When looking for the best place to stay in Pattaya for couples, it’s good to understand the basics of Pattaya and which areas to avoid. In this article, we go deeper into the recommended areas that are ideal for couples and include recommended beach clubs and restaurants which are ideal to spend your time when visiting Pattaya. Although Pattaya has quite the rough image, it’s still a popular destination for Thai and especially Bangkokians as it’s the closest beach near Thailand’s capital The fact that the city has much more to offer than adult entertainment shall be proven in this article. With that being said, let’s jump to the results.

In short:

What is the best place to stay in Pattaya for couples?

The best place to stay in Pattaya is either Naklua or Jomtien. As the nightlife scene with all the beer bars and go-go- bars are located in Central Pattaya around Beach Road, it’s better to avoid this area as a couple. In this article, we dive deeper into each recommended area in Pattaya for couples with recommended accommodations as well.

Tip: One of the main reasons why Southeast Asia is a popular destination for many, is because hotels are often relatively cheap, especially compared to Western prices. In Pattaya, that rule applies here as well and finding a 5-star hotel that suits the need of a couple. Also, near these luxurious hotels as well as part of some hotels, you can find beach clubs that are excellent to spend your day, sipping cocktails and champagne and enjoying the panoramic ocean view. Also, hotels in the higher price range don’t attract the type of single men who come to Pattaya for different reasons. We handpicked couple-friendly hotels in every recommended couple-friendly area in Pattaya.
best area to stay in pattaya for couples


The best places to stay in Pattaya for couples are:


1. Naklua

Naklua is the area north of Central Pattaya but still has access to the city’s facilities, in contrary to the more remote Jomtien and offers a wide variety of luxurious hotels from some of the largest hotel brands in the world, ideal for couples who enjoy a bit of luxury that can enhance the romance. There are beach bars and beach fronts located nearby, where you can sip champagne and cocktails while enjoying the ocean view. Some beach bars however, are more for the party-minded traveller, so for a more secluded vibe, Pratamnak Hill has better options.

The downside of Naklua is that the beach itself is far from ideal compared to Jomtien. In general, the beaches at Pattaya are not that great, however, if you’re not planning to swim in the ocean, for most visitors the beach will due. Besides, for a full day of beach fun, most people take the ferry to the nearby island of Koh Larn. Overall, with the more central location, plenty of facilities, high-quality hotels and surrounding restaurants and not nearby the city’s red-light district, Naklua is in our opinion the best place to stay in Pattaya for couples.
best area to stay in pattaya for couples - naklua


2. Jomtien

For a more secluded feeling and a better beach, Jomtien is a better option than Naklua to stay in Pattaya for couples, but it’s located a bit far from the city’s facilities. Those are the pros and cons you as a couple has to take into consideration. The further you go south, the quieter accommodations you can find. Especially near Najomtien, there are plenty of romantic hotels and apartments to be found. Generally speaking, Jomtien is the go-to area for most families, but we believe that the area is perfectly suitable for couples as well. In Jomtien, you can find plenty of nice seaside restaurants, local bars and even beach clubs to spend your evening at. But it’s less vibrant than Naklua. Then again, a 15-minute ride with the taxi and you’re in central Pattaya. If you’re a couple and prefer to enjoy the peace, Jomtien is definitely the area to go to. 
best area to stay in pattaya for couples - jomtien


3. Pratamnak Hill

Although you can’t find as many hotels as Naklua and Jomtien, Pratamnak Hill is still a good area to stay in Pattaya for couples as you have an amazing panoramic view of the city, are located more central than Jomtien and you are surrounded by some of the nicest beach clubs of the city which are perfect for couples. The downside of Pratamnak Hill is that you don’t have a proper beach as well as you still have to go to Central Pattaya to enjoy the city’s facilities. Because of these cons, most couples tend to stay in Jomtien instead as they take visit Pratamnak Hill for its beach clubs just as an afternoon or night out. Pratamnak Hill does offer cheaper accommodations, so it’s worth having a look in this area. 
best area to stay in pattaya for couples - pratamnakhill

best area to stay in pattaya for couples - panoramic view

Map of best areas in Pattaya for couples.

Where to stay in Pattaya as couple - Map

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