados (39,900 COP)
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10. Ammazza

Ammazza is a popular up-scale Italian eatery with three different branches in the city, including one restaurant in Poblado. Although the menu is limited compared to the other recommended Italian restaurant Olivia, what's on the menu is exciting and tasty. To simplify what makes Ammazza so great, besides the quality of the ingredients, the interior and the service, is that they serve some of the tastiest pizzas in the city as well as serving impressive risottos and pasta. What's so special about the pizza is that the bottom and the crust are super crispy and thin. During our visit, we opted for the Pizza Jamón y Pimientos Asados (36,500 COP), which tastes absolutely tasty. All the popular pizza toppings are available and guests can expect to pay between 30,000 and 40,000 COP per pizza.

We recommend you try one of the following dishes as well, namely the Risotto Solomito y Vino Tinto (43,500 COP), which is a red-wine based risotto served with good-quality beef cooked to your preference and topped with mushrooms and a variety of nuts. The risotto is quite heavy though. The other dish we recommend is the Albóndigas Italianas (26,900 COP). A dish that can't go wrong is, which are three large Italian meatballs covered in a tomato and cheese sauce. This starter comes with a lot of sauce, so don't be shy to order some extra bread to dip with. More information about this restaurant in Poblado, such as the opening times, menu and location, can be found on the  TopTravelFoods review page of Ammazza.
Restaurants in Poblado - Ammazza
Pizza Jamón y Pimientos Asados (36,500 COP)
Restaurants in Poblado - Ammazza
Albóndigas Italianas (26,900 COP)
Restaurants in Poblado - Ammazza
Risotto Solomito y Vino Tinto (43,500 COP)



11. Empanadas El Machetico

Empanadas El Machetico is definitely not a restaurant but deserves a spot on this list as it sells some of the best Empanadas in Medellin. As you can find exciting nightlife in Poblado, you might want to have a greasy, deep-fried late-night snack on the go and Empanadas El Machetico is perfect for that. But the shop is open during the day as well, so if you’re a bit hungry and closely, we recommend you to give it a try. Add some “Aji” to your empanadas to make things slightly spicy or try out some of their sauces. An empanada only costs you 2,400 COP and is seriously large. For more information about this restaurant in Poblado, check out the TopTravelFoods review page of Empanadas El Machetico.
Best Restaurants In Poblado - Empanadas El Machetico
The best empanadas in Poblado!
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